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I am 19 years old and i have suffered a accident

YoungandinpainYYoungandinpain Posts: 13
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:59 AM in Lower Back Pain
I am 19 years old and I have suffered a severe accident that has taken its toll on my life.

MRI report says:

Alignment and vertebral body heights appear within normal limits. The conus has a normal appearance at the T12 level. Prominent Schmorl's node in the superior end plate of L3 noted. Mild disc desiccation at the L2/L3 level.

The L1/L2 level is within normal limits. Mild degenerative facet changes and mild annular bulging at L2/L3 without central canal or neural foraminal narrowing.

The L3/L4 level demonstrates mild to moderate right and mild left neural foraminal narrowing due to diffuse disc bulging and mild degenerative facet changes. No significant spinal stenosis.

Again mild degenerative facet changes at L4/L5 and mild annular bulging ecentric to the right with mild left greater than right neural foraminal narrowing without spinal stenosis at the L4/L5 level. Mild to moderate left lateral recess narrowing at this level.

Mild to moderate degenerative facet changes at L5/S1. No significant central canal or neural foraminal narrowing or disc protrusion.

Please Note that I seen my doctor next day in the morning and that I have never had a single problem health wise before the accident my life was bright as day.

My back hurts alot. I cant sit down in one spot for to long my question is can the insurance say that my back pain is not from the accident when it is you ask why ? because I never had a single bit of back pain before in my life now I cant even play sports.


  • I already do have one but I don't feel comfortable asking him these types of questions.
  • Hi Youngandinpain,

    You sound to young to be having these problems,you need a solicitor if it was an accident,they will want your previous medical records to see if you had any history of back pain.you must ask them about about this if it relates to your injury,they deal with this everyday of the week it is their job don't worry they will advise what you need to do next.Have you reported your accident to whoever it may be when it happened,don't answer me back about this as this is your personal privacy here it's Just for you to think about.I have no qualifications regarding this but it is the standard route to take.

    Most important though for you is to get the pain under control what has your doctor/specialist advised you?

  • I have never had any history of back problems in my life and the insurance has already looked at my history trying to screw me over but could not find anything and sent me to assessors and they all said I need to be treated and right now I am waiting for them to reply on my treatment plan to see a chiropractor since physiotherapy did fail. During the first assessment the chiropractor is shocked about how it looks she thinks its bad and it should not be like this for my age. Basically this lady that hit me took a big portion of my life with her
  • I would ask to see an orthopaedic specialist or be seen by a spinal unit to assess your MRI scans further these are the people who do surgery if needed (get two opinions).

    As you were ok before your accident with medical records,you will need to be assessed to see if your problems are age related,if not then it is likely the accident caused your injury.At this point you will need your solicitor involved.

    Hope this helps

    good luck

  • it cannot be age related I am only 19 years old and I will be seeing a neurologist in a few days.
  • I had a MVA in 2001 here is what you do after a MVA when you are injured:

    Seek a auto accident attorney, file a claim with your insurance company ask your attorney for help if you are having a problem with them.
    Seek help from a pain specialist I see a physical medicine and rehab doctor, they can refer you to the right doctors if you need surgery or therapy.
    I have been seeing a very good Physical Medicine and Rehab doctor, but came on this site to see what drugs work for other people, it is good to get ideas from others as doctors have lots of medications and combinations they can prescribe but nice to hear what works for others with pain.
    If you can't work any longer file for disability your attorney can also advise you on this issue.
    Stay strong and take care of yourself.
  • do you think i should file for disability so early its only been 7 months
  • Why not get an appointment with the disability people explain your problems they may be able to guide you.

    7 months is quite a long time if you are not improving, you are very young to have these problems,as to the extent of your injury's most of us here will not be able to say how bad the MRI findings are as most of us are in the hands of the consultants ourselves going with the flow of treatment offered.Good luck with the neurologist, your main problem is to get over this pain and receive treatment as soon as you can to prevent any disability getting any worse.Remember when you see your neurologist take some notes with you there will be questions you want to ask about your pain (how bad is it,where is it worse,what symptoms do you get,how it effects you daily, etc etc),write them down,or you may come away thinking why didn't I ask this or say that,if you do not explain how bad it is they may not make the diagnosis you need for correct treatment.

