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Leg cramps post fusion

Hi. I had a second spinal fusion in June, I was fused from L5/S1 in 2008 and then after developing spondiolythesis I had my fusion redone up to L3 in June this year. Ever since I have had awful leg cramps, at night and during the day, I've had to stop my swimming due to cramps, and I have been on Diazepham, which helped but cannot be on that long term so now on Baclofen, and so far it has not helped. I would line some feedback. I have my 6 month check up in two weeks, this is a bit beyond my GP' s area of knowledge.
I've seen on here that I am not alone. Any ideas? Please.



  • Hi. I am still recovering from PLIF L5L4, but leg ache and cramps are one of the most painful things I have had, right from when I opened my eyes. Having other problems as well, and I don't have any answers yet, but things I have found at least helpful include still sleeping with pillows under or between my legs to keep my hips and spine in better position, keeping them raised whenever I can, massages and heat packs ( to encourage better circulation to them) . I have also been told to try to increase my potassium intake so I eat lots of bananas, and because I haven't had a blood test since hospital in September will also be having my iron and other levels tested this week. Good luck and if I hear anything I will come back to you, and it would be great to know what you are told as well.
  • Im 3 months post op spinal fusion t2 to L1 and I have leg cramps at night. Albeit I walk around 2 miles a day before they start cramping. I also have leg cramps in the morning if I go a little further on than 2 miles the previous day. I asked my surgeon about and he said it sounded normal as long as I didn't have soreness in the calfs which I don't. What helps me is stretching my legs while lying in supine position up to my chest as far as I can and then extending and flex thigh muscles. Then I take a hot shower which helps them feel better also. I also take diazepam before I sleep. Hope they go away soon for you and hope the 6 month check up goes well.
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