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Updating on urinary hesitation talked with pmd

ezraeezra Posts: 72
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:48 AM in Chronic Pain
So I had my second si injection today and so far nothing good is coming out of it. I went in with a lot of pain and came out with about the same. Hopefully that will turn around but last time the only relief I had was right after the injection so I'm already losing some hope.

I told my pmd about what was going on and he pretty much said it isn't your medications and that was it. No advice no thoughts nothing.

As for the liver enzymes he gave me percocet without the tylonal. That makes me happy but the pharmacy won't have them until Friday. He also increased my lyrica to 150 mg three times a day.

So that was pretty much it. I have to say I'm a little disappointed I want someone to actually figure out why I have such a hard time peeing. I'm to the point I want to change my doctors. One doesn't want to do surgery because of my age and told my pmd that while he was leading me to believe that it was possible but we were waiting to see what tis injection would do. All I want is to not have so much pain. I told him I'm having more pain now than I was a month ago. I'm not sure if something in my back has changed or if I'm getting used to the medication.

I won't see anyone again until dec 6 and I'm hoping to get some answer on what to do now. I really want to know and cant beilve i forgot to ask, is why the dr I've been seeing to talk about surgery went from talking about scraping the discs to fusion after seeing my new MRI.

But I guess I'm asking what would you do next? The only thing that has changed in the last year has been no more leg problems. The back pain is still there and at sometimes worse than a year ago. Two years ago well let's just say I'm a lot better than two years ago but my quality of life pretty much sucks. I can't do so many things I think are my job, like keeping the house clean, taking care of certain innings for the kids. I cook dinner which is sometimes a job itself and do small things for the kids.

Sorry I've just been upset a lot lately and I don't know what to do anymore. I had a meltdown yesterday because of the things I can't do and never for even a second being pain free. I guess I just needed to vent a little


  • Ezra,

    Sorry to hear your PM didn't offer much help in getting to the bottom of the urinary issues. Have you considered going back to your primary doctor for a work up? To me a PM is just that, nothing more. Your GP can then either send you to a specialist or get the basic work ups scheduled. I hope you have answers soon. I too have to push, so I am of course curious to see what you find out. I have a reunion coming up, so I doubt I will get mine even checked before we go on that trip.

    As for getting another doctor for your back, nothing wrong with that approach either. I am one that prefers a 'straight shooter' for a doctor, good or bad news. The vague answers I've gotten at times, makes me start looking for another opinion faster than the direct approach. Wishing you are feeling better today. *HUG*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • I will be going back to my pcm I know there are a few things she wants to check out. I don't know I'm basically just being told it is my back by one and pretty much being blown off by the other. I'm just ready to be done with doctors I'm so tired of all of it as I'm sure you all are too or have been at some point.
  • what is the diagnosis of your urinary problems? what is causing the pain? i have had all sorts of infections prostate problems and the only thing that gave me pain was kidney stones which might cause hesitation. did he do an ultra sound? my urologist did one plus a cat scan. do you see a urologist for urinary hesistancy? if not i don't understand why not. Pain dr and regular drs can't deal with urinary issues as well as a urologist or nephrologist. in order to help i would like to know what is wrong with you and why is it causing pain? i have had major kidney infections where kidneys almost failed and went to hospital but i never had pain which required narcotics. like i just said kidney stones were the only things my urogist would prescribe narcotics. please let me know so i can try to offer advice. i have dealt with kidney prostrate problems for 20 years on and off so i have a lot of experience.
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
  • I'm not on narcotics for the urinary problems that is for the back problems I've been having for two years. No one has figured out the reason I can't pee easily yet. I had a ct on Friday that showed up normal, blood work and urine tests. Everything came back fine except for my liver enzymes were high which is why I was changed to percocet without tylonal. I'm trying yo answer questions but I may run around in circles a little bit so if you could just bear with me for a minute I'll try to get it all laid out.

    So the pee problems started months ago but I figured it was the gabapantin(sp) I went off of that and on lyrica. It was better for a week or so and then it was back. It isn't every time I pee it is off and on but happens everyday for the most part. So I never really thought much of it for a while. I'm also prone to getting urinary tract infections which is one of the reasons i went to my PCM to begin with. I thought well maybe i just have an infection because I've had them before that can cause some of the things I was having problems with. When that turned up normal she sent me for the ct. So other than those three things there have been no other tests seeing as how the first time I really thought anything of it and went to the dr was last week. I still need to get a pap and a colonoscopy to see if it's anything in either of those areas. As far as seeing a specialty dr for it I have to have a referral from my PCM and she told me to talk to ortho because she was chalking it up to being my back causing it.

    If you want to have a list of things I'm having problems with just let me know, some of it is a bit tmi. But some of the things are stomach pain, pelvic pain when trying to use the bathroom, this comes and goes, change in bowles, I didn't think much of that but PCM did when combined with other things. I think that leads me to the tmi stuff. I don't think everything I'm feeling is connected I have my own theories, like ibs could account for half the problems.

