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Disabling back pain that seems to be getting worse :(

soulassassin657ssoulassassin657 Posts: 3
edited 01/03/2016 - 5:05 AM in Lower Back Pain
Hello everyone I'm pretty new to forums so please forgive me if I'm doing something wrong.
I had an accident at work in August 2014 lifting a 130kg manhole frame/cover with my work mate, he accidently dropped his end without warning as we were about to put it onto the pickup truck , this caused me to take all the weight as I was twisted and as you can imagine damaged my lower back. I kept having periods of sick leave due to the pain and saw physio and chiropractors and even paid privately .
I was told it's just muscular each time by everyone I saw which was so frustrating for me as I knew deep down something more serious
was going on. I finally got an MRI scan on my lower back recently after I had to keep on asking for one ,
the scan revealed a bulging disk on L4/L5 with disc degeneration I was told this is normal and that I should just get on with things , and the spinal specialist told me she has seen people with this problem that doesn't have any pain.
I also asked for an upper back scan as I have a bit of an over curved Thoracic spine which causes me great pain when lying flat I can also feel swelling
on the right side behind my shoulder which never gets better.
I was refused another scan and told to just do physio, I am at the point now where I really struggle to walk in the mornings ,
my upper back is constantly tight and I am getting pains in my rib area all the time.
I seem to be always having headaches and after any period of manual work I actually feel like I could die as if my body has given up on me?
Also sitting down is very painful.
I am a 33-year-old male who has always worked in a physically demanding job, but I had to quit as it was impossible for me to carry on.
I don't seem to be recovering and it feels as if I will be in a wheelchair soon enough, I'm sorry for the rant and extra long text.
I'm just at a loss as to what to do next and would like some sort of advice, I know there are a lot worse off than me though so I apologise for feeling a bit sorry for myself.
Thank you all x

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  • Mrsw0bblyMMrsw0bbly Posts: 1
    edited 01/03/2016 - 7:56 AM
    I think it takes a lot of courage to admit you are in pain and you should not see it as a rant. I to feel so much of what you are feeling..... I have had back DDD for about 10 years and have now reached a point where walking sitting standing is all very painful but am hitting my head against a blank wall as far as doctor is concerned and I think its because normally I don't complain I just put up with it and I now realise we shouldn't. I attend the pain clinic and have the injections and if one more person tells me exercise is the end to my pain I think I shall punch them! I'm an active person (normally) I'm a healthy weight but I cannot stand the pain to exercise - I've done yoga for over a year and spent loads of money each week having my back put back due to doing the exercise. I take comfort in my hot water bottle when needed and look forward to progress in the medical industry! please stay strong and small steps each day.
  • wittynamewwittyname Posts: 43
    edited 01/03/2016 - 10:11 AM
    What is it with doctors being so quick to refuse MRI scans. I have had this experience for a number of injuries and then they send you to a physio. I am not comfortable at all with a physiotherapist moving me around when they have no idea what has occurred inside.

    Sorry to hear about your situation. Fair enough to feel sorry for yourself it sounds like you have a tough run. Now I guess it is a matter of trying to make it better. I am sure a wheel chair is not the likely outcome. However like you I tend to always think of the worst case far fetched potential outcome. It sounds like you are hitting a brick wall with your doctors if they are doing nothing for you but you are experiencing the symptoms that you are. Sounds like maybe you need to see a new doctor.

    Hope things get better soon.
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 5,476
    Welcome to Spine-Health
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    Spine-Health Moderator
    Please read my medical history at: Medical History

  • Savage said:
    Welcome to Spine-Health
    Please click on link for helpful information!

    Hey construction can be a really demanding job physically. The top part of your back sounds like you may be lucky to have it as just muscle tears and rips and they can take a very long time to recover fully! And you want to hope it is this- but at least it's easier to recover! I know it may sound crazy, but even for disk issues I can't stress enough how I hope you don't get to a point where your nerves are compressed by the disks- once this happens and you develop a heavy limp do to sciatica and other pains it gets very difficult to fight back! The only improvement I have seen for myself is through eating a balanced diet (even if you need help from a friend or family member to achive these small steps) and really stressing to not over do it and move correctly with weight in the right area over your spine and during initial healing avoid the weight at all costs. The more I look deeper and research further the more I find that it may be possible to heal and prevent further damage to herniated disks.

    I'll try to be short and sweet even though like most members I have a story to tell and (still fighting)

    - drink boost- if you like it or an equivalent ! I drink half of the boost drink in the morning and then at night and if it means anything I feel a difference. There are lots of studies going on right now at what could cause bone deterioration and disk material and we are young) some studies think floride could be to blame and not getting enough water or nutriants. (You can always damage it with a bad I jury but trying to avoid what could make it weaker I think is a good idea.

    Listen to your body at all costs.

    Have confidence it will help you align better.

    Another weird tip- alone Vera and arnica jell. My knees were sort of weak leading up to my injury but not being able to stand straight for a few months destroyed them- until I used these things on pained joints. It works especially mixing them. (This is for anyone reading!)

    If you feel like you have injured muscles try the heat pack after initial icing. If it's a little past the initial helaing switch between the two or use warm heat (buy a pad for it or use a damp towel in microwave. I have this wheat or rice filled pad it works wonders I would check Amazon / ebay if you can't get a friend to pick one up.

