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recovery from micro discetomy

popmonkeypopmonkey Posts: 3
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:56 PM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
hi,had my op for a bulging L4 disc last tuesday...day after felt fine,no pain in any part of my leg,walking ok...now today got some pains again in my left foot and shin..not sure if this is normal,possibly the nerves recovering from the op...left the hospital not being given any info on what exercises i should be doing,should i be walking loads or taking it easy..also still have the gauze strip in the wound..does this get left in,does it come out ??..any suggestions appreciated


  • Hi, everyone is different but i believe when the medication from surgery wears off you can get pain. I did. I called my doctor jsu to tell them and ask if it was normal. They gave me some tips to help reduce surgical inflammation effects, like icing and ibuprofen.

    I would call your doctor idf you are worried.
  • Hang in there you will have pain at different times I'm6 wks post op L5S1micro and still sore and left foot still numb if you haunt make follow up appt with ur surgeon hang in there
  • thanks...will keep taking the pills and see how it goes..very early days
  • One other thing...several small walks per day (like 5-10 mins) on flat surface is good for you. Keeps scar tissue from adhering to the nerve but don't overdo it.

    Also, try not to 'sit' too long...I saved sitting for meals for the first 4 weeks.

    As for the wound - did they give you instructions? If they didn't or you are unsure, call. They should have told you what to do with it.

    I also would think you have a 2-week post op appointment scheduled, right?
  • thanks for the useful info...i will ring up the hospital,there was never an mention of a 2 week follow up,they said that i would get a 3 mth review..
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