    IF you have muscle pain,,,,,Use cold packs then hot, mainly cold,this will help contract and relax muscle promoting healing and relaxing tense painful muscles,I use a TENS to help relax muscles it is not a cure but relieves pain to a degree,you can wear them out and about,I find it very good.A physiotherapist will help in this area also.

    I wish you well

  • Each one of these people have absolutely valid recommendations. I suffered an injury at 19 and spent 30+ years fighting an ever-worsening issue through dozens of therapies and medications. A year ago I was fortunate enough to be thrown from one of our competition horses and fractured my pelvis and crushed what was left of the disks in my lower back. I say fortunate enough because my doctor was so good, after expecting a 12-month recovery, I was back at work in 2 months and on a horse in 4 and now feel like I'm 19 again. The point is, I took advantage of every attorney and medical option I could find to do what any doctor will tell you, even today; surgery is a last resort. My advice would be to find an attorney who specializes in PI or Personal Injury. They typically work on contingency; that is they don't get paid unless you do and if your case is as you say it is, you shouldn't have a problem finding one. But the big part of representation is it goes directly to the insurance company so you can keep up with any further damage that might come to your spine as time goes on. In short, what you do now will affect the rest of your life so, respectfully, you need to get "on the record" now because the insurance companies won't take you seriously until you get representation. Representation leads to therapy which leads to care that's paid for which leads to getting better or at least not getting any worse. Best of luck with your condition. We've all been there and can empathize.
  • Thank you everyone for your well thought out answers and yes i already do have a lawyer as i stated but the insurance hasnt given me treatment in such a long time my back hurts way to much now its not right. these are not my only problems i have suffered brain injury and have numerous symptoms this back problem is the baby of the dad. And the insurance is not giving me the treatment i need until today even with a lawyer they just send me to assessor which takes time and time is something i do not have to much of right now.
  • @desb63 physiotherapy did not help me whats so ever i think my problems are much more severe then your average persons and i think my discs are just getting worse with me just sitting here not doing anything about it.
  • Respectfully, then, you have the wrong lawyer. Insurance companies are not only well known for having "expert witness" doctors on their payroll and speed dial, their battery of attorneys is typically on staff and just handed a case. Their first reaction is to do nothing. The battle only begins and movement occurs when the injured secure good, relentless representation to force them to move. Absent that, there's no incentive for the insurance companies to do anything. If it's any comfort, I've been down that street before and the effort to get good representation ending up with a 4-level lumbar fusion last year and I'm back to doing what I was doing, literally when I was 20.
  • yea he still has not done one thing if they dont approve something we have to go to mediation and when mediation comes (at least a year) my back will be destroyed do you think i should say something to him and he is a personal injury lawyer and he did start sewing he sent out that letter saying we are sewing for how ever much. What do you think i should tell him or should i switch my lawyer
  • hes also a benefits lawyer and one of the best in my city
  • hes also a benefits lawyer and one of the best in my city
  • desb my lawyer is a solicitor I never knew that he just told me now.
  • I did not catch that last part I'm sorry to hear that yea it doesn't feel right I'm going to chiropractors there's only old people in there and I am so young it just does not feel fair considering none of it is my fault I was just driving down the road then boom. And my career planned was in construction now that's down the drain this lady basically destroyed my life it was my dream to build homes.
  • Has the insurance party admitted responsibility for the accident if so you should be able to get an interim payment for treatment.

    I don't know how the health service works where you are,here in the UK we have private or the NHS hospitals which offers free treatment,but we have to wait months or even years to be treated.private your in the next week.

    I know this might not be possible but can you get private treatment then claim the cost back through the insurance via your solicitor this is quite often the case speak to your solicitor about the interim payment. At the end of the day you need treating to minimise your suffering also to give you a better outcome before things get worse.

    I think you need to jump a level and insist on seeing a pain clinic or better still an orthopaedic/spine specialist or similar or you will be waiting a long time to get treated.

