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What now? Whats in store for me and my future?

dilaurodilauro New Milford, CT 06776Posts: 8,774
These can be probably some of the most important questions spinal surgical patients have Before and After Surgery.

Hopefully, prior to your surgery, your doctor

  • - Discussed all the pros and cons about your surgery.
    - What to expect right after surgery.
    - What kind of medications you will be on and for how long.
    - When to start physical therapy.
    - Identify all the Restrictions / Limitations you will be facing.
    - How long before you can go back to work, drive again? etc
    - How long before you will be back to normal??
Normal that's a very difficult word to describe. Whats normal for a school teacher will be much different than a professional hockey player! Keep this in mind with everything you do from now on.

Your doctor probably had the easiest job regarding your medical journey. Their surgery piece is done, they have corrected your situation. Now, its up to you! You have the hardest job. You could just sit back after surgery, not do a lot, co-exists everyday, not venturing out too much, keeping within guidelines. You probably will be ok, you will have a lot of ups and downs. But you probably will not be able to do that much again. If you are happy with a complacent t sedentary life, then that is probably fine.

But if you want to return to the life you knew before, then there are a number of things you must always consider.

  • - The surgery altered your spine, to what degree depended on your actual surgery.
    - You will always need to remember this.
    - Adhere to all the Limitations and Restrictions your doctor gave you.
    - Keep a health life style. That includes Exercise , Diet Control, Rest and Sleep
    - If you want to try something new (ie new exercise, bike riding, etc) always discuss this with your doctor first.
    - more
Still keep in mind if you do everything right, that does not mean you are going to be fine and never have problems again. Even following everything you should, you may experience the roller coaster ride that so many chronic patients have to deal with. To understand this take a look at The Roller Coaster Ride ..

Hopefully, your surgery happened not longer after you started experience the pain and discomfort. So that post - surgery, you know that you had Acute pain and this was not going to be a long life of Chronic Pain. You will to do everything in your power to keep you condition in Acute Pain and not to move towards Chronic Pain. There are many medical definitions between Acute and Chronic pain, but to make it easy, one is short term, one is long term... But I like to describe it in a day of my life A Day in a Life of a Person in Chronic Pain

Remember,so much of your life from the day you leave surgery is Up to You.

Want it bad enough and its yours!
Ron DiLauro     Spine-Health System Administrator

I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com



  • My roller coaster stared in 2007, and it has not stoped since. I was so down for the first two years, because jorney was life changing but there is a lot of help out there, my spinal rehabilitation centre really took care of me and even give me the name of this web site to. They looked after my mobility, pain mangement, mental heath. They were great and even thoe my life has changed this is as good as it is going to get for me . So I do try and get the best out of each day . Thanks to all the people who have helped me and the people on this site for there kind words to my posts.
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