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Lyn, Polly, & Julie - surgery amigos where are you?

saltzworksssaltzworks Posts: 1,031
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:21 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Okay, I admit it,

I'm haunting the board waiting for news on our 3 amigos that were having surgery this week - -

Hoping no news = good news


  • Been wondering and praying for you all.

    check in soon!
  • Well, here I am. Thanks for your concern and prayers. I had surgery on Wed. I am doing well, still have catheter, pain pump, drains, etc.

    I am just happy to be moving forward. Yesterday I got to sit in a chair for a few mins, and I walked to the door in my room. Baby steps, but progress none the less. Nurses and docs responsive to me and I have had as good an experience as this could be.

    Hubby is still having to spend the night to help me, since I can't get up much still. Hopefully tonight I can allow him to go home and get some real rest.

    Where are the other amigos? I am worried for them, but still praying.

  • Yeah Lyn is back!! image
    Thinking good thoughts about our other two patients! :P
  • Saying prayers of fast recovery for everyone!

  • My NS said everthging went text book perfect. I got wheeled up to my closet sized private room. My hubby daughter and ns were there. I felt pretty groggy but well enough. Then they offered me food after hookingn my up tp a pca (diladid)

    Well I immediateky started throwing up and thst lasted until Tuesday at 7 am- even with anti nausea meds I was still vomitting. Finally they decided thta the diladid was not for me this great nurse started trying different meds to get my pain under control. I took oxy & valume the combo worked well enough but by noon on day 2 I was out of my mind in pain. We found out the NS had injected my lb with moraphine and it had rub it;s course. He hooked me up yp a fentanile pac and the combo of other tablets got me back on track.
    He put me on the fentanile patch lastnigh abd I get valume, flexerile, and norco's fof bresk thoug.

    gottaa gp back to sleep now- i will write more later,

  • Good to see your surgury went ok.....take care and rest.
  • Welcome back Lyn and Julie, hope to see Polly soon too. You girls take it easy and focus on healing. Sue
  • Hey you guys..I am finally up to getting on the computer..THANK GOD!!

    I am soo glad that Lyn and Julie and back on and on the "ROAD" with me,LOL

    It has been really hard so far,I wont lie...but I have not had ANY of my old pain..WOOHOO:) Been having some new ones but I think its normal for what the Surgeon had to do....

    He said that by the time we got my insurance to authorise this..he got in there and guess what...NO disc on the bottom 2 levels...NONE:(

    So I was a little shocked over that:(

    So you ALL have been in my thoughts....

    I guess the 3 Amigo's are "SPINEYS" now,LOL:)

    I LOVE you all dearly;)
  • Hi Polly,
    I have been so worried about you. How many days were you in hospital? Hope you feel like sending me message. What pain meds are you on now?
    Brenda from DS
  • Glad you are home and recuperating (sp?)

    Get your much needed rest and let others take care of you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Hugs to you all,

  • I'm so glad you 3 are all home now and just have to relax and take it easy and recover. Just remember , even if you start feeling good, dont push yourself...just take it nice and slow.

    Best Wishes,
    Christina :)
  • Julie -That nausea is the absolute WORST!! I feel your pain! I am so glad I did not have a pump, just got shots those first days, morphine mixed with phenegren. After the second surgery IV Zofran and morphine - that was my fav.

    Even now, I have way too much nausea. It is really hard to gain back your strength when you can't eat anything.

    My final solution has been to reduce my meds I know it's still unreasonable at your point. Maybe in another week - One week has made a HUGE difference for me - so there is hope.

    Polly - I am so happy you seem to be doing well. The pain is unreal though isn't it? I too have the pre-op pain that is gone! Isn't it great!

    Lyn -glad to see you hanging in there, it's amazing how much better you will feel once you get 'unhooked' from all those tubes.

    All of you - Just make sure you eat lots of graham crackers or take some milk of magnesia along with the stool softener for good bowels - it's not easy.

    Good luck and I can tell you all that one week makes a huge difference, hang in there!
  • I am now relaxing at home on my own bed. I was supposed to go home on Sat. but I woke up with incredible pain. The PT told me on Friday to try to sit up for at least an hour each day. Course I sat up for 1 1/2 hours that afternoon, then another 30 mins in the night. Needless to say, on Saturday my pain had increased substantially. I also decided to get off the morphine pump, a first start in trying to get to go home. The nurse played around with my meds, changed from 2 Percoset 10 mgs to 2 Mephergan? Wasn't even close. Pain sky rocketed. Then, still with bad pain control, they came in to take out my drains. WHEW! When my NS came to see me he said I was anemic, and he gave me a transfusion of my own blood. After all that, I begged to be back on the Perco, and doc agreed it was fine. They give my Roxy for breakthru pain, plus Skelaxon for muscle spasms and Lyrica for nerve pain. I also had a low grade fever, so they decided to keep me one more night.

