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THC Don't want controvesy just honest answers to some ?'s

RwillRRwill Posts: 300
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:44 AM in Pain Medications
Okay so I'm being really brave in posting this question. I have never used Marijuana in all my 35years. But with this last bout of pain and continual use of pain meds I am considering it. I live in a State where I could qualify for a medical card.

PLEASE NO HATERS- I understand people make the personal/moral choice to use or not use. I know I will probably ruffle some feathers, but all I want is people's personal experience as to whether it helped to control pain or not. What form did you use? Did you have to really get stoned for relief or could you take a little and be feeling good?

I am actually thinking of using THC in the pill form so I am not running the risk from smoking it. I now take 6-8 Norco per day plus 300mg of Gabapentin. I know that cannot be all that great for my body so I figure if I could cut the pain meds back it might be worth it.

Like I said I just want honest opinions from people who are open minded. Trust me this is not where I thought I would be at this point in my life.

Thanks, Renea'


  • Renea,

    I don't see why an honest question should ruffle feathers since you live in state where it is legal to have medical marijuana. Good for you. The whole country should be so lucky.

    I smoked marijuana briefly when my back issues started a few years ago. I never got the relief many have been lucky to get from it. I got paranoid. I could feel every ache about 1000 times more. I tried several times to be sure LOL. So, not a success for me. And I didn't really enjoy the "high".

    We all know we respond differently to drugs. I am interested if any of your physicians have any opinions on the pain relieving effect for you?

    Please post again. Especially if you decide to try it. It would be great to know your experience.

    Best Wishes,
  • I used it some in college, and am pretty sure it would not be a help for me. I have discussed it with a friend who has been using it for pain, and her experience and mine were just completely different. Mine was more like Trasee's- paranoia and magnification.

    So, I just haven't bothered. If you have never tried, why not give it a try? Dang, the stuff I am taking now puts people on the streets, I don't see why THC would get people's feathers ruffled.

  • I say it might ruffle feathers because if you look up forum history on this subject it gets interesting. Some people have some really strong views on the subject. I guess I could say that about lots of areas on this forum(no surgery is not a 4 letter word).

    I think I'll just have to give it a try and see what happens. It must depend on your body chemistry and how it reacts. It's like that with any pain medication good for one not the other.

    Thanks for your support in this interesting journey!!
  • I have a friend in Canada who used the pill form of THC for spine related pain and she said it was not very effective.

    There are so many other medications that are available to treat pain. I just want ask why would you consider THC before exploring the multitude of options that are currently available?

    6-8 Norco a day along with 300mg of Gabapentin in the grand scheme of things, is generally not a very large dose of medication. It's kind of like trying to put out a fire by spitting on it. A good Pain Management doc should be able to make some recommendations.

  • I figure that THC is more "natural" instead of a man made chemical. I know I am not taking a lot of meds in the grand scheme of things but I am also not getting much pain relief. If I'm having to use pain medication in a possible long term way I want to use something that would be less harmful to my body.

    In doing research on this subject it has been known to help "some people" with nerve pain.

    Trasee- I am going to a PM doc about a spinal cord stimular on the 16th. I'm going to ask him the risk vs benefit with THC vs standard pain meds. The clinic was recently quoted at a Medical Marijuana siminar in my area, he has patient who use it and experience some positive benefits. I think he may be able to give me some good information.
  • Personally I found it to be less helpful with pain as it was with maintaining my hunger, reducing nausea, and getting a great night's sleep. Smoked forms were the least effective and had the most negative side effects, whereas ingested forms of (nearly) pure THC in misc edibles produced the best, most consistent and predictable results. It's not for everyone, just like any other med. I'd say it's definitely worth a try if your doctor supports the option. Good luck.

    Best wishes,

  • Actually, THC is a refined form of a plant-based drug, just like all of the opiates. There's nothing non-harmful about plant-based drugs. Opium comes straight from a poppy and is about as harmful as they get.

    I believe people make a logical error when they think that by sticking closer to nature, they will do less harm to their bodies. Most of the refinements we make it to make the chemicals more gentle on our bodies, not less, but besides that many of the chemicals we use come directly from nature.
  • Only thing I can add to this topic is my fear that since it is not a "drug" like the other pills we get that people think it does not affect us the same way. Hopefully when we take the meds prescribed we are using good judgement in deciding whether we can drive, operate equipment or do other tasks, some as simple as using a knife to chop veggies. Of course not everyone does but marajuana scares me because there are already so many people who use it illegally and think they can function fine on it.

