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Today's the Day! Will Update With Recovery Story.

nav1nnav1 Posts: 43
edited 06/11/2012 - 9:02 AM in Spinal Cord Stimulation
Hello all, again. Today is the day for my permanent implant. Figured I would start a new thread for any new members that come along and peruse the board looking for recovery stories. Real short background info--I'm Active Duty U.S. Navy and am getting a Boston Scientific Precision Plus SCS implant for persistant neuropathic pain stemming from an inguinal hernia two and a half years ago. I've had two surgeries to try to alleviate the pain, but neither were overly successful and am not a candidate for any further surgery.

OK, so in about an hour, I'm off to the hospital. I was told this will be an inpatient surgery, but depending on any complications or my pain level, I may stay overnight. Hopefully, that is not the case, but I've read multiple experiences where the patient stayed overnight, especially w/ a laminectomy, which I will be having. I've never had back surgery before, so don't really know what to expect on the pain level.

Well, wish me luck and I'll post when able, either later tonight or tomorrow, depending. Take care, all!


  • Best of luck. Hope it all works out for you! Hey can you get the phone number to one of those cute nurses for me while you are in there?

    Best wishes,
    Flexicore ADR 2004 resulting nerve damage l4l5 Fusion 2006 same level, 2009 hardware removal with lami !
    2012 scs implant ,
  • lol...yeah, don't think the wife would appreciate that too much; although I must say I'm looking awfully sexy today in my sweats and without the use of any personal appearance aides!!!

    Thanks for the well wishes!
  • Can't wait to hear your experience and progress.

    Good luck.
  • Hey Nav1

    Have a great day and just keep in mind that it takes a bit of discomfort to win the battle to comfort.


    P.S. Navy docs are the best and that's who did my implant as well!
  • Sounds like you came through pretty good, I'm glad for that. When I came home I actually felt halfway decent. However, once my backful of numbing medicine they injected into me wore off, I was sure I'd pass out. My hubby finally convinced me to take ibuprofen in addition to my regular medication, I did much better.

    I'm anxious to hear how it went but understand the need for lots of rest. Keep in mind you need to keep your hips and shoulders facing the same way and you'll be good. I'll send good thoughts your way. :)
  • (|: So, here it is at 0100 and just awoke from a nice three hours of sleep! I'll get to my title here in a minute, but wow, not the way I like to wake up. I had "to go" something awful and took me nearly a full 5 minutes to get out of my recliner (where I slept). Almost didn't make it! I have some serious "retention" going on unlike any other experience I'v ever had. I didn't get a nerve block, so long as I can tell, so not sure what is going on. So, that's my first "point" this post...nice, huh!

    OK, so to my title. I got the whole BLT, but didn't consider the whole "RP" piece, which as a back surgery novice, I'm sure more of you are keenly aware. Anyway, the "R" -- Reaching, and "P" -- Pulling...yeah, my back does not enjoy either of those, either. Especially when reaching for something above shoulder height!! Pulling a door open is not awesome as well. A couple of other notes:

    -- Had the worst migraine yesterday as well, so that just added to the "joy" which I had to ask the nurse son after arriving if there was anything they could do seeing as I can't take Excedrin Migraine or my Maxalt (Tramadol interaction), which by the way is an awesome med for Migraines. I'd been dealing w/ those for decades and finally went in to be seen for them (long story, but had to do w/ being cleared for flight duty). So, they put me on 100% oxygen, which took the edge off, while they awaited approval for a med. Finally, gave me some Morphine, but as my Percocet didn't help earlier, did not have high hopes for the Morphine, and rightfully so. Very minor relief!

    -- Long wait yesterday. :W Was there four hours before finally went under the knife. Not thrilled about that, especially considering the migraine.

    -- Rep came by before the surgery. Went over some of the basics w/ me. I was to leave the hospital that night w/ all my programs and he said we'd tweak at my 1st Post-Op appt. BTW, was a different rep than I had before, so I must REALLY be a PITA, if she felt the need to dump me off to another rep! image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> We'll see how long before he hands me off as well. In all reality, they use the team approach so I was forewarned of this earlier and my original and new rep both stated this fact. At least that is what I was told...I think they are trying to pass me off to each other...eventually someone's going to lose out... =))

    -- Speaking of Post Op...at first I was like: :?? , then 2 seconds later I was like: :''( , then after IV Dilaudid (sp??), followed by oral Percocet, and soon followed another IV Dilaudid, I was like: 8} and I). Not too long aftet, however, I was back to :''( , which brings me to my next bullet...

    -- Pain meds. They won't let me take any Motrin for 24 hours, so I'm not overly joyed right now. They did give me some Percocet, though, which helps some, but is not capable of knocking down the pain enough, really, by itself. My past post-surgery experiences
    tell me that the two work well together, along w/ ice, which I really need to go get right now.

    So, that's it for right now, I'll post more later on, but think the Percocet is starting to make me tired again, so let's see if I can get some more sleep...take care all!!


  • I had a laminectomy w/ paddles somewhere near T-8, T-9, I think. I'm not a back expert, but does that sound right? I was pretty drugged up when my rep told me this. BTW, he did talk to my wife and said he and the surgeon were in "disagreement" whether to use paddles or not...the surgeon won. I didn't realize you could have a laminectomy w/o paddle leads...apparently you can. I'm not real smart on all this stuff, at all, as you can CLEARLY tell, but wanted to pass that along.

    And BTW, one more thing I'm REAL excited about. My Precision Plus system came with exactly what I was looking for, a belt clip-on remote carry thing-a-ma-bob!!! Yay!!! <:P
  • Glad for u that it came out. Told you they would probably give u a remote carry thing. Hope you recovery is a good one. Did they turn it on same day or do u have to wait?
  • In the first week I did everything possible to keep stimulation on at my incision sites! When I'd get the perfect position it made them feel better.

    Motrin made ALL the difference for me, and having ice whenever I needed it kept me comfortable. I'm so happy the ice is your friend lol! Hope the Motrin will be too.
  • Unfortunately, my stimulation is nowhere near the incision sites...it runs from my lower R abdomen, through my groin, and down my leg. Some does bleed over to the L side, but not much.

    Aahhh, Ibuprofen, my old friend. The three work well together...better than just the Percocet and ice alone.

    BTW, one more nugget for everyone. I was asleep throughout the entire procedure. I thought I was to be awoken to make sure the coverage was right, but I guess since they took good notes from the trial, they were able to determine the placement fairly well.