    Your Doctor and solicitor should be pointing you in the correct direction for help with treatment,otherwise you will get nowhere,insist on being seen by a specialist.
  • I will do that I have to see my physician in a few days I will ask him to see more specialists about my problems and yes they admitted on the first day it was obvious who was at fault.I am in Canada the laws are not unfair in this country but like you said everything will take time. With time my back will be begging for mercy and I just cannot afford to pay all these medical bills I am just 19 my family cant pay for it either basically I have to wait.
  • Good luck I hope you get the treatment sooner rather than later.

    Make them aware how bad the pain is for them to take you seriously.And again take some notes with you so you don't forget what to say.

    All the best Des

  • One of the things people in need of professional services do is forget that they're in charge. They, we, get intimidated by the MD behind a doctor's name or a JD or Atty. behind a lawyer's name. I know no one likes confrontation which is why self-education is so important and the fact of the matter is you're the employer and a doctor or lawyer is little different than a general contractor doing a room addition for you. It, to me, really all depends on your approach but the more you know, the more you can escalate your inquisitive insistence. If you have to walk out, walk out but walk in with a "Let's get along, congenial but don't think I'm stupid" attitude and if you have to escalate the issue, do it knowing that you're in the right and there are other doctors and attorneys out there. With a doctor, you don't have to be able to perform a Spinal Cord Stimulation procedure but there's nothing preventing you from finding out how it all works and then using common sense and your knowledge of the procedure to enter into an educated "discussion" with your doctor relative to whether or not it's for you. Lawyers are the same way. Most PI attorneys get paid a portion of your settlement so if you believe you're in the right and can cite instances where others in your situation have been in the right and won, any decent attorney will take the case on contingency. I'm not demeaning physicians or attorneys; they're both valuable professions but is simply seems that they're significantly more susceptible to the god-complex that other professions and we've contributed substantially to that by all-too-often falling back on the "my doctor says" or "my lawyer says" excuse. You believe that you were injured through no fault of your own and it's contributing to your pain. You say they've admitted that. I know it's alot more work but sometimes we simply have to make people do what's right or walk away (or crawl away from the pain ;-) ) Again, you're 19; I'm 53. I've spent 30+ years educating myself to make doctors and lawyers do the right thing and you can too. The only thing separating us is our age and you have the advantage of the Internet. Get on it. Find out what the law is. Go to your lawyer and lay it out for him or her. Have an intelligent "discussion" but above all, if you have to walk out and find another attorney, do it. But do it knowing that your position is sound and you'll find someone to represent you. And when you do, the insurance company pay to get you better and you'll find the right doctor. I know. I've been there... all too many times. OK. I'm off my soapbox now!!! ;-)
  • And by the way. My journey took me from two aspirin and a few bottles of Heineken to a 4-level surgery last year. And if you think it's not worth it, I'm back working, riding and roping steers cutting and reining and cow-chasing and haven't felt better since I was, well, your age. If you're up to it, just click on my avatar. That's me and my newest horse Huck; an 8 year old paint that's faster than lightning on cattle. And if I can do it, you can too!!!
  • There is no such thing as debtors prison!

    I have $X0,000's of medical bills JUST for the 4ER visits. I get calls ten times a day for it, I get 10 pieces of mail every day for it. I don't care. I know it'll EVENTUALLY get paid out. They can't take my roof and they can't take me to pay for it so for the time being I live with it. I get good treatment so that's all that matters. Sounds selfish but I care about my body. I work hard as a 4x4mechanic in my own home so every minute I'm healthy enough to work is what matters to pay the rent.

    I'm 22, and was injured in a MVA 235 days ago, through no fault of my own.

    I sought an attorney that was extremely aggressive, and have been in good care since day 2. Meaning I've seen a spine specialist every 3 weeks the entire process to monitor things as a whole, in addition to physical therapy, chiropractor, massage all 2-3X/wk, and more recently epidural steroid injections. (Tuesday I go in for more ESI's and an RF burn medial branch L5)

    It looks like things can get touchy here regarding "recommending" things so I'll stay PC. I'm not going to suggest you do anything different. I'm simply putting my experience out there for you to judge of your own. I hope it helps as I'm very new to this holy_crap_my_life_just_got_destroyed business as well.


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