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Pain in Right leg/butt for 2.5 years - Need Help!


I am a 28 year old male accountant that has been struggling with sciatica pain in my right buttock/hamstring/calf for over 2.5 years. It started in March 2011 when i felt like I pulled my right hamstring at the gym. The pain was isolated to my hamstring for the first month or so. I then began physical therapy to treat the hamstring. During physical therapy my right butt cheek began hurting as well. I continued treatment for twelve weeks with no progress.

The pain continued and was most noticeable while driving. The pain is significantly less when not driving. I drove anywhere from 75 to 600 miles a week for my job. I also get pain in the IT band in my right leg during long drives. Additionally, on weeks that I drive 600 miles a week I develop pain in my right hip that makes sleeping difficult. The pain in the hip goes away as soon as the driving mileage volume comes down. In May 2012 I noticed the pain had spread to my right calf. I then tried seeing a massage therapist for two months but saw no improvement.

I also had some pain in lower back noticed by a difficulty with standing up for long periods of time and thought the issue might be caused by a slipped disc. As a result, I went to a chiropractor for twelve weeks. This helped my lower back but did nothing for my leg. I also had a X-Ray and then an MRI taken of my lower back. The X-Ray revealed nothing wrong. The MRI was unremarkable except minor spina bifida occulta at L5-S1 which the doctor theorized was of minor significance. He recommended I see a neurologist which I have not done yet.

I switched jobs in March 2013 to cut down the driving so now only drive approximately 75 miles a week and the pain in the hip/IT band has all but gone away. I still cannot exercise without having my right butt, hamstring, and calf tense up for days on end. If I don't drive much and don't exercise much my pain is minimal but I'd rather not resort to this if a cure is possible.

SO - has anyone had similar symptoms, found a cure, and returned to their old selves?

I really appreciate your help.

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