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Lyrica and Fentanyl Questions

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:18 AM in Pain Medications
Hi -
I was recently started on a Fentenyl patch and Lyrica. The patch is on constantly and replaced every three days. The Lyrica is 3 times a day every day.

Can anyone tell me more about this medicine? What types of side effects are common? I've been feeling pretty worn out and pretty loopy. How well have these meds helped people's pain? I'm trying to get away from taking Vicoden and Percocet every day to control my pain and instead use these more long lasting patches and Lyrica.

Any personal experiences would be appreciated!


  • Hi,

    First I wanted to ask why you are taking these?
    I have been on Fentynal several times now. What dose are you on. The only thing I can recommend is that you come down slowly off your orals, while still on Fentynal. Then as pain is more tolorable, come down from Fentynal by 25 at a time. I started on 100 had 5 patches for 15 days, then am now at 75 for 15 then down to 50 and all the way to 12.5 You have to do it this way or you have alot of withdrawl. Lyrica made me feel really loopy. It is used for severe nerve pain. If you are not having nerve pain I would not recommend this. How much are you on. It can make you feel loopy all day. How long have you been on it? It takes your body time to get used to it. Hope this helps.
  • For for personal experiences of medications you can also try this website: http://www.askapatient.com/

    Type in the medication name and then click on the view user ratings section.
    Keep positive!


    ...an old timer here and ex-moderator

  • I used to go to askapatient every time I tried a new med, but the problem with the site is that most people only go there to report adverse reactions - most people don't post there is they like the medication, so they are mostly just horror stories, which started to cause me to totally freak out. So I now stay away. I am way too susceptible to the power of suggestion, lol.
  • That's a good point. It's a bit like this site. Most people are here because they have issues. However, with askapatient that is exactly what I am looking for - I want to know the most common problems that people experience with the medication that a doctor has prescribed me particularly when, almost without exception, doctors don't tell you about side effects.
    Keep positive!


    ...an old timer here and ex-moderator

  • Janiel, Paul and Agriman,

    My DH and I can be heard frequently saying "Jennifer's having a Lyrica moment!" For a writer and a person who TALKS for a living I can tell you that I often make spelling errors, or say things like "I like really that shirt red you have on!" :D :D I'm not kidding! Tt can be frustrating! And sometimes very humorous! :D :D I began taking Lyrica twice daily, and now it is just once a day so the problem isn't as pronouced.

    BUT SERIOUSLY....I went to the grocery earlier today, and after the sacker had put my bags in the trunk, I got into the car and couldn't remember how I was supposed to start the car! :? :D :? :D Now THAT was a Lyrica moment!


  • no 'delete' possible sorry
  • I took 50mg for 6 days. I had been having a history of weird reactions to drugs (another fibro element) and was leary to take it the right amount the dr. prescribed. I took it at night for 6 days just to try it out. I told him this too...that I took a long time to even get it filled, and was worried that I was going to have a reaction to it. But I bit the bullet and tried it anyway.

    Well, the first night. I fell asleep within half an hour of taking it. NO getting up for me. I think I woke up 1 or 2 times, when I usually wake up 3-4 times a night. Next morning. ..very giddy, like I was high. Could NOT concentrate. At work doing a reset...coworkers thinking I am high on drugs. I INSISTED I was only on Lyrica and told them to tell me be quiet if I was loopy!

    2nd night..fell asleep again in 1/2 an hour of taking it. Next day..really happy again, loopy. Couldn't even concentrate on anything. Now the details are getting fuzzy.

    The next few days....same thing. Feeling a little high, but each night it was no so quick that i was falling asleep. Within an hour still though. One day I was at the register and trying to give the person change for something they bought and giving the money right back. Tried to give another customer someone else's change. Once I even told her the amount before I rang the woman up. I should NOT have been on that register! (A miracle it wasn't short!)