    -- Also, my throat is soar and my voice is very hoarse. Been awhile since I was under full anesthesia like that and forgot about the intibator (sp??) tube down the throat, or whatever it's called.

    -- I had to switch couches, unfortunately. My new couch (with recliners that I bought specifically for this procedure, sits too low and is difficult to get in and out of. I'll still get use out of it for sleeping, as sleeping on a flat surface does not seem to be "comfortably" possible, but the recliner is just right for this. Highly recommended for sleeping.

    -- IV. Be prepared if your surgery is scheduled as late as mine was in the day, that you will be hungry, dehydrated, irritable (for you caffeine types like me, you'll also probably get a headache), and a bit anxious. By the time they attempted the IV, they had great difficulty finding a good vein and had to go to a different arm after failing on the initial. My point is to find out if you have to "adhere" to the "no food or drink after midnight" routine, or if you can get away with 8 hours. I say this because that is what the anesthesiologist was asking all the patients..."8 hours", not "after midnight", which may have assisted me a bit in this, since my surgery did not start until 1500. X(

    -- The ride home was not fun. Starting, stopping, bumps on the road. Ughh...just FYI on this; not much you can do about this, I guess. DO, if able, choose to ride in a Van/SUV type...leather preferable for easy sliding in and out. As was posted in another thread, cover in plastic otherwise to facilitate.

    -- Why are these pre-ops always FREEZING!! I froze my patooty off. They gave me warm blankets, but had to "refill" a few times. Also, I heard one lady ask if she could keep her panties on under the gown. The nurse asked if they were 100% cotton and the patient replied yes, so she was allowed to keep them on. The nurse said something about nylon and static, so not sure what that's about...maybe fire hazard with the oxygen? Don't know. Anyway, a little insider info on that, I guess, that I didn't know. I was fine bein' neck-ed. As my wife puts it "that'll teach them for lookin', now won't it!" :D

    OK, dinner time. Be back later for more "oh so important" insight and advice!!! What could be more important than cotton panties!! 8}
  • ...and started much like the 1st...in pain and very difficult to get out of the chair. Only getting sleep in two hour increments, but that's ok, I guess.

    -- I took a walk around the block yesterday with the wife...I'm sure I looked a little odd...like I had a piece or wood shoved up my...well, you get the picture. It was nice to get some movement goin'; I'll try to keep up with it everyday.

    -- I'm hoping to feel better here soon. I know it's a small price to pay for the eventual relief, but in today's world of "immediate gratification", this pain just won't do! =;

    -- I had my wife do some "spot" cleaning yesterday for me, but will need to get a full wash here soon today. That iodine stuff, or what ever it's called was all sticky and nasty, so felt better to get some of that "grime" off. I do like the fact that I actually get to shower sooner than I did w/ the trial. I was defintely "woo hoo" on that!

    Not much else going on. Please don't forget, if you all have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. If I have any experience I can share to help shed light for someone else about to go through the process, I'd be happy to pass along some "sage" wisdom...ok, maybe not "sage" and maybe it's more like "ooh, tried that and that didn't work...that was dumb" as opposed to "wisdom"!! :D

    Take care all!!

  • A few things:

    - While I understand and applaud both your concern and plan of action regarding your medication and using less and less, now is NOT the time. Your body needs to heal, and I'm fairly certain there are studies to back up my next claim, as the more pain you are in the longer it takes to heal. The pain is recognized as stress to your body right? All kinds of different physical reactions accompany pain. Certain hormones increase, your blood pressure increases, your heart rate increases, etc. I am sure I've made my point...but how can your body heal when it's now dealing with uncontrolled pain and having to heal incisions, and producing scar tissue, and trying to move things along in the plumbing, and warding off infection, etc. once again and cut! Phew...throw in out of breath side effectsssssssssss......now. I would however tell the doc that what you've been prescribed is NOT enough, if that's the case as I don't know how much you are allowed in a day.

    - I can't get over how much people go on and on about how they can never go to the bathroom and they need a laxative or may the gods curse constipation!! Some of us aren't so lucky. Now I know what you're thinking. What?! Lucky, is she crazy?! The truth is it doesn't matter what I take I am on the complete opposite of the pole, if you catch my drift (and if you don't- I should own stock in toilet paper and Imodium - are you catching it now????) and I feel so completely unhappy and jealous, yes that's right, jealous that I'm always in the bathroom and people complain that they never are. It's just so unfair that people get this side effect and I don't. -Off to cry now-

    - Boredom has become my constant companion, my unwanted friend that never leaves my side...it even accompanies me to the bathroom ;) and all I can think is LET ME GO BACK TO WORK!!! Now, it has been said lots of times that I'm not normal. My idea of fun and fairness is a tiny bit off. Read above bullet if you aren't sure. I LOVE to work. For two months before going out for this surgery I agonized over missing time. I felt constant pangs of guilt that someone else was doing my work. I miss my two teams. Work for me symbolizes my ability to contribute to my family. The laundry list of maladies (disabilities) I have has done nothing but make my husband the one to do laundry, the shopping, the cooking, the errand runner, etc. It has required my children to cook their own meals when my husband's job has him in the neighboring state (he works for the railroad and is home one day, gone two). They are self reliant out of necessity. My job is not easy, in fact it's quite laborious. When I go back I'll still have someone doing half of it (oh the guilt, I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!).

    I get comments at work from other hard workers that they just have so much pride in me, as I roll my wheelchair in day in and day out, doing the same job as everybody else. It's more than obvious that it takes me considerable more effort but I still push myself and do it. People hear my grunting and groaning when the pain makes it hard. They hear me crying as quietly as possible in my cubicle but butt out because I'm so fiercely independent and I hate that people can see and hear my weakness. Still, I push through (I just totally made a play on words...get it? Push through? Never mind LOL I am tired) to work 80 hours every pay period. I do it for myself, I do it for my family, I do it so society can see that all disabled people are not lazy and sponging off the system. [I live in SoCal where abusing the system is rampant] Of course the lazy people at work who complain over small, invisible booboos hate me. It's my belief still that they saw me get hired and thought 'this is great, now the spotlight will be off me and onto her because there is no way she'll be able to do all the work and they will stop getting on my case for not doing all of mine' , except I came in and blew half the staff out of the water with the amount of work I produce. Ugh I could tell you all stories of how badly they started treating me but I won't. My point is, and I have a point I swear, is that while I understand the boredom we must remind ourselves to take it easy and heal. We can't push ourselves too hard because if we do we'll end up needing revision surgery and be out even longer.

