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Numbness after Microdiscectomy

Hello, I am 3 months post-op microdiscectomy of my L4-L5. I had horrible back pain and sciatic pain for years. I saw a physio therapist and chiropractor to help manage the "flair-ups" every 8 months. Eventually my right leg/foot went numb and my left foot...so I had the emergency surgery. 3 months later. I am no longer in any pain. My calves and feet on both sides are still numb, and I can't feel three toes on either side. I can't stand on my toes. I also have some numbness in my rear-end and my bladder is incontinent (but not extremely). I will be getting a post-op MRI to determine if there might be scar tissue compressing the nerve or possible inflammation at the site. I can walk with a cane, but not properly at all.

Is this numbness common?


  • KarenDKarenD Posts: 742
    edited 03/05/2013 - 10:29 PM
    Numbness is common with nerve pain and may or may not lessen after surgery. You also can get numbness after surgery that you didn't have before. i have usually had numbness around the incision site with each surgery.
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  • AllMetalAllMetal Posts: 1,190
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    I had (and still continue to have) numbness, this does happen after spinal surgery sometimes. I have the same "three toe" problem. I know neurotin helped me, but as I have said many times on this forum... it took like 2 months of taking it faithfully to really see a difference. I am still taking it 9 months after surgery and will probably take it a full year. Also remember nerves take a VERY LONG time to heal and I've been told to expect gradual improvement for up to a year, and that many patients continue to see improvement even after a year mark. I think you certainly need to mention this to your doctor next visit, or even call the surgical nurse to discuss this. If you are taking a nerve medication, the dosage might need to be increased, or they might even want to try a different one, there are several on the market. I think the biggest "concern" I have as a non-medical professional is the incontinent issue. This for CERTAIN need to be addressed imediately before it has a chance to get worse. So I'd call the nurse asap and see if the surgeon thinks is is normal/to be expected at this stage or if you need to come in soon. Keep us updated.
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  • I am not on any medication at this point. My bladder is getting stronger as I continue with my physio therapy. I have actually been released from the Surgeon's care unless my family doctor says it necessary to contact him.
  • I had micro discectomy done 4 months ago, everything seem to fall in its place . I will get pain in my back but did go away after physical therapy and rest. However, all of a sudden I have started to feel numbness in my right leg which went away after surgery. Please let me know if this has happened to anyone? Is this common or not? Please do let me know as o am so scared my self.
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