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possible ms is my diagnosis at the mo

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,662
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:20 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
4 years ago i had herniated c4-c5, had a fusion done etc still get pain in left arm and neck . then last year i awoke and was unable to stand properly was staggering as though drunk ,i was confused, disorinated ,and aggitated i was admitted to hosp had test upon test to no avail i am on serc , inderol, anitrypline, tradol,and valoid, if i do not take these tablets i go back to stage 1. and to feck all up i have barretts which i have to take losec,the doctors wont give me a final diagnosis as they dont know what is wrong . i also suffer with left leg numbness with tingling sometimes i think my phone is vibrating in my pocket but its my leg my face has got like a twitch which is quite annoyinghy mood changes forgetfullness and my wife has to go around after me making sure i dont leave the cooker on etc can any one tell me am i going mad or what


  • Welcome to spine-health sorry to hear they don't have a diagnosis for you as of yet. You are not going mad by any means as all those symptoms could be happening. Have you had anymore films or test taken in your c-spine since your original fusion surgery. How long will it be till they have a final diagnosis for you. Anyway wanted to say welcome to spine health and keep us updated on your condition.
  • yes i have had two mris and a ct scan they said i have a bit of degeneration in my c4 vertebra but dosnt need any surgery at the moment. also had eeg, emg, and am due a full spinal mri next week. the emg was arranged by my orto doctor. the eeg was my neuro , its just frustrating that no one will say anything even the physio are afraid to do any work with me due to my neck, cant get a job as im a danger to myself and others around me, and cant get life assurance which may be the same as most the subscribers on here , most employers hear back injury they run a mile.
  • when my neck problems started i had all your symptoms and many more.LOL ;) My doctor was convinced that i had MS but it was never proved and all the tests he did for it were all negative. i had many neurological symptoms.i staggered all over the place.i couldn't walk without a cane cause i looked like i was drunk. it was my balance that had screwed up.i was annoyed and frustrated and upset all the time.i had a great therapist who kept working with me through everything.i had all parts of my body going weak on me.everytime i went to physio i would have to tell him another spot that i had trouble using.He got very angry with my doctor for ignoring my problem for so long.now that my surgery is over i have to re strengthen every muscle in my body because they all went weak,i have to rebalance myself and the therapist is teaching me how to walk normally again. its a very long process but at least i'm getting a second chance at it. so never fear there is always hope. ;)
  • when you say your muscles were wasted was that part of your problem as my doctors have said i have great muscle tone just the nerves are depleating the neurologist has said that i will b in a chair within 5 years and that gave me a bit of a scare only for my wife been present at the time she wouldnt have believed me. my neck still gives me pain also which is due to my muscles i think if it gets bad i lie down and apply steroid ointment to my neck which my gp gave me. had my mri,s and the nerve induction study , the only test i hated was the lumber puncture the doc couldnt get the needle between my vertebrea they first time hit a vien also , so they had to do a secound one they kept hitting a nerve.
  • my muscle wasting took time to happen,but within the first six months or so they started to go weak on me.i fought as hard as i could to keep the muscles toned and strengthened.almost right up til i went in for surgery i lifted weights. even though they were very light i just wasn't going to give in. :)) .if you nerves are depleating then your muscles will follow,you really need to find out the results of these tests. make sure that they read the results to you don't just accept there answers like oh it doesn't show anything or everything is fine. i did that a few times and later found out that i did have a problem that wasn't being told to me. good luck with the results ;)
  • i can relate,
    today is not a good day for me
    i too had a poss. M,S. diagnosis for last 2 years.many symptoms,but no lesions and spinal tap was ok
    do either of you have lesions?
    blessings to you
  • yes i have a lesion on my spinal cord but was told that it was due to the compression injury i suffered. no other lesions anywhere else.when they operated they had to watch for the lesion.i had lots of mri's done and none of them said anything about lesions i found out from the surgeon when i saw him he looked at the mri's himself.
  • one neurologist i seen said she had never seen a case of M.S with lesions only in the spine and not in the brain, I read on my cervical MRI lesion at one area, but so many things going on in that area who knows, I dont beieve I have M.S. but i think surgeons are afraid because on paper it says poss. M.S.
    my biggest concern are my legs, and the doc's i have seen seem to think i should be having more issues with right arm and shoulders
    i no what the mri shows but some times my left arm shoulder and fingers hurt more then the right,
    well i will find out hopefully a little more on the 14th and on the 18th im going to the surgeon i think might be able to help me
    sorry abit off the subject heheh
  • my mri showed white patching on the brain also had an eeg and i was lying down relaxed and the doc said my muscles are all over the place i get a lot of muscle treamors in both sides of body, but the comedy part is when using my left hand it sometimes jerks and whatever is in my hand is up in the air. my ct showed leisons on my spinal cord below my fusion area at L1, as you can c from my notes above the lumber was ok nothing odd except the protein level was up.
  • I don't know how he was diagnosed but my uncle had MS and did way better than they predicted. They said he'd be in a wheelchair in a year, it was more like 7!