    You made such an excellent point about preparing for the boredom and coming up with a list of things to do to chase the boredom away. I got playing cards, downloaded a bunch of books onto my iPad (and I have to respectfully disagree about the hunger games trilogy as I felt they went down in greatness and it seemed like she just couldn't capture the magic she achieved with book 1 in the following 2. I hated how whiney and selfish Kat was regarding the two dudes! It made me dislike her character so much by the end of the series) and got a checkers/chess/tic tac toe travel board to play with the kids. I'm still about to climb up the dang walls though so if you have more suggestions pretty please with a cherry on top pass them this way.

    Okay well I rambled on forever, I'm so sorry, it's the boredom, and I am glad that you are getting some use out of the Stim. I would call the rep (or text them if you can as that's what I do) and discuss the pain/discomfort you are experiencing at the lami site. I have percutaneous leads so I can't help you in this regard. I can say that the spine pain was dominant until week two when the pocket pain became the dominant source of 'woe is me'. Well I will stop bothering everybody. Keep your chin up!
  • Sorry you didn't enjoy the Hunger Games trilogy, though understand, I'm easily amused...ooohhh, shiny...ok where was I?

    Anyway, I too, feel guilty about not being to help at home. I can, however, assist some in the homeschooling for my girls, but they are about done for the school year and my contributions are minimal. I especially feel guilty for the fact that this is the 5th surgery (I count my tooth implants as surgery since I was a drooling bump on a log for 5 days) that I've had in the past 2+ years, and everytime, my family is made to cater to me. This one truly is the worst because it's not just that I can't do anything, it's more that I'm not allowed to. The work piece is a bit different for me than for you. I definitely applaud your courage and dedication to your profession, especially in your physical state. Not that I'm trying to treat you differently, but the simple fact of the matter is, it is more difficult for you to be a productive part of society and you choose to go above and beyond to do so, so please don't take my comment as anything more than that.

    As far as the meds go, the lower dose seemed to work this morning...I'll give it a go again here in a couple of hours (disclaimer, though, my meds usually do work better first thing in the morning; probably due to being on an empty stomach, I suppose). The ice and motrin keep it at bay enough to where I am not in complete agony; the percocet just takes it one step further to the point where I feel almost no pain for about an hour, which is nice. If I can get that relief three times a day, I should be set. I'm pretty sure I have enough meds, but I really won't know until I'm at the point where I'm almost out...which by my rough calculations, will be Monday...I'll evaluate my pain level at that point and determine if I need to request more.

    Sorry I can't help more w/ the boredom piece. I'm struggling w/ that myself. Movies, laptop, and Angry Birds, just keep cycling through those for now!

    Also sorry to hear about the BM issue. Very surprised these meds don't "lock" you up like most. Loperamide seems to do fairly well for me, but it's just a different type of opioid, so not sure what other options you have if opioids don't work. I'm not going to say I wish I had your problem, because either end of the spectrum is not good...and I know in time, I'll be back to normal.

    One thing I forgot to discuss, and almost hate to in this reply, is how sore my bottom is from sitting on it all the time. I try to stand for periods of times, but that's not overly comfortable, so I find myself sitting a lot more than normal, obviously, and my bottom is getting "raw" so to speak. I have plenty of pillows and cushion, but still uncomfortable. Not sure what to do about that.

    Well, enough droning for now...
  • Ok, all, so here are my updates for day 4...

    -- Slept in bed last night. Not sure if I was ready for that or not, but wanted to give it a go. The recliner is definitely more comfortable still at this point and may go back to it tonight...we'll see. Just laying flat tends to hurt the lami site too much. Not to mention getting out of bed is an awful lot of twisting, which is, of course, part of the BLT so not good, I expect.

    -- It's real shower day...yay!!! No more "Sponge Bob Square Baths" for me!! I was told after three days postop, I could take off the dressings and take a real shower. Can't wait! Still difficult to reach all areas, but with each passing day, my mobility increases.

    -- Ice is still my friend...love the numbing power it provides, even if short lived. My decrease in pain meds went well. I'll stay at the current regimen at least through tomorrow, I think, then see how I'm doing and try to drop off one more dose then down to two/day, which is where I was pre-op. Ultimate goal is to get to ZERO doses per day, but will not attempt that until after I see my PM doc in July to discuss, but hopefully, the SCS will provide enough relief to drop down to a dose/day and I can continue my wean down from there after I see my PM doc.
    Just for a little background (feel free to skip--it's gonna be long) on this, my pain was two-fold...a 24/7 constant nerve pain in the groin that was at a level of 3-4, which was controlled via Tramadol. I've stopped trying to argue with folks that insist that Tramadol does not work very similarly to SNRI ADs (very closely chemically related to effexor)...that it works more so like an opioid, which everyone wants to try to convince me of. Maybe for some, it does, but not for me. Tramadol gives me 6-8 hrs of relief from this 24/7 pain, but does not touch my other pain (just not stong enough). I've tried higher doses of Tram for that to no avail, and Tram has a limit of eight per day. For me however, I get the same relief from 75-100mg of Tram as I do from 200mg, and it's always consistant and I have not developed a tolerance to it. This is how I know it's action is more related to SNRI ADs than opioids. I've tried ADs and cannot tolerate the "anxiety" they induce, yet Tramadol does not cause that issue for me, so maybe that's the opioid action of it that counteracts the AD anxiety side effect...don't know for sure. I DO know it provides the exact same type of relief that effexor did for the few doses I did take of it. One other "proof" factor for me is the discontinuation syndrome I go through w/ Tram. The awful "brain zaps" and RLS I go through, even while taking opioids with it. That is not opioid withdrawal, it's AD discontinuation. Regardless, eventually will have to go through that again at some point, as the stim works wonder on that pain.
    My other "pain" is different and came about following my spermatic cord stripping surgery. This is where I get and intense "firing" or "stabbing" sensation that to me, is about a 7 on the pain scale. This is what I was taking the percocet for. This happens anywhere from 2-4 times a day and lasts for quite awhile. The percocet knocks it down pretty well at a dose of 10mgs. I was taking Norco for several months, but when my tolerance rose to 25mg/per dose, I knew I had to switch. The hydrocodone did not work very well anyway for that pain, not nearly as well as percocet. Anyway, I limited myself to two doses per day regardless of how many instances I had (meaning I did not ask for more from my PM...I respect percocet and it's potential for abuse and I did not want to go down that road). My goal is to eradicate the percocet and Tram completely and see about using something like gapapentin for "flare ups" that are not completely covered by my stim, but only if absolutely necessary. I'd rather not have to take anything. Anyway, I did not intend to go into this much detail. Sorry, but if you all have any advice or insight on this, please let me know. One more thing on this, is that like I said, I will eventually come off the percocet. I've never had any issues from discontinuing an opioid before, but then again, have not ever taken and opioid on a daily basis for than two months (following ACL surgery 8 years ago), and I'm scared to death on going through the withdrawal that is sure to come. I have between now and July to wean down to one dose/day (which I've done several times over the past 9 months with no issues). Hopefully the withdrawal for a single dose of 10mg/day will not be horrible, but I do expect some issues for sure. Additionally, I tried a long-acting opioid in place of the tramadol for about a month, that seemed to work well, but the thought of being on a scheduled narcotic 24/7 concerned me greatly, so went back to tramadol. Reason I bring this up is that I'm hoping that since I haven't had a constant level amount of opioid in my system 24/7 will also facilitate coming off the percocet. Another plus is that I don't feel as though I have any "mental need" for the med, it's 100% physical--I hurt, so I take; I don't "desire" it, like I did for a cigarette when I was a smoker for 20 years, so I know what that feeling is like. Anyway, those two considerations are what give me hope that I won't go through too terrible of a time when it's time to stop...we'll see I guess!