    Otherwise if it works then great.
  • Just like with pain medication you would of course need to be careful that your judgement is not impaired. I don't see myself getting completely stoned silly, I've got a busy life and a family to take care of. Just trying to do what I can to live life the best way I can.
  • Hi,for some this is the way to go,others not so much. I would like to point out that there many breeds of this plant so it might a matter of getting the right one,it does have its side efects ,short tearm mem loss and over eating ect. Imo I feel it helps with depresion as well as the pain . You just wont know know till you try if it will help you. I dont think the pill form is close to the real thing. I take morphine now, I dont get the mem loss but it is making me hypoglycimic at higher levels and does not help the depresion like THC.
  • Hey I dont know first hand about using but my dad whom has passed(from something totally different) used it faithfully for many years. He said that even though he took very strong pain meds that the THC seemed to help more than anything. His doctors tried him on the pill form but he said it didnt measure up to the original AT ALL but you may have a different reaction. So I would talk to the doctor about it or just do what you feel you need to do, its your body and you know better than anyone how you feel. My dad had 4 major back surgeries and an extensive neck surgery and found relief in THC that he couldnt find with anything else.Good luck and take care, and dont worry about what others think of you, lifes too short for that!!!
  • I am going to a PM doc wed. so I will pose the question and see what he has to say.
  • Before my back problems started I had really bad migrianes. I was only 16 but i tried smoking pot to help the migraines. It helped with that. But on the ownside it made me paraniod and made the symptoms of my PTSD worse. But it did help where pharmacuticles could not. i don't think it would help my back pain though seeing that Vicodon 5/325 don't help even if I take two of them. But I know for some people like my husband who has Crohn's pot helps him out alot. It helps with intestinal spasms he has and that helps with the pain when he digests. It also helps him with nausea associated with pain meds. And helps him maintain his weight, which is a concern for Crohn's patients.
  • I think you should try it and see if it helps you. I personally can't (pain contract, illegal by law). I do know that it "takes the edge off" of most types of pain.
  • MetalneckMetalneck Island of Misfit toysPosts: 1,364
    What ticks me off the most is that its is not a legal option for ALL Americans ... in each and every state.
    The state by state "legality" under a federal ban is just silly. But then again add it to the list!!

    I know that my HEAVY PAIN meds cause weight loss, loss of appetite, Nausea, and depression. I would like the opportunity to legally address those symptoms - side effects as well as see if it could assist in pain management, muscle relaxation and sleep. But then again ... it is not even an option in my state.

    There is no Justice,
    There's just us.

    Spine-health Moderator
    Welcome to Spine-Health  Please read the linked guidelines!!

  • I have the same type of thing in my lower back, after 9 surgeries. SSI is tough. Alot of people trying to scam them. It took a year for me to get it, after losing my house, cars, savings, - everything! I was initially denied, then got a lawyer involved, and won. I wishyou noting but the best.
  • yes it helps alot!! I have a herniated L5-s1,facet joint arthritis and tmj syndrome in my jaw.

    Cannabis helps me with pain by taking the edge off and taking your mind off the pain, I find myself needing way less norco's and soma's if I have some good herb.

    Indicas are what you want for pain, and a more narcotic high than sativas which are racey and make you parinoid especially if you've never tried it or dont use cannbis often. There are many really nice medicinal strains available.

    Brownies made with cannabutter are the perfect sleep aid, way better than lunesta or ambien.. IMO

    Smokeing and Vapeing really help when I want quick pain releif.
  • had a medical doctor look me straight in the eyes and tell me if I would smoke pot (with a volcano?????) that I would be off all meds and have my full life back. I almost fell over, as I was there for an entirely different reason. He was an internal medicine doctor and told me of his personal experiences with many patients with nerve damage such as mine and they feel almost "cured".

    Problem is - I will NOT try it while it is illegal in my state. Hubs could possibly transfer to a state where it was medically legal, but what if it didn't work? So I am in a conundrum about what to do - how do I try it before packing up and moving and then having it cause paranoia, massive hunger (lol) or other negative issues?

    I have read so much that is very helpful for nerve damage and much less helpful for muscular or mechanical pain. Have read several studies. Very informative.

    That doc last year rambled and rambled so many details with it flying straight over my head and my being in utter shock with the subject did not help me process enough to come home and even research, except for the word "volcano". lol

    So, if it were legal would I try it? You bet I would. Am I willing to risk getting kicked out of my current PM to try it on the sly? No I am not.

    Let us know what you find out.

