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chronic pain advocate

There's a lot of publicity on people who abuse narcotic meds. Does anyone feel like there are no visible advocates for chronic pain patients? I just feel like there is balance in the media coverage and we need people to speak up on our behalf!!
W. Logan


  • I've been on narcotic medications for ten years and will be for the rest of my life. I've learned to be very quite with not only my injuries but as well as my medications. I used to need to talk about the struggles that I fight on a daily basis but would always receive critical comments regarding my meds along with of suggestions how to "get better"'. I've stopped sharing, stopped talking about my feelings and struggles with others than my family or all of you that can relate. I do think that just like everything else a few people who abuse meds or the sympathy that can come from others ruins that path for the rest of us.
  • The media can be so irresponsible!
    I live in the Dallas area. Lately there has been a news story regarding prescription drug abuse at a high school. When it was first covered it was a small story about the kids mixing Xanax & alcohol, passing out at school. This should be an important issue. Parents should be made aware & responsibly store ALL prescription medications. A couple of days later it was big news 'prescription NARCOTIC overdoses hit an all time high in local school!!'. Now the press is back on the narcotic bashing bandwagon. I wonder how many people are thinking 'prescription narcotics are terrible' while their bottle of Xanax is sitting out on their bedside table?
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • All the more reason y we need someone out there on our behalf providing balance to a very one-sided story!! I have 4 teens and we talk about drug abuse all the time. I thought they would c me as a hypocrit if I told them I take narcotics. I just tolddd them last year
    W. Logan
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,842
    edited 03/02/2014 - 5:24 PM
    Because it is a problem. There is no question that there is an abuse of narcotic pain medications. The DEA has needed to put pressure on the medical field to ensure that everything is done correctly. That was one of the reasons for the initial pain contracts between the patient and their doctor.

    But continue to read, you will also read so much about the various narcotic pain medications that are helping thousands of people to live their lives and do the best they can.

    Its really very simple. We do not need any advocates, there are millions out there today.

    There is a major difference which is why the media is so involved today

    Do you want[/u] that medication


    Do you [u] need that medication

    We have advocates, but what we do need is advocates to focus on those that abuse what so many need.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • This is a hot topic... you'd need real thick skin to speak up for those who do need the medication legitimately. There is progress being made in illegal pill selling being found out and shut down. This is in the papers almost every day.