    OK, so long enough, for sure. Sorry for the "like the sands through an hourglass, so are the days of or lives" piece. :D

    As always, any questions, please ask! My point for writing all this (minus my drama in this post) is to facilitate anyone about to go through with an SCS to aid in getting as much info as possible as to what to expect through this ordeal. Take care, everyone!!
  • and I have a feeling this is my life over the next two-three days. :(

    Anyway, so the ice definitely aided my last dose of Percs...now I've got the ice in ahead of the Percs. so hopefully that works a bit better for me.

    So I wanted to update a couple of other items I have yet not mentioned...

    -- I'd (subjectively, of course) rate 70% of my pain is at the laminectomy site, with about 10% at the IPG incision site (L Upper Buttock), and the remaining 20% at my groin...BUT, I just turned on my new stim (oh, how I've missed you, when you left me last month after the trial, I was like: =(( (I'm digging these emoticons, can't you tell!! Anyway, it's working wonderfully on all four programs with no additional pain that I can tell. So, back on point...BOY, do I feel sorry for all you folks out there with multiple back surgeries. Hopefully this is my first and last. Now, as I've mentioned, I believe somewhere here, I've had two surgeries after my Ilioinguinal Hernia surgery in order to "correct" my residual pain. One was an ilioinguinal nerve disection (sp??), which in my view, should have been a triple neurectomy which might have fixed this from the getgo, but alas, it did not. The second (funny story following...) was a Spermatic Cord Stripping. Now, children, apparently this is not for the faint of heart, so read at your own risk. What this is is the Urologist makes about a two-inch incision in the lower groin area, pulls out your Spermatic Cord through the incision, "strips" all the nerves (and veins maybe? not sure) of the spermatic cord, then "stuffs" it back in. Then proceeds to give you a vas just for good measure. What this did was almost entirely relieve the pain I was having down in the "boys", which was my main gripe anyway (any man here will tell you that it's a bit sensitive to have pain down there. BTW gentlemen, it was like someone was constantly "flicking" my right "boy" 24/7, so you can imagine the discomfort I was having). Anyway, while the result was successful on one end, above that area, my pain essentially doubled and ended up with a different issue. My groin area would just start, what I call, "firing" for no apparent reason, and while not as sensitive as the other pain, it was definitely a stronger pain requiring me to go down the narc route, where before, my pain, although sensitive, was managed w/ Tramadol.
    So, funny story, the reason I say this is not for the faint of heart is because as soon as I mentioned this to my surgeon at my pre-op, he made me stop. He gave me a :T ; made him VERY uncomfortable and literally gave him the "heebie jeebies". I was like "but your a surgeon?!?!". His response was basically that he could work on a spine anytime, but what I had just sounded painful. Funny, I thought...

    --More clarification on the IPG site incision...he must have done a fantastic job down there, because while there is some minor burning, it's nothing like the pain I had from the three previous surgeries at the incision sight. Maybe the groin area is more sensitive, I guess, but unless something gets worse down there, I could live easily w/ that pain.

    --Back to the pain meds, as I know some will wonder what he gave. He gave me 30 10mg/325mg Percocet, which should be enough to make it through the 1st 4-5 days. BTW, I received no antibiotics like I did following my trial...why is that? Anyway, my narc tolerance is a bit higher than the average person, but probably low for those back sufferers out there...and let me reitterate, I am SO SORRY for all out there that have back pain. I wouldn't wish this pain I'm having on anyone, even my ex-wife (ok, I don't have an ex-wife, but wanted to paint a picture here! :))) ) Like I said in an earlier post, I almost feel guilty for complaining about my pain issues. Yes, they are legitimate, but just not at the level of this back pain. Please, those that have similar issues to me, do not take offense, I'm not minimalizing groin pain, but subjectively, I'd rather deal with that than back pain.

    So, I think that's all for now. If any other stuff pops into my head OR anyone here as any questions, please ask! I'll post more later. I really do want to paint the most descriptive picture that I can for anyone about to go through this. To this point, it's been mostly personal and doesn't apply to all, but I'll try to impart some useful "nuggets" with each post!

  • Actually, chagland, I had my surgery out in town. My PM is a civilian since we didn't have one last year when I finally was referred to one at the Navy Hospital and he recommended my surgeon. My last two surgeries were Navy Docs and had a good experience both times, just didn't "fix" my issues I was having.

    I will post more tomorrow as I can barely keep my eyes open, but other than the fact that I am in a great deal of pain, mostly in the spine incision area (feels like a deep bone bruise), but the IPG incision definitely is burning pretty well. I'll post a "play by play" tomorrow. Thanks all!

  • They programmed it yesterday post-op. They will refine the programming in a couple of weeks.

