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Side Effects with NEW oxycontin OP

ToYoungforThisTToYoungforThis Posts: 150
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:47 AM in Pain Medications
I had posted awhile back about Oxycontin OC being changed to a new formula. I was happy thinking this will stop abusers from using them and Chronic pain patients would be able to get the type of meds they need.......

BUT I am having a different thought about the new formula. This is what I have noticed while taking the medication, I have had bad stomach aches lasting a few hours after each dose, Little more tired then normal, but i have been sweating ALOT more with little activity this is very NEW for me. And getting the shakes like I havent ate all day. I have been taking the OP formula for the last 3 weeks and still have a pretty high level of pain. But before I started the OP I was just on percocet for 2 months after weaning myself off the fentanyl patch. I have used Oxycontin in past and do not remember having any of these side effects. Would like to know if anyone else is have the same symptoms after taking the New Oxycontin OP formula.......


  • A quick search on the Internet brought up many many similar stories. Might be worth talking to your doc about it. If your pain is not being covered and you are having other issues on top of it ... to me sends a signal to talk to the doc.

  • an can you go back to the normal oxycontin sweating is a very common side effect with Oxycontin or oxynorm or any oxy product .its so strong that your liver is tyring its best to process it and it upsets all you hormones {this is what i was told by a consultant when i asked why do i sweat so much when i take Oxycontin} all in all Oxycontin is a very good pain killer and after the initial side effects that most people get like feeling sick /itching the only normal side effect {apart from sweating} is constipation and that can be taken care of with movicol and the best way to take that is in a cup with a little boiling hot water from the kettle stir until it dissolves then add orange cordial then cool it down with cold tap water so its just above warm .its sound awful but trust me it take the taste away and its just like drinking warm orange juice .any constipation product makes me gag so i had to find away of taking this stuff and you now know that many people take it this way
  • I talked to my pharmacist yesterday, and he said many patients were having troubles with the new oxy and having stomaches upset. he said if it persists, to tell him, my doctor, and we need to call the manufac. Purdue to let them know. So, you aren't going crazy.
  • I have been charting my symptoms and sure its the new formula, It just not normal I walked 4 houses away to get my daughter from school and had to bring a napkin to wipe my forehead, I am not on a high does just 20mg 2xpd lowest dose in 5 years, one reason I was so concerned about the side effects. I have been on doses as high as 300mg a day, plus 75 mcg fentanyl so this is such a low dose for me. I do not have the same side effects with the 70 to 80 mg of perocect i take some days. I will be asking for something new this months just dreading the though of being back on the fentanyl patch again. Ugg I feel so bad for others that are taking this new medication that is not even FDA approved yet. Atleast what i have read today. Thankfully I am in the process of changing doses and meds, trying to get the lowest possible and still be able to function, so my Dr. wont be too upset about changing meds again I guess maybe the 12.mcg patch may work. I just worked so hard to get off the patch, It has saved me threw the sever pain and helped with surgical pain but right now I think or atleast feel that I am in less pain since the onset of spinal issues 5 years ago, now i have the daily kinda sore pain, and bad days when a Thoracic disc is bulging, and when that happens no amount of pain meds help, so I dont want a high dose every day. I do not have the 24 hr all the time sharp stabbing, burning pain is not present so I am trying to do what ever I can to have a so called normal life while the pain is manageable. I can truly say this sucks trying to find the right medication that fits my situation right now, but I do have an apt on Friday to see my PCP and get new meds just have no clue what to ask for......

    At Straker regarding the constipation thinking that is a issue everyone may deal with on narcotics, I too hate most meds for the same reasons, but there is a med Amitiza that works great, I use it around surgeries and when on a high dose of meds....

    Thanks all for listening.....

