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1st appeal

i did my first appeal in april and have not heard anything is that good or bad and should i be calling them anyone help

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am not sure....I would think that it would not hurt to give them a call.....what is the appeal for btw???

E. J. (not verified)
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They seem to always say no news is good news, but Jeauxbert is the expert on the ssd subject, she has been a world of help explaining things to me. She would be the " go to " person on that subject. Good Luck.

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120 days

They have 120 days to respond and I would say that no news is good news. The longer they take maybe the more they are considering it. I have a really good web site for the answers to a lot of questions on SSD. I will find it and post it here.

bobnwanda (not verified)
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thank you i will be looking

thank you i will be looking for it