    Finally, by the fourth night my hamstrings were so sore, like they were on FIRE. Other muscles started hurting too. I started gaining weight, and my hands and feet were swollen. I was still unable to concentrate. I hit another car in the parking lot b/c I couldn't focus on the distance between the parking spot and her car and my car. THAT is when I knew I had to get off of it, not to mention the horrendous pain I had in my hamstring muscles. I told the PM dr. about these side effects and HE still tried to put me back on it after the dr. who prescribed this told me it was NOT a good drug for me!!!!!

    So, needless to say, I am very careful when it comes to these types of drugs. The other spine health board has numerous posts about me being unable to tolerate strong drugs. There are also antibiotics I cannot tolerate either b/c of the weird side effects. Levaquin I think is the one I has having issues with last year!
  • I'm glad to hear all the experiences on here - it's making my recent behaviors make much more sense! My fiance and I have had a conversation about a book title three separate times in the past two days - and every time I have asked him about it he's gets exasperated and says "We just talked about that yesterday!" I am totally losing little things like that from my memory - it's driving me nuts! I'm also having a hard time holding simple conversations...simple word recall is a struggle, making a conversation very frustrating and tiresome.

    I'm going to a PM doc on the 8th, so hopefully they can give me better ideas than what I'm on. I am so tired all the time, and I'm sick of popping all these pills. I'm in less pain, but in return I'm sleeping about 10 hours a night then taking up to three naps during the day. While I'm happy it's relieving some of my pain and better for me than taking Vicoden and Percocet all day, I'm not sure that me sleeping all day is really me 'reclaiming' my life from pain. I'm really interested in asking the PM doctor about a pain pump, because being only 23 years old and looking at no chance of a 'fix' for my disease (it's degenerative), a pain pump seems like a much more viable and realistic long term pain solution....

    Thanks for all the feedback and support!
  • This is an important topic. I hope this thread doesn't die. Even understanding others are having the "little" problems associated w/meds, goes a long way in our pain management and mental health.
  • :) i wanted to have a big, white, vegetable in the refrigerator! could not for the life of me remember what it was! Cauliflower of course! i am having memory problems but less nerve pain on the Lyrica. i take 300mg a day and find it helps so i will put up with the forgetfulness until i forget where the refrigerator is! Jenny :)
  • Many of us experience good results with Lyrica, but we also suffer the bad side effects (e.g. feeling loopy, forgetful, tired, etc.).

    My surgeon helped me out with this little trick, well not really a trick... Most of us have the nerve pain worse at night than during the day, and in line with this many of us also have trouble sleeping at night, especially with the increased nerve pain sensation. So, my doctor doubled my Lyrica dose at night and left the day dose low. This had the double effect of reducing the nerve pain at night and the drowsy side effect helping me enormously to sleep. It was a godsend to me.

    Now, please don't ask me the dosage that I was on as it was 18 months ago and I have forgotten... lol
    Keep positive!


    ...an old timer here and ex-moderator

  • Hi Everyone!

    Not to Hijack the thread but I am on 300 mg of Topamax and WOW does it ever make me forgetful. I lose my words all of the time. I always refer to my meds as Dopamax.

    I have not had any side effects from the Topamax that I have noticed, I am on 50; change every 2 days.

    Janiel, Best of luck on your new meds. I hope you can find some pain relief.

  • I am on 50mg Topamax nightly for migraine control and it works wonders. After the initial few weeks getting used to it i now dont notice any side effects. I was taken up 10 100gm in the early days but that was WAY too awful...Forgetting words as I was speaking, feeling so dopey all day.

    For those who may be wondering, Topamax, is an anti-convulsant just like Neurontin and Lyrica - all three have found off label uses for things like nerve pain control, headache control, etc.
    Keep positive!


