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I was approved today

missyp997missyp997 Posts: 5
edited 06/11/2012 - 2:02 PM in Health Insurance Issues
Found out today I was approved for diabilty, first time trying. It doesn't fix my back but it sure takes some stress off.


  • That's good to hear!! I'm slowly moving down that road it gets harder and harder for me to go into work my only worry is not having an income while I wait
  • I have been on long term disabilty and I know they were getting ready to get rid of me some how then I didn't know what I was gonna do, but thankfully I don't need to find out. I wish you luck, I totaly understand.
  • So glad for you!
  • I should mention I am only 38 as well. I read and read how hard it is when your younger, so don't think you won't win. I had 3 back surgeries, no fusions. They want to do a fusion but I am not. I have scar tissue wrapped around nerves, DDD a new herniated disk that is not presently pushing on anything at the L3-L4. My surgeries were 2 at L4-L5 and 1 at L5-S1.Bad sciatic nerve from the scar tissue. Just thought I would say what is wrong with me. My Dr and I never discussed disabilty. I see him every 6-7 weeks for over the past year. I think that has helped me. When I started out though I never expected to be like this but he just kept bringing me back. He also put me on restrictions that make it hard to have a job. No more than 1 hr walking a day, 5 lb weight limit, no more than 3 hours standing and 3 hrs sitting and able to change postions as needed. Did therapy but they stopped it because it made me worse, I couldn't even walk out of therapy hardly. I hope this helps someone.
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