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sharp pain in my lower back in some sertan body postions that last for a few seconds?

vlajkovlajko Posts: 1
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:57 PM in Lower Back Pain
Hi every one, and this is my problem.
I feel sharp pain (that last only for a few sec )in my lower back when i arch my back and purposely contract my abdominal and lower back muscles.In that moment pain is critical. After a one second pain start's to fade even though my muscles are still contracted. In the second situation, when i bend my back forward a little bit and do the same thing with my muscles i do not feel
any pain at all.
All so when i arch my back or straighten them, and contract my abdominal and lower back muscles but with my neck bent to my chest, i feel no pain?
but when i bend my back to the floor and then when i try to pull my neck to my chest i get the same sharp pain in my lower back.
I have the same problem when i'm doing "butt kicks" It;s a home exercise (jogging in the place but lifting my feats close to my butt)....
Is this could be the sign of herniated disc or something else might be involved?



  • Hey, could be facet joint, too. If the pain hurts when back bending and feels better when bending forward... I'm sure it could be a lot of things. Have you seen a doctor?
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