    I will say this though, that for some reason, having it turned on seemed to exacerbate both incision sites, so I only left it on for a couple of hours. I'll give it a go each day for a couple of hours for the 1st week, I think, then try to take full use of it then.

    BTW...ice is your friend. Can't wait to start the Motrin here in a few hours. I think between the Percocet, Motrin, and ice, I'll be ok. Again, the laminectomy site is VERY painful, like somebody clubbed my spine!

    Also, my dear wife just changed my dressings and all looked good to her.

    And yes, that remote holder is awesome and just what I was looking for. Unfortunately, doubt it will last another 6+ years (time left in the Navy...HOPEFULLY), so eventually, I'll have to come up with a replacement.
  • And I'm still in quite a bit of pain. I'd really like to cutdown the required dose of Percocet for the pain, as I definitely had to bump my normal 10mg/dose to 15mg/dose on the first day post-op, after I tried to use the 10mg and it did not pack enough punch (that was a miserable four hours waiting to dose again!!). Had to bump to 15mg, which has two negatives, one, of course, is the increased side effects (poopy issues and the like) and second, is I do not want to raise my tolerance any higher than it had already risen to. Aaahh the days when one 5mg Percocet or one 10mg Lortab would provide me enough pain relief to get by (and knock me off my a$$ to boot!)...do you all remember those days...I'm sure some of you are wishing your tolerance was as low as mine and are probably cursing me and my "supposed" high tolerance!! X( Sorry, but regardless of where one is at, it is a problem for anyone who has taken narcotic pain meds on a daily basis for anymore than 3-4 months consistantly, and this is the longest I've ever been on a daily dose of these type of meds (going on 9 months now). So anyway, this morning, I dropped it back down to around 12.5mg, so we'll see how that does coupled w/ the ice and Motrin. Also, I took 4 doses/day the 1st two days, today and tomorrow I plan on trying to knock it down to three doses. I know it's not as "easy" as just deciding to cut down and I do not want to be in any additional pain, but I need to look beyond these first few days and realize that if I get too comfortable taking that many doses/day, it will become habit for me and I'll convince myself that I "need" that many for pain relief.

    -- Good news is that I was able to finally sleep...total of about 7 hours and woke up only once. I've felt sleep deprived since 3 days prior to surgery (anxiety). The pain as awoken me a few times over the past few nights post-op.

    -- Read this bullet at own risk! OK, for all you old-timers out there that remember the old Heinz commercial from the 70s (??). Come on, sing along..."An-ti-ci-pation, An-ti-si-pay, yay, tion iiisss making me wait..." OK now, replace anticipation w/ constipation (I know., missing a syllable, but work with me here!! :))) ) I know, scary that I'm part of the greatest Naval Force ever defending our country!! Please, do not write your congressman, I assure you I'm not this bad in real life!! Anyway, back on point, I FINALLY had a BM this morning, but unfortunately, it required a laxative. I was trying to get by on hydration, flax seed, fishy pills (as my wife calls them...fish oil, in case you didn't make the connection) and stool softeners. They were not enough. I expect, however, with my decrease in percocet dosage, that I'll be back to being regular in no time!!

    -- How's the SCS you ask? Well, the limited use it's gotten, I'm fairly pleased. It still, for some reason, tends to exacerbate the pain at my laminectomy site, so I really can't leave it on for very long. Hopefully, that subsides as my post-op pain reduces. But with being on constant pain meds, I haven't really needed to use it much, but as I decrease those, I hope to be able to use the SCS more.

    -- Boredom is starting to sink in. Not that I love work, but at least I had something to do, even if it isn't fun. Watched a couple of movies yesterday, but outside of that, was on the laptop for most of the day. My suggestion for those about to embark on this journey, come up with a plan for activities following the surgery. Get a couple of good books (BTW, the Hunger Games trilogy was outstanding, much better than the movie, which was ok in its own right, but really a testament to how good the books were.

    Alright, I've bored you all long enough! Take care and please again, I'm here and willing to answer any questions I can!!
  • Started pretty much the same as the other mornings. really surprised I'm still feeling this much pain at the lami site, but oh well...here's some more nuggets for you all. (Anyone sick of me yet!?!? Sorry, if so, but doing this because I feel the more personal stories there are about this, the better prepared and more knowledgable future SCSers will be going into this!)

    -- Ok, so the bandages came off and got my first real shower. Also, the first look at these areas for me since the surgery. I was not overly impressed w/ how my IPG site incision looked...rather a alot of old dried blood, but that's it, really, I'm sure it's fine. My back, from what I could see in the reflection looked much better. As the soap ran down in the shower, it burned a little, but nothing terrible. Overall, the shower felt great.

    -- Lower back swelling. Not sure what is going on there, but I started to feel some pain in my lower back, nowhere near the incision areas and the entire lower back from the waistline up to about 6 inches above that were swollen and painful yesterday right before my shower. Anyone have any idea what that is about? I took my shower and iced my entire lower back and it seemed to help. This morning seems to be better, but that freaked me out a bit. Now, I will say that this happened about an hour after helping my daughter with some dishes. Before someone here yells at me, my wife was in the shower at the time, so she did not know (but was none the happy when she found out). Anyway, ALL I did was unload the top rack (cups and glasses) and loaded the top rack as well. I did reach and stretch some putting them away. I felt bad for my older daughter because my wife and younger daughter had to go out and were running late and my older daughter was stuck with a messy kitchen. I wanted to help her out a little so it didn't seem so daunting with all that had to be done. I won't do that again, however...I learned my lesson. BTW, this all stems from the guilt and boredom. I really do not like being waited on hand and foot for so long. A day or two, fine, but this is getting beyond that.

    -- Went back to sleeping in the recliner last night. The bed just was more hassle than it was worth. I HIGHLY recommend investing in a recliner of some sort for this surgery. And if able, get the kind that has a lift function to aid in getting off. I know recliners are bit expensive to get just for a week or two of sleeping following the surgery, but it's worth its weight in gold, IMO. Almost like it was made just for this purpose. Your weight distribution in these is about perfect for where you want it to be in respect to where the incisions are. Cover it with a fabric, sheet, plastic, whatever, that will facilitate sliding in and out.