  • There's a lot to learn I didn't realize different strains could effect you differently. Started the process of getting me card today. We'll see where this goes....
  • JMBJJMB Posts: 2
    edited 04/04/2014 - 1:56 PM
    Are you saying that because heroin is dangerous, that marijuana is also dangerous? Heroin is harmful because it is a chemically processed concentrate of opium and is highly physically addictive. It is never sold on the streets in its pure form (often mixed with nasty chemicals), making it just that much more dangerous. Marijuana is NOT chemically processed and no one said that you have to process the marijuana to get the THC out in order to use it. Marijuana is natural, safe and effective and is meant to be use in its natural form! .
    happyHBmom said:
    Actually, THC is a refined form of a plant-based drug, just like all of the opiates. There's nothing non-harmful about plant-based drugs. Opium comes straight from a poppy and is about as harmful as they get.

    I believe people make a logical error when they think that by sticking closer to nature, they will do less harm to their bodies. Most of the refinements we make it to make the chemicals more gentle on our bodies, not less, but besides that many of the chemicals we use come directly from nature.
  • JAM661JJAM661 Posts: 121
    edited 04/04/2014 - 3:45 PM
    Even if THC is legal to use in some states for pain there are pain doctors who do not approve it's use if you are also taking opiate pain medication. Chronic pain doctors are requiring there patients to be screen for certain drugs. If you test positive and your doctor does not approve he most likely drop you as a patient.
  • In my life I never dreamed I would use it for any reason, but then I was so
    against pain meds too. Things change for sure and now I am currently
    seeing PC and I will not fail my goals for there so it is out for me.
    But when I am done with him I am going to try it, hopefully it will be legal
    by then.
    Interesting I read on a report (yes the numbers could be off) but they said
    Doctor's 58% are in favor of research to find out just what it will help.
    I have a lot of nerve damage, anxiety which may help that we will see.
    Live in a state though that I doubt it will be made legal for some time
    except medical.
    Things change I never dreamed I would see it become legal anywhere.
  • Sebago FryeSSebago Frye Posts: 5
    edited 07/10/2014 - 10:27 AM
    I too have wondered this question. it is legal in Maine, so that is not an issue. I have suffered with off and on back pain for 40 years. I have had all the "sexy" new (conservative) surgeries except for those adding hardware. I have tried all the non traditional methods of pain relief (acupuncture, chiropractic, TENS) with mixed results. I know from experience that the Big Pharma route is not the answer unless you want to go through life with the personality of a rock. Also after long time use, you become PHYSICALLY addicted, and trust me, rehab is a real hoot! I am running out of options here, so if someone has experience with Marijuana I would appreciate the input. I grew up in the 70's......so unlike President Clinton, I inhaled. I am aware of the other effects of it, not the pain relief aspect.

    Thanks All

  • Cannabis has different results for different people, indicating has more cannabinoids that are better for pain, And the pill form has taken the thc out for the most part and refined the cannabinoids
    That work well for pain. Do a search on cannabinoids.
  • MauiripperMMauiripper Posts: 38
    edited 08/05/2014 - 5:03 AM
    If you do some intense reading it is not the THC you are after. It is a low THC high CBDs
    Could look for local HEMP oil. Make sure it is not made in China this is not good
    Topicals or edibles are another option.
    Good fortune
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    Fell 11ft 2007 numerous fractures broken arm, 4 head bleeds.
    Nerve blocks, tried stimulator, acupuncture, massage, numerous injections, nerve blocks. Ect. Vitamins
    2011 laminectomy, april 4. 2014 Fusion l5-S1. PLIF
  • This is my third time trying to write with browser freeze on his site so I give up. I can offer a few facts about medical marijuana for those in states it's legal.

    Hybrid strains will avoid paranoia. There are daytime and nighttime strains. During the day lower thc is desirable. I have found uktracbd oil to be expensive and only work in co cert with other ingestion of marijuana. Smoking so far, though I have a rice crispy treat I'm starting slowly.

    I don't really care for the high feeling mj provides so I have only limited use so far in two weeks. But the most important thing is you have to be your own clinician. Weigh the amount of intake. Go to dispensaries that provide cbd and thc info on each strain at first (they're typicalky way more expensive so when you find the right strain you can move to the cheaper services).

    The most info you're going to find on medical marihuana is at leafly.com. They have iOS apps. Dispensary and all strain info is there inc. using user ratings and medical benefits as well as negatives rated by users. You can filter the hundreds of strains relative to your needs so you know what to look for.

    Does it help. I don't know yet. I've hated one strain. I've been indifferent two about here. One greatly helps me sleep and one daytime strain called King Kong so far seems to be the best I've found yet for pain. It drastically fixes oxy codone withdrawal. Both the depression and digestive issues.
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