PLEASE quit and here's why.

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PLEASE quit and here's why.

Hey all, I quit smoking in January this year 2011.I wish I could say I feel better and everything is fine.Not so.In the Spring I started coughing more and feeling stuffy.MD put me on allergy meds and changed my inhaler.I had a mild case of copd for about 9 years.A few bad bouts with Bronchitis several times a winter for a few years.Not had one of those in 3 years.

ok,it's now June 2011,I am wheezing to the point I hear myself and I am hard of hearing!I am so terribly tired alla the time now.This nagging cough is back and stronger than ever.MD puts me on my nebulizer to help me breathe.New inhaler again and prescription Allegra.I'll get better now I think....wrong again...

It's June 26th and it's my pm doc appt:I can't even walk without severe pain now.DH has to push me on my rollator!I am in so much muscle pain all over!I complain to him and he says,I am not an expert in that field but you need to see a lung doc or at the very least a heart doc!

I am stunned...I go over to emergency room after talking to my MD's nurse.I am immediately admitted to hospital.What's wrong you say?
SMOKING!I smoked for about 35 years and it caught up to me.Even after I quit,it just wasn't soon enough.I have severe COPD now,Congestive Heart Failure (CHF )now.It comes with a lot of different symptoms itself.High Blood Pressure too.I am better after 4 days in Hosp. but still can't breathe well and have home health care taking care of me.That was a month ago now...PLEASE quit smoking now before you end up like me!I am in the pit of despair and the back pain is worse due to this also.PLEASE,please quit now,whatever you have to do.Oh yeah,I am on oxygen now too!How could I forget?It's like I have an infant again,always carring the tank and cannulas around wherever and whenever you go!Please quit for you.Thanks, sorry it's so long but I had to tell you all.Congrats to those who have made it*

I now have a pain meds Doc,Cardiac Doc. Pulmonologist Doc,
my heart is messed up,freezes when the blood pumps out,my lungs,well copd says it all.My family Doc takes care of a lot too.Don't be me....quit

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I dont like to jump on any specific topic


My wife has been a Respiratory Therapist for 30 years and has been a Pulmonary Specialist Nurse for the past 8 years. She runs a Rehab center at our local hospital mainly for people with COPD.

Its sad to see what happens to these people. COPD is the third leading cause of death in USA. There is no cure, only treatments to help you manage your days.

I've seen so many of her patients and it is sad to see what happens.

I was a smoker for almost 15 years. I have been smoke free for almost 30 years now. But, damage has already been done, how much only time will tell.

Smoking - QUIT IT NOW

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Dont laugh at me

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I am sorry to hear about your illness. I too stopped smoking. I stopped in Nov.2010. I did some reading about my back problems & found out that smoking would keep me from healing. I smoked for 11 years. I did have one slip in Jan.2011- 3 puffs, I threw it away, YUCK! Now I use the E cigg I used them starting out at 18 mg of nicotine & gradually reduced my nicotine over the two months I began using them.18mg, then 11mg, 6mg, now 0mg. There is a vast amount of flavors.
I too was disgusted at the smell after I quit the real ciggs. I have no desire to return to them. My hubby never smoked & I find myself apologizing to him (for the past) anytime I get near someone that smells like smoke. Some folks that have no experience with the ecigg are negative toward them but I know what they have done for me. Since I am "vaporing" 0 nicotine, I know I look silly but its keeping me alive and it's cheaper! I no longer crave nicotine, just the act of blowing vapor has me hooked. I figure by Jan 2012 I'm going to kick my vapor habit & be normal.
MIA, I truly am sorry you did not get rid of them soon enough before you got sick, but I am proud of you for being a brave woman for coming to this site & telling your story. I wish you well.

Ron, I am proud of you also for stopping. It takes a strong person to be able to walk away. I bet your wife has a lot of sad stories about her work. Thanks to both of you for the inspiration for someone else to quit.

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ouchithurts and ron, thanks for your input and continued success to you for quitting yourselves!Ron, thank your wife for me for doing what she does for all us copd'ers,it takes a big heart to care so much.
ouchithurts, so glad to hear you are puffing 0 mg nicotine now.I am afraid to try them again.The ones I had were a small fortune but have since found them cheap elsewhere.It's never silly to look after your health!I have thought about going back to ecigs but not sure.If I ever thought about another smoke,that would be it, the ecig!
Thanks for your story also,it helps me stay off the stuff too.