    That's all I really got for today. Everything is pretty much the same. The pain gets a little better each day, but not much and not enough to deal w/o pain medicine. I'll post more tomorrow and day 7, then will just come back for any "milestones" I cross from then out.
  • Don't sweat the laminectomy pain. It will go down to a dull roar soon and then suddenly fade away. You might give your doc a call and mention the swelling in your lower back. It may just be an inflammatory response from the tunneling done to insert the wiring from the IPG to the leads. My wires go up the right side of my spine from my buttock to between my shoulders (very high) and I had swelling there post op for a couple weeks. I have found over the years that wires can get "irritated" especially if I over-do something. I have Celebrex and Flector patches to use to combat the inflammation brought on by my system.

  • I too have been suffering from swelling, typically in the latter part of the day, and it's noticeably worse after I do something...you know like shower, or clear the paper jam in my printer. I know, I know, I probably shouldn't be doing that, but please keep in mind before yelling at me that tomorrow marks week 4. On the other hand feel free to yell at Nav for doing dishes on DAY 5. Naughty naughty!! Only teasing you Nav! If you learned your lesson, and you are feeling better, then no harm no foul I suppose.

    If the swelling and pain persist, I think that warrants a call to your doctor to make sure everything is okay though. I understand what you mean about your wife not being there to yell at you. When my husband found out I drove myself to SB for a venti white mocha with 8 pumps white and 1 pump regular mocha...yum. That's right! I said it. I like a little bit of coffee with my sugar and cream. What of it? Anyway he was beyond mad at me for doing that. The swelling after that, well, yeah, it was bad. I've only driven myself once more since then and I did okay. Still have the swelling, but whether I'm driving or not it happens.

    As a funny side note...I'm sure everybody knows I'm in a chair...and my chair weighs 27 pounds fully assembled. Without the wheels it weighs 22 pounds which is actually pretty light as chairs go. Anywhosit all SCSers know we have a restriction on what we can pick up when it comes to weight. Now, I cannot return to work until I can do what? Put my chair in and out of the car right? That involves picking it up! Anyway the funny part. I go into the doctor's office yesterday to get another off work extension for another week. I'm doing my best to explain to the girl that I am waiting on the bus company in my area to approve my paratransit application, which I'd be able to roll in and out of without picking my chair up! I can't work until either my app gets approved, or the restrictions are lifted, it's a fairly simple concept. Or so I thought. She just wasn't getting it! It was so obvious that she didn't want to extend my time off for another week. As I said I am 4 weeks post op, and going by what my doc said about not lifting anything, I am only halfway there. So I can't understand how they expect me to return. Unless she wants to meet me at my job at 0745 and 1700 every day to assemble/disassemble my chair, she needed to just write a note. She made me wait another 30 minutes before I got it! Incredible. The bus company only has until the 24th to either approve or deny my app.

    I won't survive another 4 weeks at home!!!!!! More rambling...sigh.
  • That over the last 4 years, I can do a bit too much of something and it will irritate the wires or my IPG pocket. Nothing to the extent it was during the first few weeks post op, but enough to let me know I done did it. So I take Celebrex every day and use Flector patches on days it is really inflammed. It's just a fact of life with my SCS and one I am more than willing to live with. For example, if I roll over onto my back in my sleep, I wake up with my IPG pocket irritated and the area around my lead anchors irritated. I also found that I don't wear my clothes as snug as I used to. Loose fit is the way it has to be, or my IPG pocket gets irritated. No one warned me that this could and most likely would happen even 4 years after my implant surgery. All others I have communicated with describe a similar experience.


    Definitely don't lift your chair before your restrictions are lifted and even then, go about it in incremental stages. Slowly increase the amount of weight you lift each time so you don't stress your system or you body.

  • Chagland- Thank you for the advice. It makes a lot of sense to do increments. As I said I've applied for paratransit in an attempt to return to work sooner rather than later. It's not free, but neither is gas. Here in SoCal the gas is currently anywhere from $4.15 to $4.79 a gallon! The only dilemma is the Access bus will cost me $11 per day, just to work, ouch. And I work 3 miles from my house. You read that correctly...three miles! My car gets 34 MPG...doesn't take a genius to figure out the difference in price! But that should also illustrate my strong desire to return to work. Your experience with pocket and lead pain after over exertion despite four years elapsing is a bit sad, but I really appreciate the heads up. That way when I experience it, I won't think I'm alone. Any other nuggets of info you'd like to share are most welcome!

    Which brings me to Nav...I 100% agree with you on getting snarky. And I did because with how messed up I really am, it's a freaking miracle I work at all. I do so because I love my family, and it makes me feel good to contribute. I cannot count the doctors, nurses, specialists, surgeons, etc. who are shocked when I tell them I have a job. I'd be offended if I wasn't so proud of myself for continuing even when I know it's going to increase my pain and I'll spend every weekend in bed recuperating. It is what it is. So to get the reaction I got did not put me in a great mood. Like you, it takes me an extended time to heal. If it takes most people a week, it's pretty much a sure thing that it will take me an extra 6-8. My doctor/surgeon told me he demands that I be "lazy" for eight weeks post surgery. His PA told me that I could return to work in one week. My husband actually laughed at her. It was so funny, the look on her face. He's like, "have you even met my wife?!" Then she told us most people go back the next Monday. I'm not even lying. She said people have this surgery on Friday, take the weekend to heal, and return to work that Monday. She's crazy!

    Even now I'm catching h*ll from my husband, kids, all my friends who think I need to take the full 8 weeks off. Over my dead body! My husband and boss conspired together to make sure I don't sneak back to work! I won't be able to roll in there without her calling him to make sure I'm really ready to come back. Both seem to think I can talk my doctor into releasing me early. Well, come to think of it, if I got the PA to write my note...Bwahahahaha. Kidding!

    Keep us updated as I'm thoroughly enjoying your progress!
  • First off--responses! Thank you both very much for the insight. Yes, I believe one of two things happened, either I did a bit too much on day 4 and paid for it (likely, as I "regressed" a bit yesterday, pain-wise) or, as you said, Chagland, late in the day I may just have to deal w/ this symptom as it happened again yesterday, and again after icing it, it went down. I'll monitor it and discuss at my next appt.

    Also, R_U, what the flying flip does the Drs office care or not about when you work or don't work...they aren't paying you!! Especially if you present them with OBVIOUS reasons why you are unable. That's where I would've been a bit snarky and told them--"ok, I'll just go back to work. What date, then, would you like to schedule the revision surgery for? Might as well schedule one every two months while your at it. I'll have surgery, two weeks off recovery, go to work, develop issues w/ my leads moving all over the place and possibly my IPG, get revision surgery, and start the process all over again! I'm sure my insurance company will appreciate this as well!"

