Cervical corpectomy C6-C7 w/fusion C5-T1

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Cervical corpectomy C6-C7 w/fusion C5-T1


I am going today for my 6 week follow-up. Because I had an infection in C6 & C7, I had to have an emergency surgery to have them removed. The doctor then fused C5 thru T1. I have been in a hard collar since the surgery and was told I would have to stay in it for 12 weeks.

I have an appointment this afternoon and hope to hear that they are seeing some healing of the bones.

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Good luck to you

and please keep us posted with your results.

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Follow doctor's orders!

Smile hi and welcome to the forum! Wave we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. i do not have your pain problem but we all have pain in common. please follow your doctor's order's to the letter. Thinking he knows best!! good luck and please keep us posted. Jenny Smile