  • the manufacturer about my side effects (nausea and such). My pharmacist said they need to know as they are compiling this info on the new formulation. It's not FDA approved? Really? Wow...didn't know that. Oxy really is my drug of choice (been on ms contin and fentanyl patches too)...so I really don't want to discontinue it b;c it does cover my pain pretty well.. I am not having the sweating side effect though.
  • Yes the new OP version was approved less than a year ago which is why it is the only tamper proof (?) out at the moment. There have been a few other companies which have tried to come up with a new version but have been denied from the FDA. Purdue I think has very deep pockets to get the FDA to approve such a thing that hasn't had too much testing, but then again we need something out there to stop this oxy craze or at least slow it down so it doesn't ruin it for the rest of us that are really in pain.
  • with you cmatthew on having something to stop the oxy craze so that it doesn't ruin it for the rest of us. I just wish this Purdue product didn't have the tummy issues...some days I'm fine, but others I'm not. I really hope it's something that goes away with use. I guess it's some agent they put in to make it un-crushable that is upsetting to my stomach.
    Apparently most of the street oxy users are threatening to go back to herion...I guess there is just no good answer out there! But, I'd rather have safer oxy that makes our doctors feel more at ease with giving the script to the ones who really, really need them.
  • I haven't tried the new oxycontin yet but probably will have to next month. As for withdrawals, if I don't take an oxycontin within 16 hours of my last one I get terrible anxiety tingling in my shoulders and upper arms like I can't shake it off. It takes about an hour to stop that feeling. I hope I'm not having shoulder issues from my c-spine and the oxycontin is covering some symptoms? I often wonder about pain medications hiding some issues. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • I had stomach problems for the first couple of weeks. It's been better now though. I'm on the fence about this change. It seems like a lot of CP patients are having trouble with the new medication and it doesn't seem fair, but I'm glad that they found away for less people to abuse it.
  • but after reading post checked my tablets and sure enough they say OP. Recently I have been dealing with double ear infections and have lost 12 lbs. in about a week. I figured it was all due to the ear problems. Now that I think about it I just haven't really felt like eating due to the stomach aches. I believe this is the first month I have been given the OP version of Oxycontin. I take 40 mgs. twice daily and Percocet for breakthrough pain. I do not think I am on a really high dose but not quite sure. I also am a diabetic which I now have controlled with diet. I have had to check my glucose levels several times as I thought my levels had to be very low as I was very shaky and just did not feel right but upon testing my blood the levels were normal. So it sounds as though the new OP version of Oxycontin has affected me also. At least I know what is going on. So happy you posted this. I have felt very naucious (sp?) but as I said with the really bad ear infections I just related the new symptoms to that. Thank you so much for posting on this subject. Makes alot of sense now!
  • Spunky, I am sorry to hear about y9ur ear problems...but I bet your stomach issues are from the new oxy...and flower...I am with you...I'm on the fence with this one. I like that it's "non abusable", but there is some agent in it that isn't fair for the real CP patients to have to suffer thru.
  • Yeah, it's frustrating because other than people changing to another medication, there's really nothing anyone can do. My stomach has been much better, but sometimes I think that pain control isn't as good. The thing is, my activity level has increased so much that it could be that.

    I really wonder how many patients are having trouble with this new medication. It's really hard to tell by reading online because many pain patients don't post.

  • as well as all of us who have had stomach issues...I really encourage you to call the manufacturer like my pharmacist told me to do. They need to know these side effects, so maybe they can work on the formulation or something. I called and left a message on the med complaint line after hours. I probably should call back again during business hours. I just looked up the 800 number online for Purdue Pharmaceuticals...thatn is what my pharmacist really encouraged me to do. He said they were compiling a list of these side effects and needed to hear from the patients. If we do not tell them, how do they ever know it's an issue?

    I think my stomach is getting better too now...so at least it seems to be a side effect that gets better with time. This med is the best med for me to cover my pain. I did aa search on it and the darn junkies are already giving new info on how to abuse this NEW formulation!!!!!! So, I guess they will get their fix no matter what, huh? so sad to be addicted in that way...I know I'm physically dependent, but to be an addict and be so desperate to find a way to abuse this new formula...gees. I was really hoping they'd lay off it, so the docs would have a more peaceful feeling when prescribing to REAL CP patients (thank God my doc is ok with it). I told him a while back that if he had a patient that he was 0prescribing for CP due to medical records and such, but felt they were also abusing, that kadian was a good med for him to prescribe those type people b;c I don't think you can abuse that one either.
  • I will be honest and tell you I am in AGONY. I have had the new formulation for 3 weeks now but I have had a mixture - I think my pharmacy gave me some of each. Therefore, I have had on and off withdrawal and pain levels varying.

    But the last few days, I had used only the new ones and was dying. Constant horrid pain, SCS wasn't even helping. I am wearing 3 lidocaine patches a day (never this much this often), taking ALL BT meds which is unusual for me, but my BT is Percocet, the same as Oxy, so this probably held off major withdrawal symptoms), stomach upset, nausea, what I call "rolling stomach"...where you think you have impending diarrhea coming but not sure.