    So hear I am, after 5 days in the hospital. My nurses were fantastic, as were the whole team from my NS office. The downside was the air conditioning wasn't working in my room. Yesterday it was 107 degrees! My room never got below 80 degrees during the day! I asked my in-laws to buy me a small fan, and that made it so much better.

    Looking back on the hospital stay, I'd say it was really great considering. I am hoping home stay goes as smoothly, what with the darling children and all.

    Thanks for all ur well wishes and I will post again soon.
  • Wow, rocky few days - I'm sorry to hear it was such a trial. But it does sound like you are through it and doing better.

    Coming home was such a big step for me - I did immediately start feeling better myself. It was weird waking up the first morning though, I felt like the hospital was supposed to have just been a bad dream!

    Keep healing and see ya on the boards!
  • OK, now I've had my first nite back at home. My question is about the adhesive they used on my bandages. Seems like it is all gunked up back there and stinging!!!. How do I get the adhesive off. My bandage is small now, but left over sticky stuff is driving me crazy. It seems like it is made from acid, it hurts so much.

    Also, I have crampy burning pain from belly down to my knees.

    Sorry to whine, but I am not having a good morning. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, seem to have 100 - 101 fever off and on, is that ok?

    Hope Polly and JulieA are doing well!

  • Lyn, I am so sorry you are not doing well. The fever and crampy burning pain makes me think call your dr. Fever not OK. As far as the sticky stuff I hated that as well, I had nurse come to my house and she suggested regular rubbing alcohol to get it off my skin. I was breaking out in a rash so it stung a bit when they put it on but it cleared right up and took all that crap off my skin. Also they changed to paper tape. I hope you feel better soon and please call your dr.
  • I still have a rash on my back from the sticky tape residue!

    I cleaned all my stuff off with Witch Hazel - I didn't have any rubbing alcohol at home.

    That crampy burning feeling closely resembles what I call 'my achy pains'. Not really pain, but just burny achy feelings. I've had it since surgery. The more I go off the pain meds, the more I feel it. I'll be interested if you talk to your Dr. about it. I've just assumed it was all the jangled up nerves from being post surgical.
  • I hope you put that call in to your doctor, that 101 temp is not good. I spiked a 101.7 in the hospital and they sent me asap for a chest x-ray. I hope you are using your incentive spirometer? It really helps keep your lungs clear.

    I hope you are ok, keep us posted.


    Kelly Jo
  • I agree that you really need to call your Dr about the temp.It may be nothing but it could also be the start of an infection and you want that nocked on the head ASAP.
    So worth a call, even just to ease OUR minds :D

    The nausea is the worst. I am 12 weeks and still taking morphine meds. I wake each morning with nausea but I have found if I eat straight away (not my usual style) then I do feel better. Also I tend to graze more then I did and that helps also. So for me- to have something in my stomach helps.

    Nice to see you all home and doing so well. I cant believe that you were even able to get onto a comp so fast. For me it was nearly 4 weeks before I had access to one.

    Blessings Sara
  • I called the doc after all your suggestions. My nurse said I shud come in, but I have a neighbor who is a surgical nurse and she took a look at my surgical site. It looked great, so the NS nurse said the fever was most likely just the healing process. It continues off and on, but each day is better.

    New question. My pain is still bordering on severe. It hurts in the surgical area, but mostly a throbbing aching in my thighs and butt. My back bone where I guess they put the rods and screws in is always hurting and causing pain down the back, even into my shins sometimes. I am taking the 2-Percocet 10mg every 4 hours, and alot of times the Roxy 5 mg for breakthru. I take Lyrica 3 times a day and Skelaxin 4 times. I think the Skelaxin makes me sweaty and unhappy. Anyone had this side effect? Shud I switch to Flexeril? Still unable to sleep during the day, and only 4 hours at night when I take 1 Ambien.

    I am one week out today. I feel like a failure having to still take so many meds. When will it get better?

    I also struggle because I try to keep my husband from having to work all day, take my kids to their activities, and then help me all night when I can't sleep.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I want so much to have a great attitude by I've hit the wall.
  • I wouldn't worry too much yet about the med levels and your high pain levels yet.

    I am just over 2 weeks out and you described my throbbing aching behind rather well. I occasionally get aches down my whole left leg too. Sometimes it feels like I just can't take one more step it aches so much.

    1 week out is still very very early. Hang in there.
  • I have tried to type this message about 4 x's but get really
    stupid and loose...... Call me dopey 8}

    I can't seem to focus- (must be the drugs).I am feeling about 75% better- still heeling -having trouble with hip pain every nigh night. I can't lay flat on my back either.

    I have called my dr's office every day just to find out what the schedule is for my follow up not to complain... yet :T

    I sleep a lot during the day- I call it drifting. I had a minor outing yesterday. We went to the market for a short trip. It completely whiped me out. Sitting in the car wasn't very fun- but sittinng isn't terrible. I take as much as I can and they I take a break and lay down till my hip hurts.

    I am vert happy to report that my husband has been the best support (I had been worried but he's been terrific). He changes my bandages and keeps my meds on schedule.