    For a short period I was giving up- I stopped everything and I was alone and I slept and rolled over in bed for a week- went 24 hours without eating and I started to loose weight and when I did eat it was dry cereal as I couldn't find the strength or determination to cook for myself and driving on almost any occasion is very difficult. My muscles I strain from over confiscating my weak left leg and hip (horrible l5s1 nerve compression) and I've hurt my elbow, knees at different points and my arms even from using them for everything and holding myself in light cobra position (after any period of rest or during irritation the only thing that lessened the pain to a tolerable point lost a lot of weight initially for the first few months. I don't feel like my condition is getting worse now ever since I rested a bit more without forcing myself to fight with physical Theropy and or exercises at home- however I do force myself to stand until I get what I call spinal pain (it just travels my lumber region and somtimes down between the hips and groin area.

    I don't ever want someone who isn't at this point to have to get to this stage. It was the most miserable 6 months of my life and I still wake up in pain every day (actually every 3 hours max with pain meds like hydro)
    My sleep is off and since injections my sleep is even worse)

    The point is for whatever reason- the last few days have shown a little bit of improvement especially in spinal strength - which was my main concern getting worse- and just normal walking and bending at knees if absolutely have to, and moving listening to music, whatever you got to do to make it worth fighting for- but stay straight use your muscles but not by taking on too much before a healing period. You will know when you've made improvements and whatever you do hold on tight.
    Go enjoy yourself a good meal!

    Ps hopefully your top is just muscular- I tore a muscle supporting the rear rib cage and that was painful- but it healed relatively faster than muscle tears down in the lumbar region. Both of those things are completely crippling- but eating right and good rest can get you back on top. Always rest and remeber it takes a lot longer to let disks heal so take care of everything. I'm fighting to not have surgery...
  • Thank you for the replies, I'm sorry to hear that you are all suffering so bad.
    It's comforting to hear of light at the end of the tunnel though, sometimes it's hard to look to the future when in chronic pain I find.
    I was always fit and healthy before the accident I regularly played football and was at a good weight, so it frustrated me to hear from the so-called spinal specialist that I need to make lifestyle changes.
    I have put on a bit of weight but this was due to not being able to be as active as I was before.
    Trying to get a doctors appointment is a nightmare nowadays, I have to wait 2 weeks just for a phone call appointment, and like Wittyname has said getting an MRI scan is so hard to get.
    I find the hot water bottle helps me a lot as well as hot baths but because of being out of work I had to leave my flat and move back to parents who only have a shower, luckily I have such caring parents though :)
    I have been trying to stretch my body at home with the exercises I got from physio and I have booked an appointment to see a recommended osteopath on Thursday, hopefully he is better than the NHS chiropractor I saw previously.
    I shall try the aloe Vera and arnica gel I've not heard of this before so will look it up.
    Mrsw0bbly, I know exactly what you mean by everyone telling you that exercise will be the end of our pain, I used to love exercising and only wish I could get back to the person that I was before. It seems to be light stretching is the best I can manage.
    Thank you all for the responses again , I have taken in all of your much-valued advice.
    I will keep you updated on how my trip to the Osteopath goes on Thursday.

  • szylszyl Posts: 31
    edited 01/04/2016 - 12:14 PM
    soulassassin657 said:
    I was always fit and healthy before the accident I regularly played football and was at a good weight, so it frustrated me to hear from the so-called spinal specialist that I need to make lifestyle changes.
    Trying to get a doctors appointment is a nightmare nowadays, I have to wait 2 weeks just for a phone call appointment, and like Wittyname has said getting an MRI scan is so hard to get.
    With these complex cases, there are a lot of healthcare providers glad to take your money and your insurance company's money.
    And getting appointments with specialists in the USA is very difficult. I had to wait for 8 weeks to have a qualified surgeon review my MRI....and even then I had to wait 2 hours to see him the day of the appointment. Of course, he would not even see me without the MRI.

    On thing you might consider: write-up your own case history and make it a "story".
    You would be surprised what happens after the word starts to get out on the lack of the quality of healthcare that is obvious from the time delays and postponements in treatment. Don' forget as well that story, in the hands of a good mal-med attorney, becomes the basis for a very healthy financial settlement.

    It doesn't fix your back, but it does give you the resources to consider alternatives like going to a different country for a badly needed procedure.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,859
    could always become a two edged sword.

    Its better to be up front and talk to your medical professionals one on one.
    Make the time to do that.. Some professionals may balk and talk about being busy, but this is your life
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • szylszyl Posts: 31
    edited 01/11/2016 - 3:59 PM
    dilauro said:
    could always become a two edged sword.

    Its better to be up front and talk to your medical professionals one on one.
    Make the time to do that.. Some professionals may balk and talk about being busy, but this is your life
    Yes it is and I'm glad I did it. As a result of my "story" which was somewhat embarassing to some supposed experts in the field, I moved on to a different institution.
    After nearly 7 months of inaction, no answers, wasted time on PT, and poor decisions, it was time to move on with "my story".
    I am at a critical point now and must get that microdiscectomy soon....or else, I'm done.
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