    I wasn't connecting all the symptoms. First thought I had "done too much". Hubs begged me to call the doc and go in early, but I know they hate that and I didn't want to be a bother. And taking new and old off and on, didn't make it as obvious.

    So we did an experiment. We found 3 OLD oxy's in my bottle and took those today. Last night, this morning and at 2pm. Well, I woke up this morning in a fog, my head just felt weird. I thought I might pass out, so waited to take a shower when hubs was here. Then by an hour after the 2pm dose, I was nauseated and felt somewhat loopy. STILL was not connecting the oxy with the symptoms.

    The DUH - it hit me. Hubs asked "what I felt like" and I told him, I feel like I took 4 percocet in the last 30 minutes. DUH!!!!! On 3 doses of my REGULAR prescription, I am feeling like I overdosed. So just how much meds have I been getting with the NEW formulation?

    Obviously MUCH MUCH less than normal, hence the agony and massively increased pain levels.

    I go Tuesday to the pain clinic but will be calling the pharmacist in the morning. This is CRAP! All I do is follow the rules, take my meds as prescribed and for that I get to suffer like this? I don't know if my body just doesn't like this, allergic, or what, but I'm pissed. No way I can live like this without a change. Would it even be safe to move up to the next dose with the way my body is metabolizing this? (I take 40 3Xday, should I agree to 50 3Xaday?)

    Also, ITCHING all over my body but no rash. Just itch itch itch.

    I will update after my appointment. For those who haven't gotten it yet, the pills are much thicker and say "OP" instead of "OC".

    Good luck to everyone else,

  • please please please everyone call purdue pharm who makes this med...or better yet the FDA. I have read that the FDA is not happy with the complaints flooding in and that if it keeps occuring...they may have to bring back the original oxy's. Apparantly they still make both the old and new OP versions. I've done a lot of research the past couple of days and these complaints are on every forum...this med is not covering the pain and it causes all these stomach issues. It makes me wonder what the heck they put in these to hurt our stomachs like this.

    anyway, please call!!! it's so important. just google for the number.
  • well, i reported it again to purdue and i also filled out an online med adverse reaction report to the FDA. I hope it helps and they bring back the old stuff. I know it's better for the ones who abuse it, but here, once again, the ones who really need it and take it according to the directions are paying/suffering the consequences of the abusers...this really sucks.
  • also just filled out an online adverse event form at the FDA and called my pharmacist this afternoon. I was their first complaint, although another patient would only accept the original oxy last week. They are now out and have only the new formulation.

    I will beg to be switched to a different med entirely, as I don't trust even going up in dose. Not at this pain level. The itching today was unbelievably awful after having had Sunday "off" while I took the 3 remaining original oxy. I truly believe I am reacting in some way, allergic or otherwise.

    I'll update when I can.

  • It just truely frightens me what they put in these pills to make everyone so sick..that has me concerned. I was going to call my pharmacist to ask if they could still order the old ones b/c I've read somewhere that they are making both types. I need to call tomorrow so just in case they can order it, I'd like it for my next refill. I have beenn thru so many meds and I'm so tired of switching around and finally this dose of oxy was working for me...then this! {screaam}

    Anyway, thasnks girl for filling out a form online. If everyone who had these side effects would do it...maybe we'd get somewhere. I think we will in the end...but I don't know how long it will take. With all the complaints...to the FDA and to the manufac....which is compiled in a report and given to the FDA, plus Purdues sales are going to drop off b/c noone wants these side effects. PLUS, the people getting these from their docs and selling them on the streets...well they will be requesting a different med b/c the addicts can't "get high" anymore...so I would expect, although a nice attempt to help the drug abuse problem which in turn ended up hurting all of us who are truely in pain everyday and need it...I just think they will be forced to go back to the old version.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  • Saw my PM today, told her all my symptoms and she left the room to go call the drug rep (said I was the 2nd patient to report symptoms). Rep said they are getting swamped with calls statewide/nationwide. SOMETHING is happening to SOME people.

    My doc took me immediately off oxy and put me on MsContin to try (I didn't want the Fentanyl patch at this time.) She said to expect tons of pain as she normally titrates patients down off oxy, but won't let me. Pulled me completely off, which made me VERY happy.

    I go back in 2 weeks to tweak my dose. I am SO glad.

    If you feel fine, GREAT. If not, don't suffer- go to your doc, report it to your pharmacy and fill out the forms online.

    At the end of the day, it could just be that Purdue Pharma WANTS to get rid of half their oxy clients - less liability.