    ...an old timer here and ex-moderator

  • Topamax is the best thing I've ever found. I had been researching meds for my migraines and daily headaches for years and then I heard about this- I was only taking 100mg for my head and it was increased for the leg pain. Oh, and I had a Topamax moment in my last e-mail- I am on 25 on Fentanyl not 50. I was re-reading it and I had no idea where that came from! Sorry :)

  • recently i have had trouble getting my patch rx filled. the pharmacists all tell me its because they are so hard to get! i dont know why they are hard to get for them but its getting so that when i am supposed to get mine refilled it takes about a week or more to do so. by then i am completely out of meds and having to take more of the percocet to compensate for the lack of having the patches. i am going to tell my pain clinic dr that i dont want the patches anymore becuase of this. my pain isnt being controlled due to all of this. does anyone else out there have any suggestions or any idea as to why the patches are so hard to get now?


  • You may want to consider changing your pharmacy, I have never had an issue with the patches. Plus, if they know you come in at a certain time each month why not pre-order them for you? There is the name brand and at least two generic manufacturers. From past posts, seems many like me like the Mylan brand (it is flat and sticks well). The Jansen one is filled with gel in the middle, large, and seems to cause more skin reactions (from mine and other posters experience). You may want to consider a switch of brand. I was taking way too much percocet and it was not controlling the pain, the patch is wonderful. If it is not for you, ask about Opana ER (morphine extended release) or another extended release med.
    If the patch is working for you, talk to your doc about the issue, maybe he can write the script a week early. This way you can take it to the pharmacy in order for them to order it and then the Rx can be filled on time. This way you are not "filling" your Rx early and your insurance will pay. If your doc needs to cover his record keeping, offer to bring in a copy of the slip when you fill the Rx showing the date it was filled. Just a couple of ideas, hope this helps!
  • well i have asked several different pharmacys in our area and even some out 40 miles from us (in a bigger town) and they are still all having the same problem. to make matters worse, my pain clinic dr is gradually increasing my patch dosage until they get me stable so i really never have the same dosage every month so far and therefore cant do anything early like you suggested although it was a great idea and i do thank you so much for that. i guess i should have said that in my other post. i am so sorry for not doing that. i just forgot to put that part in. i am just going to have to talk to her when i go back in and maybe together we can come up with something better and something that works. i just wondered if i was the only one out there having this issue. i know we all come from all parts of the country and even other countries too. i live in eastern KY so maybe if there is someone out there closer to my area and that is having better luck at this than me, then please by all means contact me if you dont mind.

    thanks to everyone!
  • There are some online med companies that mail you medication - meaning you never run into this problem of being 'out' of a medication at your pharmacy. It does depend on the type of insurance you have, but my insurance requires mail-in prescriptions (they run it through MedCo, you can look it up online - it's a legitimate online medication company! ;) ). It was a pain in the heiney at first because it does take some paperwork to set up, but then it's so easy. It only takes a couple days to ship, and you or your doctor can do it all online so you don't have to go and haggle with a pharmacist. I was on an increasing dose of a medication, and my doctor was able to put it in to the online med company so that I had my increased dose shipped to me at correct intervals. That was really handy. Not sure if this would be something you'd be able to use with your insurance, but just another thought to check out!
    Good luck - nothing is more frustrating than getting through all the BS of trying to figure out what type of meds you NEED and then not having them available! Hang in there :)
  • well that sounds like a good idea but the pain clinic dr wont give out rx's until its right on time (NEVER early). that's just one of their rules. not trying to cut you off at every turn but that's exactly what's happening to me. my insurance lets me mail in rx's for maintenace drugs but my pain clinic dr's dont write them out like that. so i am stuck somewhere in the middle unfortunately.
  • I thought I might add in another post on the Lyrica...
    I've been taking it for about a year and a half and it works great for me! I didn't have any weight gain or swelling with it and it doesn't make me sleepy or loopy. I do have some memory problems, but I never attributed it to the Lyrica. I used to take Klonipin and it TOTALLY caused memory problems for me. Also, being in constant pain can jack with your concentration and memory...
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