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Can anyone tell me what this means on my MRI.

C3-C4: There is left posterolateral/lateral protrusion only mildly narrowing the neural foramen 


Shallow left posterolateral C3-C4 protrusion. 



  • At the top of the page is a search feature that you can place terms in and it will lead you to medical written articles and videos the side contains to help you understand what is going on. But also you should be asking the doctor whom ordered the images to fully explain the MRI to you so you completely understand what is going on, it is their duty, job and responsibility to make the patient understand what is going on with their body. But basically you have a small herniation that is to the posterior side at that level. But in the search feature you can look up words such as neural foramen so you understand what they are, There is actually a excellent video on the side which explains all the parts of the cervical spine.
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