    Take care,

  • I just can't imagine they want to get rid of them...b/c I;m sure they make millions or a billion or so a year off this med. Like I said, for the junkies out there, we are having to suffer the consequences of them snorting, curshing, smoking, injecting into vein(that one really appals me as it is not steril and going right into their bloodstream)! Arggggh Makes me so irritated!

    I really hope the Ms contin works well for you. I have been on it before...I always felt the oxy did better for pain, but I can't say that now. You know what was a good med? Kadian was a great one for me...I don't know why b.c its basically and ER of morphine, but it covered my pain pretty well. If I have to come off oxy, I will probably ask to go back to kadian, although a much higher copay. keep us posted on how you are doing with the ms contin. Did you start about the same dose of oxy you were on? I think they go mg to mg in strength...not sure though, Hope it helps!
  • She started me on 10 mg less per dose, 3 X day to start, making it clear this dose would NOT feel good, to expect horrid pain, but they have to be careful and go slow. Everything I see online says oxy is 1.5 to 2 times stronger than MSC? I have no idea personally.

    I tell you - I was on AT LEAST half the regular oxy dose - I felt like HALF my meds were gone. This is why I was constantly checking my purse to see if I took my doses - it felt like I hadn't.

    So, I wonder if this dose of MSC IS higher than I was getting in oxy the last 4 weeks? Makes me MAD. None of us deserve to suffer needlessly and it looks like some careless (or deliberate) actions were taken with a "screw you" attitude to a portion of legitimate pain patients. This CAN'T be a total surprise. No way.

    Good luck,

  • i talked to my pharmacist yesterday and asked if they had the ability to order the old oxy and she said know, that only the OP is available to order. She said, 'let me guess, GI issues?' and i said yes and i'm tired of them! She said they've had a ton of complaints and she thinks that with all the complaints flooding in to purduen and the fda, thaat they will evenntually bring it back, but who knows how long it will be?
  • Doc was right about horrid pain - I'm in a world of hurt. Called in and they are getting me next Tuesday, a week early. Hope I can find something that helps for the weekend. (Clinic is closed on Fridays).

    I felt OK yesterday and thought I was going to be lucky. Nope.

  • My patients seem to like the new version better. Well at least the ones who take it for real reasons. From the input I've received they say it actually lasts longer and works more smoothly.
    I think Purdue did this for extended patent purposes and to have an excuse why to charge so much for a product where the active ingredient has been around since 1916.

    They need to make the Roxicodone 30's tamper proof next. That epidemic is out of control.
  • i have been taking 80mg of Oxycontin twice a day and Percocet 10/325 for BT for about a year (took other long acting meds previously/ switched to Oxycontin last year)...i was somewhat startled when i opened my new bottle last week- and immediately started researching- finding similar reports as referenced within this thread...however, based on MY personal experience, i am finding that this new OP formulation is lasting for 12 hours- as opposed to 6-8 MAX on the OC formulation...as for the pain reduction, i find the OP to be the same or better, since it is lasting much longer...i have had a slight headache but other than that, i am actually THRILLED that the OP is giving me the coverage that i was so desperate for with the OC and just could not reach... i must admit that i was initially aggravated that the patients for which this medicine is intended for would have be concerned or bothered with the new formulation, however, after coming across the pathetic and disgusting garbage spewed all over the internet by abusers, seekers, hypochondriacs and idiots, i am actually grateful that this change has been made...hopefully it will take the spotlight off of this effective pain medicine that many of us can not function without... i am hoping that the people who are experiencing negative side effects can find an alternative, but for those of us who have found a vast improvement of the effacy in this new formulation, i hope that it stays AS iS
  • my side effects are leveling out and i am starting to see a longer effect with the op...I'm prescribed 3 times a day, but sometimes i just take 2 now.

    I am however concerned what was put into the op's to make so many people so ill (stomach issues)...that worries me. What ingredient has made so many so sick? It baffles me. I do appreciate the attempt to cut down on the abuse, but not at the expense of the ones who really need it or use it correctly. That was my main complaint was that I, as well as many others, who take this med the way it was intended, was getting sick from it just to try to get my pain releived. And I know from trying other extended release meds that Oxycontin has done the best for me...I'm sure I haven't tried them all, but I've been on Fentanyl patches, ms contin, kadian and, well I guess that is it. Kadian did well for me too and it was designed to prevent abusers which was nice...but my copay was much higher with it than Oxy so I had to switch back.

