Numb arms when I sleep on my side

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Numb arms when I sleep on my side

I'm finding that the only comfortable way for me to sleep at the moment is on my side with a pillow between my knees, BUT my underneath arm almost always goes numb from the elbow down and wakes me. Anyone got any suggestions?

lisa burek
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I too have that problem, though my pain starts at the shoulder and travels down.

A this point I can pretty much sleep only on one side. Pillow between my knees and a long, round pillow under my top arm, resting arm over pillow.

I also have one of those pillows with a dip in the middle so there is some neck support. Well, thats what I do to, its the best I can do for the most rest. Of course, last night I took some advil pm and would have maybe had a good night's sleep, but alas, I was woken up with one of the worst hotflashes ever, then had a tough time getting back to sleep! Oh well...LOL

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I'm a side sleeper and get about 50 minutes of sleep before my arm goes numb and have to change sides. I don't have any cervical issues (knock on wood) - lumbar. I get my best sleep when I get in this weird position on my belly with my left leg bend out to the side -- it relieves my lumbar pain. But, most of the time I'm a side sleeper -- I keep trying different ways to keep my arm from going numb but having found the magic position as yet.

Just wanted you to know you're not alone.


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Shoulder/Arms going numb

From the many different posters I've come into contact with, it seems like Cervical and Thoracic folks tend to have that Arm going numb thing while sleeping.

I love sleeping on my side, but in a short time, my shoulder to hand goes numb, so I have to flip to the other side.

Its a problem with some nerve impingement, and also what adds it for me is the arthritis in both shoulders.

Sleeping on my back... Well that would be fine, IF there wasnt another person for 50 miles. I tend to gather up a pretty good snore while sleeping on my back

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5 pillows

drives my wife nuts, I have 3 "regular" pillows, one small square pillows and a full length body pillow. I sleep on my side and flip sides all night. When I first got this regimen of Valium, Lactimal, Flexeril I slept great for about a week or so, now it is receding. I first started waking at about 5:oo am, then 4:00, last night it was not quite 3:00... My arms and fingers are usually numb, both sides everything but my thumb and it tingles.
I think I even noticed some swelling this AM. Not sure what it is all about, don't think I really want to know. I was feeling pretty good till I took on the "project".
I guess when I get things calmed down it will be OK, I hope things calm down. It has showed me some of my limitations, though, looking at them from the wrong side right now.

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tempur make

a pillow called the millenium queen ..its the nearest thing to perfect ,its not cheap but worth having ,i have thoracic outlet syndrome that's why my arms go numb .maybe you could give the tempur a try??