    So mostly I can't answer much since just starting to see the dr about this. My first post may have jumbled things up a bit. I went back to reread it and it seemed I was just talking around in circles saying whatever I was thinking, so part is about my back and part is about the urinary problems. I'm sorry for being confusing, being tired and groggy from being put under for the injection probably isn't the best time to write a post
  • After I retired I took a 4 month break from *all* doctors. I think my mental health needed it, so yeppers I know that feeling! I hope they are more receptive next time you see them.

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • I totally understand, I too am trapped in this circle, NS, uro, gyno, PCP, pain mgmt.... what's going on with Virginia? It's an awful mess. I never had issues peeing, nor had I ever had a uti. Post op everything south....went south! Unlike you, I am getting DX, everyone has a different theory! Latest from gyno, anyhow, going for CT abdominal and pelvis w & w/o contrast. I too have lots of TMI issues.

    Hang in there.... have you seen urologist? Maybe a urodynamic test. Just thinking, giving my lay person opinion. I recently had this test and It can be very diagnostic. I have a few posts on this subject, you can refer to It for more of my info. I believe I've replied to one if your earlier threads on this subject.

    Good luck to you and hang in there, an answer is waiting.

  • Thank you. No at this point I've only seen my PCM and PMD. But I imagine next time I go into get all the lady tests and my blood rechecked for liver enzymes that I'll end up asking for a referral. With my insurance it's no referral no dr so unfortunately I have to go through all the red tape first.

    I'm sorry that you all are having these issues or similar ones as well. It's such a crappy thing to deal with on top of spine issues, when they themselves are enough for any one person to have to deal with. I feel for you Virginia for having to drink that, readi cat is a horrid experience. I don't know if you've ever had it before or not, but good luck with your tests and I hope someone can find the answer
  • I have also had terrible times with my bladder and urinating. I had a fusion 10-15-09 and within a month I knew something wasn't right. I got into my family doctor early December and found that I had a uterine prolapse uugghh!! So to the gyn doctor who confirmed that yes that is what it was and sent me to a great uro/gyn doctor. This doctor concentrated on my bladder problems which was nice. I was unable to void half of the time and the other half of the time I was dribbling all the time. So I had a dynamics test and everything checked out okay with that. They did find that I was holding urine in my bladder and not emptying it completely. SO I was taught how to do a self cath which isn't terrible I just hated doing it. I probably had to do it 2 times per day up until May when I had my total abdominal hysterectomy. I also go to wear a pessisary (think I spelled that wrong) which did help with emptying my bladder and decrease the dribbling accidents. Now after surgery I don't have to cath or use the pessisary but I still do have trouble starting my stream, dribbling or knowing when I am done voiding. My URO/GYN thought it could be due to my nerve in my back being messed up during surgery. Who knows, I decided I am done being messed with down there for now so I am just learning to deal with the dribbles and so far they are seeming to happen less often.

    Sorry for all the ramblings! Getting late and I'm tired tonight!!

  • Not a problem feel free to ramble, I understand completely. Thank you for sharing your experience and I hope things continue to get better
  • I started having the same issue and was sent to a urologist, as my docs do not want to play around with my nerve damage (L5-S1 surgeries, with permanent S1 nerve damage both sides confirmed with nerve testing and EMG.)

    I was given a Urodynamics test which I highly recommend. I was told that it is VERY important to diagnose the issues with difficult urination because back pressure could be developing into your kidneys. I was diagnosed with "flaccid bladder" and am able to urinate with "bearing down" which works for now. But if in the future, this "bearing down" causes ANY back pressure up in to my kidneys, I will have to switch to using self-catheters.

    I then asked, well is it my nerve damage, my spinal cord stimulator or my meds or what? And they said, no way to tell, but best guess was the nerve damage itself.

    I now take a prophylactic antibiotic nightly to ward off infection since I don't always fully evacuate my bladder. When I try stopping that, I get a UTI within days.

    Good luck - I hope you find answers.

  • Yes, the IMC, (self cathing) is NOT as horrid as it sounds and for me due to my limited range of motion, my loving husband does it for me, he gets to play gyno/uro, Hehehe.

    I'm looking forward to meeting with my new uro, as I am transferring care, I wasn't pleased with original uro. So, we will see next week. And hopefully my CT scan pelvis & Abdomen, will also help with my DX.

    Ahh yes, the dripple, dripple, drops...Melissa, I hear you. Especially the past few days again, as I had to stop the sanctura due to massive retention issues, bloating & pain.

    Erza, sorry you have the red tape to deal with. Just try & jump through hoops quickly, I really think the urodynamic test may reveal your underlying Issues.

    Ladies, wishing us all full flows and empty bladders, free of spasms, bloating and pain! We got enough going on with our back issues!

  • Hello, I noticed your complaint about having trouble peeing. I was taking Elevil, and started having problems with that, couldn't sleep for having to go. Well it was the elavil, It was helping the muscle spasms in my back and feet but wasn't worth it. I quit taking it. It had been helping me sleep til the peeing problems, so I quit. Are you taking something that could be causing the problem? I cant take Paxil or a couple of other anxiety meds for the same reason. I got tested for a UTI and that was not the case. Hope things get better for you soon.
  • I have seen some people on some of the same medications say they have trouble with this as well but my pmd swears it isn't my medication. I don't know what's going on yet but I will be trying to find out
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