    The staggering comment and muscle wasting also remind me of my mom who had parkinsons. she never really shook like you expect to see. her balance and lunging forward was the first clue. Has that been looked at?
  • I have had 4 MRI's of the brain, no lesions or white spots.I was so happy when the last one i had came back good.my Neurologist seemed kind of disappointed,I did quit seeing him
    piggb45 how did your tap come back? that would be awful to have that done twice
    myself i have had test done for a lot of autoimmune disese
    and im so just at my wits end with seeing so many diff. doc's and stuff, im just ready to get this ball rolling (putting hiking boots on, ready to climb up this hill i have tumbled down)
    changing subject-We found out yesterday im going to be a grandma for a third time, daughter says to me oh mom you have to get better,im going to need your help (she has 4 and 5 yr old)well thats what i needed to hear, anyone know what i mean?
  • when i was tested and each test i have been given my central nerve was the problem like balance etc , for many years i have been seen by orthopedic and rumatologist he sail i had fibromyalgia this was prior to my neck prob actually taking my left arm out of action thank god it was only temporary , do any of you get the biggest pain in your behind with the problems and the way your doctors make you think it was in your head till it finally showed its head then its all panic. as your charts had been saying all your probs now they are worried about looking stupid. i hate going into the clinics and you know the doc hasnt read your file that happened at my first out patient app with neurology , when i entered the doc said whats your problem why did your gp send you here i said nothing just let her dig her own hole, then she went into the head and she changed her attitude as he was the one who had requested me to be seen in out patients , he had seen me while as an in patient her face was red as it can be and he came in and gave her a mouth full bet she reads them now. any one had the same prob 8} , had a bad day yesterday my neck was sore and that ends any plans as you have to take your ease ,. :& :& :&
  • i hate mornings like this its like your skull and neck is trying to escape myneck is stiff yet again its annoying
  • still have it ,its the worst part of the post operative complaints as it takes you out of the frame, my eyes are sore with the pain
  • piggy, i sure hope your headache is gone, i can say i know what you mean,
    Thur i went to Madison Wis. about 2 hour ride,2 hours 2 long Monday :( i see another N.S. i have talked with him personally on the phone, in my heart i feel he will be the one to do my surgery, he did my sisters neck surgery 8 years ago,
    my sister found out about 1 year after her neck surgery she had progressive M.S. she is doing great now.her biggest issues are fatigue and thinking, (cognitive) she takes provigal and says that with out it she would not be able to function,
    they say M.S. is not hereditary and im not saying i think it is but my sister and i have so many things in common it is just weird, but then again she has issues i don't have and vice versa. she has no balance or paralysis, but i think that is because she had her neck surgery before it got so bad, and i do get angry because if all these doctors would of done just a tad bit of looking into my cervical area causing my symptoms,instead of looking at brain scans over and over i would not be where i am
    Im sorry, but it helps to just type my feelings out even if no body reads it.
  • it lasted 2 days i hate them , thank god its gone ,i had neck surgery 4 years ago and things are always nagging , if its not a migraine its shooting pain in my arm or neck the last year has been intresting since i started seeing a ns they keep saying im a mystery but my past a+e and hosp apps have all been connected to what ever is goibng on now previously id been in hosp a+e many times with chest pain this that and the other and been sent home with pain relief as they had no idea what was wrong , but hopefully in sept and october i hope to ged a number of results and hopefully a diagnosis ~X( ~X( ~X( when i got my fusion in my c4-c5 i actually died on the table and they said i nearly wasnt coming back. my wife was going mad as no one could tell her what was going on , i was the first to go down for my op that morning and didnt return till 5 pm she was mental with worry at that stage. just am glad to be alive but id prefer pain free, had nerve root blocks but they didnt work its mad when im out and about and i get a turn and every one is waiting for me to drop is great fun the faces of people when their faces say what the fuck am i going to do its great crack.[not the drug] irish expression for a bit of fun
  • I have a closet full of CT and MRI of neck and head. I actually have a very nice head. My problems after seeing many doctors and hearing some stupid doctors, being stupid, i kept going. I needed a MRA. Finally a great neurologist and within less than 2 weeks. Listen to your gut and good luck to you.

