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Muscle spasms on right side of body

I hope I am putting this question in the right forum. I really appreciate all of your help and advice!

I have been having a strange problem for the last week or so. When I move my head a little too quickly, get out of bed too fast etc., the whole right side of my body cramps up to the point I can't control it at all for about a minute. All the muscles tighten as hard as they can and it is extremely painful. After about 30 seconds into the episode, sometimes either my left arm or leg also starts burning like it is on fire -- I can still move the left side though. I am completely conscious and aware, can talk etc. After a minute, it subsides and I am left shaking a little bit and can feel nerves firing, although not to the point of being painful. It is getting more frequent as time goes on.

I had mri of my full spine and brain and the two things it shows are that my spinal cord is being compressed at around c7 by bones growing together, and there is a single lesion higher up on the cervical spine.

The doctors are checking me for MS before looking at the compressed spine. Test results should be in in a couple of weeks. However, it seems to me that a compressed spine may be a more likely culprit because I can make the spasm attack come on by doing certain movements.

Anyone else have experience with a similar thing and what did it turn out to be? Thanks so much!
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