    How many of them do we read about actually have a legit reason to be taking narcotics? Maybe some have fallen out of pain management along the way for whatever reason. I'd say the majority have gotten mixed up in it on a street-drug level. Unfortunately this is a band wagon that is easy for people to hop on and it gets a lot of exposure in the press.
    Diagnosis: Thoracic facet syndrome & cervical and thoracic radiculopathy from car accident trauma.
  • pain8meppain8me Posts: 9
    edited 03/03/2014 - 3:16 AM
    I believe there is a major problem and while I agree, we need the right people to stand up for us, I also believe that person should be us. We need to be understanding that the doctors are in a rough spot, they do not know our pain just as none of us can know each others pain level and how well we can deal with it. The abusers have ruined it for us in chronic pain, and therefore have put the Dr's in the position they are.
    If we do our part which is filling our meds on time and not more than 3 days sooner than we should, be honest with ourselves and try otc's when at all possible we should start to gain some kind respect. I have been on narcotics for over twenty years along with many other prescription meds and have tried to use otc's when I can because I hate the way I get looked at by Dr's and pharmacy employees a like. We need to help our friends who may be abusing their meds so we can stop this madness.
    This road has not been an easy one and I suspect it has not for most of you as well but this is why it's good to have places like this to talk to others in our condition so we can know we are not alone. I appreciate the kind words and response.
    God bless,
  • terror8396tterror8396 Posts: 1,832
    edited 03/03/2014 - 5:47 AM
    it doesn't help when morons like that actor who was found dead with a needle in his arm and 70 bags of heroin at his place. bad news which leads to stories about the abuse of pain meds and especially oxycontin which has become the evil drug. we read about pill mills, actors who go to rehab for pain meds, idiots like that dr on tv with the rehab clinic, can't remember his name, but he is totally anti narcotic med. imho, he is totally irresponsible with his anit narcotic propaganda. oh now, he is doctor drew. he is even against medical use of narcotics. someone should strip him of his license for this crap that he spews on tv. it goes on and on, on tv, paper, web sites, all narcotics are bad and there are no good reasons to use them. if you do you will DIE, DIE DO YOU HEAR ME, YOU WILL DIE. this is the message that is given out. no responsible actor or politician will advocate the useage of narcotics for medicinal usage. they will advocate the use of marijuana for pain, but not narcotics. it will never get better, it will only get worse, the only thing we can do as pain med users, is to lie low and quiet and keep taking our meds and not complain to others. if we do it will be worse for us.
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
  • DIE! DIE! DIE! Lol Jon ;-)
    Sadly it all makes for dramatic news. We just live our lives the best we can..we're boring by press standards. 'if it bleeds, it leads' is their philosophy!
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • dr drew is not a pain dr, he is a psychologist that works with addiction. i don't know of any pain doctors on tv. if there are. please let me know. no pain doctor will go on tv and be an advocate for us. too bad for business.
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
  • because even those patients who had legit medical needs for the use of opiates, but wind up overdosing or doctor shopping came about because of too loose prescribing practices for too long. 20-25 years ago, you had either intractable pain or cancer pain to be prescribed opiates long term on a regular basis.
    Then in the 90's , pain became one of the "vital " signs anyone who complained of pain that was previously treated with over the counter medications such as advil or tylenol, suddenly were given vicoden and percocet for everything from headaches, to toothaches, to a sprained ankle. All you had to do was wince and doctors were all too willing to prescribe controlled substances with no medical confirmed diagnosis...you could call your dentist and get a refillable prescription for vicoden for 6 months....or your primary because of migraines and wind up with one as well....Doctors were too willing to fill and refill , and patients were all too willing to take advantage of it. If you paid any attention, the use of street drugs also declined, until crack and methamphetamine drugs hit the market......why pay for street drugs when you could call your doctor and get much of the same things, for the cost of the copay at the pharmacy and office visit......and better yet, it was refillable and legal.
    Now, part of the problem was doctors who believed their patients, and the environment at the time led to the overprescribing of opiates, and of course, there were those doctors who were not ethical, and made lots of money by doling out too many prescriptions. The other part of the problem was the people getting these drugs, not using them as intended , to treat a medical condition but those who liked how they felt on them, or took more than prescribed, and there being little in the regulations regarding fill dates, etc, misuse and became rampant.....
    Hollywood has always had too many doctors all too willing to become "personal physicians " to these actors who pay them excellent money to be at their beck and call....
    Now, we are faced with a resurgence of heroin and the like, due to the restrictions currently in place because of all of the overdoses and over prescribing that has gone on, and the inability now to get those medications from doctors, the inability to doctor shop that was once so easy for so many who abused these meds......
    That leaves those of us, who are legit patients, who follow the rules, and don't misuse or abuse these meds, and doctors who have become somewhat jaded and afraid of both the government and of having patients who might die due to their use of these meds..

