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Lactic acid Pain when muscles relax

This may be a repeat ( search engine is not comming up right), anyone know how to deal with the lactic acid pain when the spasms in your legs finally relax? I have bad sciatica and about every 2-3 days I can get the muscles to relax and then every muscle from the base of my shoulders to my toes ach and are tender to the touch. Right now all I can do is take ibuprofen, another norco, and a multi-vitiamin with potassium and magnisium in it. I really would like to eliminate the hydrocodone due to tolerance and whats been called a irrational adversion to opiods. Any input would be very welcome.

Thank you

S1-L5,l4-l5,l3-L4 torn, bulged, leaking DDD in 8-9 disks lower back and neck.


  • I've been getting the same feelings after switching from Hydrocodone to Oxycodone. When it kicks in it feels like an ache in all my muscles. Have you ever had a prescription for muscle relaxants? Maybe it would help if your muscles were able to relax every day versus once every few days. I'm interested to hear if there is another way to get rid of it, especially one without drugs.
  • Yep 2 muscle relaxants still have major leg problems now.
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