    I had an issue somewhat similar to yours. I did as much research as possible for this surgery beforehand, and by the "witness accounts" I read up on, I saw that people went anywhere from a minimum of one week off work (show-offs!!) to 8 weeks off work, but for most it was 2-4 weeks, so I discussed w/ my supervisor and he said "tell them the military gives you 30 days convolescent leave for surgeries, so take the full 30." Unfortunately, my course schedule (I'm a course manager and instructor) would only allow for 3 weeks, so I put in my leave chit and got 21 days approved. I went to my appt and the Dr. said "two weeks, you'll be fine." I told him how much of a wuss I am (my wife was smirking and biting her tongue, because she knows this to be true, but would never "embarass" me in public). I explained to him that I had 30 days after hernia surgery and he had heard enough. He kinda laughed and said "alright, not often a man admits this sort of thing, no problem then." But when I asked a week later for the actual hardcopy "prescription" or whatever, for the time off, the nurse was like "he normally gives two weeks off..." I told her that he already approved me for three and I already had an approved leave chit from work. She was reluctant, but did as I asked. I'm thinking to myself...if my place of employment is ok with this, and actually recommended more, why am I having to try to convince the Dr.'s office...just baffling, I tell you...and BTW...YES, I AM a wuss with surgery recovery. Yes, I have my pride but it only takes me so far. I'm man enough to admit that I am a wuss with this stuff, I save my "pride" for other "manly" things!

    And lastly, thanks Chagland for the info on the residual issues w/ the IPG pocket. That's good info there; unfortunate, but good. I'll definitely keep that in mind!

    OK, onto my last 24 hours...

    -- Definitely, as stated earlier in post, regressed w/ the pain issue, so am still taking three doses of percs/day. If I feel better today, I'll reduce to two doses tomorrow.

    -- I had two instances of pretty uncomfortable acute pain near my R Lower ribcage area...not a small, specific area, but an area several inches across. It happened twice while trying to adjust my "position" in the recliner...I hope it's only a strained muscle. My youngest daughter, BTW, is AMAZINGLY astute. Immediately, I'm thinking doom and gloom--liver or gall bladder issues, and she states "maybe you've just been overcompensating for your back pain and using your stomach muscles too much and that's what you hurt." -- did I mention she's 11!! OK, not exactly rocket science, but the fact that she processed the overall situation and came up with that assessment that quickly (which was probably a lot more realistic than my gall bladder exploding or whatever) just seemed very impressive to me.

    -- Also, had many more instances of burning, stabbing pain at the IPG pocket incision area. It was doing so well the 1st three days and seems to be getting a lot worse, not better. Conversely, my lami site pain is bit by bit getting better, but by no means is it pain free.

    -- This morning, I awoke to another horrible migraine!! Ughh...not sure why over the past three months or so my frequency of migraines has skyrocketed so. I sometimes go 4-6 months without a single migraine, yet I've had 10-15 in the past few months. Today, however, was not my surgery day like on Monday, so I was able to take Excedrin and Maxalt, which took care of it in short order (about an hour). It was very frustrating on Monday when I awoke w/ the migraine because I could absolutely do nothing about it because I couldn't take those meds before my surgery, and I suffered all day. Even IV morphine didn't knock it out, but one dose of Maxalt and it just knocks out about 90% of it away!!

    Well, those were the highlights over the past 24 hours. I'll post once more tomorrow morning, than like I said, I'll update as I feel appropriate over the next couple of weeks.
  • Well, now I've gone and done it. I couldn't stand seeing my wife stressing over everything yesterday. She had a homeschool co-op function she had to prepare for and attend, had a last minute slot to fill at her job as a nursery coordinator at church and was frantically trying to find a solution, because she had a kid's mission team meeting that she runs had prepare for and attend last night as well so she could not just fill in at the nursery herself. Let's see, she also had to prep for our girl's year-end annual standardized testing that starts today and all the while, take care of me and my now vomiting and feverish younger daughter. Needless to say, she was swamped and needed some help around the house, so I decided to have my younger daughter help me help my wife by pulling out laundry out of the dryer and giving to me to put on hangars. Also, had her dump a couple of baskets of laundry that needed folding, on the bed so I could fold those. Not much, but felt every little bit helps. This is just maddening for me and can't stand to see my wife going through all this while I sit on my duff and don't lift a finger to help. Well, needless to say I've developed an incredible burning/stinging pain at my lami site that is caused mainly by doing anything w/ my left arm and some things w/ my right arm. I apparently reached too far and with too much weight, I suppose, in hanging up the clothes. Good thing is, I don't think it affected anything. My stim still runs as normal, so I think I may have done something to the incision itself, though not sure what. It didn't start bleeding or anything, just now I think I've set back my healing a few days. Yes, my wife was not happy and told me I'm just making things worse by delaying my healing and making it longer before I can actually be of use. Guess it makes sense, but this is really hard to feel this lazy and unproductive.

    --I again had swelling in the lower back, and again, was rectified by icing it.

    --I'm still sleeping in the recliner as it just presents the best comfort for me.

    --Meds...well, now that I've reinjured myself, I'll need to stay at three doses today, but will have to go to two from here on out. I'm hesitant to call the doctor for more meds as I think it's counter-productive to trying to get off these darn things eventually. He also clearly stated I would get ONE prescription from him, after that, it was back to pain mgmt for meds, which is understandable, I guess. We'll see...maybe this pain will be short lived and I'll be back on track by tomorrow.

    Well, nothing really else to discuss. I'll update this thread over the next couple of weeks and still may make daily additions if I really have anything I feel is worthwhile posting, but I won't tie myself to updating daily, as most of the initial important info is within the first week of recovery. Take care all, and hopefull some of this is useful to future SCSers!!!
  • I've been following you odyssey for the last couple of weeks. First off, you're an idiot. I know, harsh words from someone you don't know. Yet from a bigger idiot, words of wisdom. The only surgery that I have ever followed my post-op instructions for was my stimulator. A couple of cases in point:

    1.) After my 2 level fusion (L4-S1) surgery, I went back to work after being off for 2 weeks. I mowed the lawn at 3 weeks, my wife still doesn't know that one.

    2.) 9 months later I had a full revision of my fusion surgery and a facetectomy of both levels. 3 days later, I was tearing down my daughters swing set in the back yard.