    Personally, I don't mind some of the interventions put in place to protect both the doctors and the patients - the prescription monitoring program should have been put in place 25 years ago, and preventing doctor shopping might have gone a long way in preventing what we are seeing now...the contracts , used correctly spell out the doctors rights and ours as patients, and protect each of us so those I don't have a problem with. I do have a problem with the media not putting the responsibility on the person's who's responsibility it is when someone does die of an overdose or is arrested for misusing the medications and that would be on the person who choose to do that....Not every overdose is a result of someone being on these medications because of a medical condition, in fact, it is a choice that that person made to misuse or obtain illegally medications that they shouldn't have access too.....NOT all drug deaths are related to a patient being prescribed drugs by their doctors......most of those cases are results of those medications being stolen from friends or family and abused .
  • I keep thinking this & not writting it..can't think of a good reason (other than fear of comments) so here goes..
    My beloved brother took his own life with prescription narcotics. He is one of 'those' statistics. I know it was his choice. Pills were the tidiest way of accomplishing his goal. Part of those statistics are not accident or abuse. Many suicides are not recorded as such for many reasons.
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • It would be good if they could show both sides of the story when they do a piece on drug abuse/diversion/overdose/whatever. Like have a pain management specialist talk about how these drugs are the only thing that help some people and the only way for them to have a decent quality of life. The media are so irresponsible and unbalanced with their stories on the dangers of prescription drugs. They are trying to be sensational, not fair.
  • I have said in a few of my posts here that I have taken meds opiate and others with reactions to so many of both.
    It has taken a toll on my system between the meds, money spent on beds etc, going to different docs. per my PCP,
    MRI's, CTS, injections, on and on. In the end to have any type of life I know that all the other tools in the world which
    I use now will not allow me to have any Quality of Life. Pain meds. do and despite what you read or hear we do know
    there are those doctor's that have the knowledge and skills to help us out and those who don't get it.
    I don't discuss my pills, health issues etc. with any of my friends or
    family it is my private hell. I have recently had to talk to my husband and son who lives with us because I am in
    constant tears, pain, and unable to do anything except a few minor things. My husband who knows that I have fought
    this battle and never strayed from the rules is furious at this point. I won't take him to my apts. his temper at this point
    is out of control and I don't need him screwing up my PC program. He also is upset cause he has to do more Ha Ha.
    The truth is my GP did not pursue some of my ideas on taking a Drug Holiday but that is my fault I should have insisted.
    When I look back I handled a lot of things wrong. But in the end now that I am at the 3rd Pain Clinic I find the same treatment it is disappointing.
    Someone on here said we don't need advocates to fight for our rights? Who is out there and I ask cause all the reading and
    stuff I do I have not come across much in the way of those doing it. I am really interested so please let me know what groups or organizations there are standing up for us. The current trend I see is being lumped in with those who make the wrong choices.
    Anyway you know what I have found in these kind of discussions is the road is so far out there for some of the chronic suffers to get the meds they need no matter what they do or say.
    Have a good day and if you have a good relationship with your doctor and you have worked out the combination of meds and other helps, I am truly happy for you.
    Also if your current Doctor is not working out are we not initialed to search until we find one that does. Is that called Doctor shopping?
    Just too much pain today!
  • Hope3 Doctor shopping is when a person goes to multiple doctors for the sole purpose of getting more mind-altering medication. If you go to a doctor that does not workout for you and you stop seeing that doctor and then go find a total different doctor that no problem. The other thing I wanted to comment is that 80% of those overdose on prescription meds and die also have a large amount of alcoholic in there system.
  • Where is the personal responsibility? If they were able to do a more thorough investigation, I would love to know how many of the people that OD'd on the meds were abusing them? Snorting them, injecting them, taking 15 at a time? I also don't buy the people who say well my doctor kept giving them to me and I became addicted. If you were taking them AS DIRECTED, yes you could then be physically dependent but NOT mentally addicted. So a simple taper plan should help the physical withdrawal. Mental addiction comes with abuse. They know when they take that medication to get high rather than for pain. They know that taking 2,4 ,6 at one time is wrong yet they do it anyway. Then they blame the doctor, whom they called and gave an Emmy winning performance about how much pain they were still in. A compassionate doctor wants to give that person the benefit of the doubt. Yes, there were bad docs out there that either ran pill mills or knowingly continued to give people they knew were abusing the meds a refill. But I believe they are not the majority. So instead, now every doctor looks at anyone asking for another refill or pain meds as an addict or potential addict and declines. Where does that leave us?

    For whatever reason this country doesn't like personal ownership. We want to blame everyone else rather than look at ourselves. The person decided to take more meds than prescribed or took them in a way not prescribed. Now they are a full blown addict and instead of blaming the person, it's the pharmaceuticals fault for making these drugs, it's the doctors fault for not having a crystal ball and not seeing that the crying person in front of him is trying to score from them. No, it's the person's fault so where do we go from here to help the person. It certainly isn't banning all the meds.

    Do we really want to go back 30 years where they wouldn't even give dying cancer patients enough narcotics because they were afraid they would become addicted? I can't even imagine how they suffered. It's 2014, these kind of pain meds should be available to those legitimate patients that have the tests and history to back up their medical situation. Yes, educate the doctors so they are not prescribing fentanyl for a sprained ankle but don't put them in jail which scares other docs from prescribing. Don't ban these much needed meds. They have implemented monitoring systems to stop doctor shopping, they have tried to make certain education required for doctors in order to prescribe narcotic meds. They even have the TERF -REM program where the doctor, pharmacy and patient have to be registered with the government in order to get any fentanyl BT meds although the plan is to include ANY schedule II narcotic. That has not been implemented yet.

    These are all good things and I know there are some other good things that are being changed. But they keep going, instead of allowing that pendulum to reach a balance, they are swinging it right back the other way, all the way. And some of them are so fanatical about it. Spend one day in m body and you would be begging for meds.

    Sorry did not mean to get up on my soap box, obviously I feel strongly about this LOL!!
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