    Also you can have all my mri and ct, they have missed it every time.
  • hijust had a minor op on an ingrowing toe nail the thing it was on the right foot and my left leg is the weak one while trying to keep my balance to my left foot im after doing something to my leg i have a lot of nerve pain also cant bend it without pain also yesterday lost a bowel movement i ruined myself it only happened once hasnt happened since can any one help got a bit of a scare and dont want to go to the hosp as id be there all nite the minister for health here in ireland is afraid to give the health service money as she may have to miss one of her big parties and shed rather the sick were all dead . sorry about comment just have known people that were waiting for bypass surgery and have died while waiting.all family members
  • In the last month i have seen two diff, neurologist, the both have said I do not have M.S. this is my problem The two diff. surgeons who say i definitely need surgery even saying i have no other options ( steosis with,myeolopathy very large herniation c6-7. but they both agree i do have M.S. and are very reluctant to help me wit surgery, maybe they dont feel they are capable of doing my surgery. my question maybe someone can help is who would be more knowledgeable with my M.S. possibility? im in the process of trying to get into the mayo clinic hopeful they can figure me out, but this could take sum time and im not sure how much more of these myeolopathy symptom can go on with out finally putting me in a w-chair
    who would now more about my M.S poss. a neuroligist or a neurosurgeon
  • just under two weeks to go before i get some more results full spinal mri and nerve study then another week for my ns for eeg results my neck and legs have been in pain the last few weeks tell me if any one keeps getting pain like its a pulse it starts like a bullet coming from a gun then runs the length of your body then starts again its so dibilitating when the pain is bad you just want to scream at everyone and lie down and die as an expression of the lousey way u feel . im not sure what everyone else does i go out my back garden no matter the weather and start working with plants its not strain ful like check for bugs on your veg etc. am worried a bit about the results my wife says you were giving out in your sleep again she knows when i get woworried or nervious. its just not knowing that upsets people if they could just say this is what is wrong id be happy
  • do you get odd sensations in your face like burning twitching or feelings like your skeleton is tryin to get out of your body, just a few days to see my ortho and then a week after to see the ns thatb better give me some results
  • do you get odd sensations in your face like burning twitching or feelings like your skeleton is tryin to get out of your body, just a few days to see my ortho and then a week after to see the ns thatb better give me some results
  • Im not really sure what your trying to describe with the face sensations, is it something like a big tingle that last just a few seconds,kinda like getting a chill but its just in your face and head?
  • :SS :SS cant be any later just hope for the best 2moro as i get the results of the mris and the nerve induction study , cant wait my ortho better have good news for me I will be real nervious till i get them its better to know than not 2 do you agree :S :S
  • I AGREE!... LET US KNOW! patsy
  • are you asking me if so i would love to explain. i been livin this mess for almost 3 years now and the whole time my neck has gotten so bad im having to use a cane to walk and that dont always work.... bubble gum are you asking me???

    piggy todays the day and we will be waiting with fingers crossed and arms reaching high patsy
  • the nerve study in my arm came back ok, good news but the lumber mri showed two prolapsed discs , one is not to bad but the one above it is compressing my spinal cord its a very big bulge, you can imagine they want to get in the dye to get a better look at the nerves its l4-l5-l6 sure whats another piece of metal in the body when they say surgery to see the ns on the 6th of oct so i hope they can identify the nerve probs with the body
  • i have stenosis of t3-l1 they asked if i was playing golf with my spine the ns said that my spine is so bad they would be better to shoot me but they only do that too animals good news about the animals at least now i can get down to some more reasons my legs-arms are weak ive been tpold my dizziness is due 2 the fluid in my inner ear canals has tickened and dont move like it should there fore causing dizziness my confusion they reckon i got a virus , in other words they dont know . three words doctors refuse to say [we dont know] as most of you will know
  • so piggy was ms ruled out?
  • well when back with the ns he said that he had done many tests that the emg results were not in my file but tjhat he didnt think it was ms but was shocked by my mri scans . he said i had advanced arthritus in my thoracic spine my lumber has two bulges that i have stenosis in my t 3 down to L2 he also wanted to know whjat id been doing a direct quote were you playing golf with your spine that says enough do you . gas thing he gave me no reason for the dizziness the confusion just guess work etc.
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