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having SCS done surgically by neurosugereon for cervical,shoulder and chronic head pain.

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:? Hello everyone,

I am going to a neurosurgeon in Orlando tomorrow for a surgery date to place the 16 paddle lead for head, cervical and shoulder chronic pain.

The trial placing was pure torger! I had too many bone spurs in the T area for placement going to the cervical area. What should have taken 1 hr for 2 leads....took 2 hrs for 1 lead and it was not able to be placed correctly.

So, I have to have the paddle lead with 16 electrodes implanted surgerically.

Has anyone had a similar problem? And, please tell me had the perm was done surgically. I can't fine a video showing the surgical procedure. Only the traditional lite sudate way.

Can anyone tell me how their surgery went and what happened, how long, if you stayed in hospital, how often ck ups.?????? How it is working for you.

I have not been able to sit for 9 months. Alomst constantly laying. Had chronic pain for 18 yrs.


  • Hi Kat,

    I've had SCS surgery done in the Dallas area on 5/29/08. Mine was a little different from what you're scheduled for. I had wire leads for low back & right leg pain.

    My surgery had 2 parts. They put me in a light sleep. Then the SCS rep woke me up to tell them how I was feeling the stimulation. Next, they put me in a deeper sleep to finish putting everything in. I think the surgery took about 1 1/2 hrs. I had it done as an outpatient procedure.

    I had one follow up 10 days later so the Dr. could check the inscions (sp?--it's late) and change the dressings. I returned another 10 days later to remove the staples which wasn't a big deal.

    It has really worked well for me. I have been disabled for 5 yrs but had pain for 8 yrs. This is the best I have felt for several yrs! My need for my meds has gone down. My husband says I'm more alert. Previously I couldn't sit for more than 30 mins. I've had to lay down a lot too. I have to be careful not to overdo it but I can now manage to be out & about for a few hours. I'm having a bit of a blip now and need to have it reprogrammed--I hear that's not a big deal. I'm glad I've had it done. I have to charge it up & change the batteries about every 2 wks but everyone is different about that.

    Good luck on your surgery and I hope this helps! :)
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