    Best of all I have lost # 6 pounds since surgery day. My appetite seems to have been cut into 3rds..... I think it is the Fentanly (sp)....

    I will go for a walk later today- after my next nap but before dinner.

    Felling Better Rocks. <:P

    I hope you guys are feeling as well as can be expected too!

  • I am sorry for all the pain you ae having;(:(

    Lj you too:( I just wish you guys would feel better;)

    I am doing very well...I only take 1...5 mg Percocet every 4 hours through the day and 2 every 4 hours at night...NO other meds;( I feel like I am doing awesome..somtimes my hips ache from laying down so much but I am walking ALOT.....my problem is my bowels;( I have taken multiple laxatives and I am still constipated...no good BM yet;( But I still think I am doing GREAT:) =D>

    Any advice on the bowel situation...not constipated in my belly just at the end( sorry for the graphic details;()

    I love you ALL and I hope you are all getting better every day:)
  • Glad to see you all on the board! image
    LJ - do not feel bad about taking your meds!!! Geez, ya' just had a major surgery! ;)
  • Polly -

    My nurse had me combine a full dose of Milk of Magnesia and a small can of Prune Juice.

    It worked in just over 2 hours.

    Stop reading here if you get grossed out:

    The first bit was very very tough going. Once I got it out it was much better and easier to finish. I was sweating bullets I tell ya. The next morning I was kind of nauseated, I think it was still from taking all that stuff. But it was MUCH better than the alternative - a Fleet(enema).

    Also some food items to keep things moving:
    Graham crackers
    Dried Apricots
    ...anyone else have recommendations?

    DO NOT eat bananas - they'll stop you up like nobody's business.
  • Saltz, thank you soooo much;) I FINALLY did it last night...sweating bullets is an understatment;( :O :T

    It was worse than having the surgery:( I wish I had known about the MOM thing...it might have made it easier...but over and hour in the bathroom and it is finally easier....THANK GOD!!! I bet I lost over 5 lbs in the bathroom,LOL =))

    Sorry to anyone that takes offence to what I have posted but I have no one else to give me advice and thats been there;)

    I SOOOO appreciate you all helping( SPECIALLY you Saltz:)....How are you??)
  • I know it sucks to have to go thru all this, but I thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us! I am learning from you all. Please keep us posted on your experiences during recovery (when you are feeling up to it!) God bless--Mazy
  • :\ Ah, da nada, glad I could help a fellow spiney ;)

    I walked out of the hospital 10 lbs lighter and I'm sure half of it was a result of my PJ and MOM nightcap too!

    I had my IRL mom buy some MOM on our way home from the hospital - I was NOT about to go home without it!

    On the other - I'm doing really well I think. I'm taking only 2 to 3 Roxicodone's per day - once to get out of bed, once in the early evening if I have walked a bit much and once to get to bed.

    Now if I could just find something to work on my aching legs besides the Roxi so I don't have to get a refill. Trying Tylenol tonight.

    p.s. Anyone else as BORED out of their sculls as I am??? I found myself watching Hannah Montana the other day and my daughter wasn't even home to give me some semblance of an excuse! :$
  • <:P hahaha :)) =)) 8}

    They took care of me in the hospital some more phosopho soda and daily stool softners- I was like
    what the he77 you want me to "run" to the bathroom and I haven't eaten anything in like 3 days......

    The poor lady who I shared a bathroom with also had a fusion (no bowel prep & different doc )..... There was litterally sh!t everywhere. Luckily just down the hall there was another place for me when I was ready.

    I have been taking a senacote each night and have been regular so far O:)

    LOL@ Salty- Hanna Montanna how low can you sink?

    I truely do not have the energy to commit to a tv show- I crash about every 45 minutes and I am ok with that.

    I have partially watched every movie we own at least once- I put it in the player and before I am into it much I am out cold.

    I) I) I) Julie I) I) I)
  • I am bored also, and can't seem to concentrate enought to stick with a movie or a book. I also don't sleep much. I am trying to take this one hour at a time, but it looks to be a long endurance race, and I'm suited to sprinting. I got my staples out at the NS on Friday. Nurse said all looked great. She was reassuring about the pain, most likely caused by nerve irritation. If it's not better on Mon, they may give me a medrol pak (steroids) to calm them down. All in all, things going very well, trying to walk more each day. So glad my amigas are doing better too. Thanks for all ur encouragement and help. I have one piece of advice, my neighbor thought of it and it has worked well. For getting in and out of bed, as well as situating yourself while in bed, he though of buying a porch swing. My bed is king size, so I bought a 3 person porch swing on sale for $99.00 at Lowes. Use the frame over your bed, and hook up some type of rope (I'm using a water ski rope and handle) to replace a trapeze type hospital contraption. You don't do anything with the swing until your all well, then you swing in your yard with your new wonderfully fixed, non-aching back. I will try to get my son to take a pic and put it on the site, so you can see the wonderful "white trash" way I have handled to be more self sufficient.
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