    I hold the keys to stupid. When I got my stimulator, I was put on restrictions for 3 months. No BLT, reaching, anything. It's the one time that I followed all of the rules. My stimulator only provides about 50% relief. But of few things of not for you and R_U. My IPG or leads rarely bother me unless I'm really stupid, i.e spreading mulch around the house, shoveling snow, playing golf. In the event I do aggravate things, a little Ibuprofen and dialing it back a few notches and everything returns to normal in a couple of days.

    Your wife is correct. The more you push it, the longer you will be on the shelf. Who knows where I would be if I had listened to my doctors and let my body heal. Because of my stubbornness, I am partially disabled now. There's a lot of things I can't do anymore and I blame myself every day for my stupidity.

    Do yourself a favor. Grab a book, some suntan lotion and go outside and read a book. Stay out of your wifes way so she can get stuff done without worrying about you.

    A concerned individual.

    P.S. I can relate to some of your story. About 25 years ago, I had a hydrocele removed. Long story short, I woke up with a 3 inch incision in an area that is better left alone.
  • I know what you say is the truth, it's just not something I'm used to. I am truthfully not the most self-motivated guy around the house, but just sitting here watching everyone else work while I cannot is driving me nuts. The guilt is eating me alive!! I've learned my lesson however. I'll let it heal properly, now. I just need to find a way to make it up to the fam when this is all said and done!!

    Yeah, hydrocele's are no fun. I thought that was the root of my pain, but it wasn't, just another symptom that finally went away. Sure was scary looking though!!
  • Nav I can feel for u. I know ur a dad and dads try to help out but I am mom of 2 boys and wife of a great hubby and as of the 29th I will have to sit around and watch my poor hubby do the things that I should be doin. It is gonna drive me up the wall I know now that I will get yelled at by hi more than once cuz my personality and the way I was raised will make me want to do the things a wife should b doin, laundry, dishes, vac, dusting and all those other household chores. I am not looking forward to that part but I am looking forward to less pain and more of a life.
  • ...you are going to go out of your mind. I know it will be more difficult for you as a mother/wife than it is for me as a father/husband. Like I said, I'm pretty good at being lazy and it's maddening for me to not do anything, so for people such as yourself who are motivated, you are going to have an even more difficult time. Please learn from my mistakes, which leads me to this mornings drama...

    So I decided to try to sleep in the bed again, but I woke up 5 hours later (0300) in agony, so I got up, took some Motrin and iced. My problem is that I am now officially out of percocet, which leads me to another story here in a minute...Anyway, I'm sitting here on my laptop and I hear one of my cats getting ready to vomit and I see that he is on the carpet. Unfortunately, natural and instinct reaction is to immediately go pick up cat and move to kitchen tile area for ease of cleaning. Bad idea!!! I just was not thinking and bent down and picked him up and moved him. The second I bent and picked him up (all in one motion)...well, I'm sure you all can imagine the words that came out of my mouth--hey, I'm a Sailor!! Anyway, amazing how quickly our mind processes information. Cat vomits, wife nor girls awake, move cat off carpet. My cat does this fairly often, so my reaction to this event was driven by instinct. Unfortunately, my brain forgot to process that I was recovovering from what my brother calls "Massive invasive surgery WITH complications". Oh, well, what's a little more pain, right!!!

    So, onto the meds issue, which is actually secondary to my main issue. I still have swelling in the lower back, and it's still controlled by ice. So here is my story the last three days, and I'm not impressed right now. If I'm overreacting, please let me know. So Monday morning (about 0830) I call and leave a message with my surgeon's nurse about the swelling and the set back I had over the weekend. On Tuesday morning (about 1000), I call again and leave another message. Still no response by 1530, so I call and tell the receptionist that I need to talk to the nurse...that I was having an issue I was concerned about. She put me through to the nurse. She tells me she just listened to my messages. So I ask her about the swelling and pain. First, she says the swelling is probably from running the leads up the back, but that she'd talk to the surgeon after he got out of the OR. She asked what I was doing for the pain and if I was taking any anti-inflammatories and icing, which I responded yes, I was taking motrin around the clock and icing as much as possible. Additionally, I informed her that I am still needing to take at least three doses a day of my pain meds and that ice and motrin alone are not enough and will run out soon at this "pace". She said the Dr. will likely want to step down to Lortab and I said that's fine. She proceeeded to tell me she'd ask the Dr. and call me in the morning and call in the prescription to the pharmacy.
    So Wednesday morning comes and goes, and I finally call again at almost 1600 and speak w/ her. She says the Dr. has not answered her yet and she would text him. I have yet to hear back. So here I am, out of pain meds and not a happy camper as I was expecting her to call in a prescription yesterday and I took my last dose at around noon yesterday...so much for trusting that I'd have an additional prescription. So I have a prescription from my PM doc that I am allowed to fill today, so my wife will pick it up this morning sometime, but until then, I'm SOL. But even then, my dosage is low and not enough right now to cover my pain. I was hoping that the surgeon would provide another prescription to supplement what I already have...just for a few more days until I "hopefully" feel well enough. What I'll probably do is call my PM Dr. and ask permission to take more than my prescribed dose per day, which will eat through that script rather quickly, I presume, but shouldn't be a problem as soon as I heal up within the week, I'm hoping, I need to wean down anyway, so I'll see what they say. An BTW, my PM recommended me to this surgeon and he sends most of his surgical patients his way. My surgeon is fully aware that I have percocet prescription from my PM, in case anyone here was concerned that I was getting meds from two different docs.

    Whew!!! Sorry for the long post/rant. My biggest concern is this swelling and hope that it's not an issue. It didn't develop until several days post-op, so that is what has me worried. The pain, though is a PITA, is secondary to my concern for the swelling. Any ideas out there?? Thanks all!!
  • I still have swelling, nearly 5 weeks post op, and on Monday when I finally got the AdaptiveStim turned on neither the doctor/surgeon nor my rep were concerned. They both said its normal so until I hear otherwise, I'm going with it. It happens in the latter part of the evening or when I do something I shouldn't. Interestingly enough, my dog hurled on the floor today and I just had to lay there and let the cards fall where they may. Was I happy? No! Is my back happy? Yes sir it is indeed! So I just plugged my ears, turned the other cheek so to speak, and 'string instrument', no back pain or swelling.

    Ha, ha, ha! Had to.
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