    Thank God my GI symptoms are improving now and I don't feel ill or nasueas or have stomach pains...I'm glad I stuck it out b/c I guess they were side effects that go away with use. However, that does not ease my mind about the ingredient in the OP version that makes many sick. It really bothers me. And I'm also happy that I have the flexability of being able to take 2 pills a day or 3 if I'm really having a bad day. So, that is cool...at first I didn't think it was covering my pain as well...but I think it was really the GI issues that were masking the pain relief...or the GI issues made my pain worse b/c I was so tense.?? Who knows...I'm just glad it's better!
  • I was just prescribed Oxycontin CR 20 mg twice a day to replace the Embeda (morphine sulphate) that I tried (but I was allergic).

    My PM said this was the newest form. Yet it seems this thread is discussing Oxycontin OP. Are these different meds or am I missing something?


  • sorry for the confusion, Oxycontin (non generic) has recently changed its formulation- the old pills that are being phased out have the OC stamp on them- and are being replaced with one that is meant to reduce or impede the ability to crush and abuse- has the new stamp OP on it...there has been discussion as to the difference between the original "OC" formula versus the new "OP" formula...it has been of concern to those of us who have been taking Oxycontin and notice the change in the actual tablets...that is what we were discussing...some people have had stomach/ GI issues with the new formula which has an additive that is binding it together and making it less appealing to abusers...i personally have noticed that the new "OP" formula is lasting much longer than the original "OC" formula...
  • Add me to the list of folks that this stuff just flat-out didn't work for. I had my Oxycontin (oxycodone) 30mg pills' prescription filled on Friday, October 22. It was my first batch of the new, smaller, OP marked pills.

    I started the pills on the following Sunday, and by Monday night was in agony. It was as if someone flipped a switch and the Oxy stopped working immediately.

    I tried them for a few days and called the doctor. He had a family emergency and was out for over a week. I kept taking the new Oxys, hoping that I was absorbing a little of the medicine, and then started stretching out my breakthrough Lortabs in an every 8 hours manner until I could see him again, which was this past Friday, Nov. 12. I missed some work time 1.5 sick days, which I haven't done in a while.

    I told him my problem with the new formulation of Oxy, and he said that he'd already had several patients ask him to switch them to something else. They were also long-term Oxy users like me (2.5 years on Oxy, and the name brand AND the generics when they had them, worked fine for me). This new stuff was basically useless in my system.

    I've only taken three Embeda 30mg so far, but my base level of pain has gone down. I've felt kinda drugged after the third one got in my system, but from a pain level perspective, the pain has gone down a fair amount, though not to the place where it was when I was cruising on Oxycontin 30s.

    Only time will tell, but that little rock they turned Oxycontin into now just didn't work for me.

    Though I don't know how Embeda will work for me, from an engineering standpoint, I like the anti-abuse approach made by the makers of Embeda. It has a tiny bit of anti-euphoria medicine in the center of each of the tiny round pellets in the Embeda capsules. In fact, you can open the Embeda capsule and pour the little bitty pellets onto a spoon of applesauce, to be chased with a glass of water.

    So, Oxycontin's anti-abuse measure is to now create a rock hard outer shell to resist cutting, crushing, or grinding it for snorting or shooting up. Embeda's approach is that, if you crush the little bitty pellets in the capsule, it releases an anti-euphoria component that robs abusers of their high. Otherwise, Embeda just melts in your system, and from what I can tell from research, taking it normally doesn't release the anti-euphoria component, it passes through the system before you've digested it to that point. Pretty cool idea.

    I'm hoping and praying that the Embeda will get me back to where I once was on Oxycontin when it was working for me, I could at least work, even if I didn't have much of a life outside of that.
  • With everything I have going on right now, it is hard for me to figure out what is causing my problem. Thanksgiving weekend is not the best time for things to go wrong.
    I just finished a series of epidural steroid injections.
    I just started Oxycontin OP after being on Oxycontin CR.
    I recently started taking Skelaxin for muscle cramping.
    I have had the worst headache for the past several days. I am also very nauseous, and break out into dripping wet sweats. My back pain has been really bad, a lot worse than usual.
    I spoke with the nurse at the PM office. She said she had heard of complaints of nausea with the Oxy OP, but not sweating or headache or decreased pain relief. I stopped the Skelaxin, but still have the headache, nausea, sweating and increased back pain. I know that steroids can also cause headache and sweating.
    Any ideas? They are back in the office tomorrow, so I will be calling then.
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