disc herniation above fusion

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disc herniation above fusion

Hello, I am new to this site, but I am not new to chronic back problems. I recently had L4/L5 fused in February 2012. I am little over 3 months post op and in a great deal of pain still. I have sciatica and muscle spasms as well. I had a MRI last week that show a disc herniation at L3/L4. I have followed all my restrictions. Has anyone else had this experience? Thanks for your help and advice.


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Adjacent disc disease

First let me say welcome to spine-health, have a look around and you will find others whom have had the same surgery. I think what your specifically asking about is a condition called adjacent disc disease, which means when they fused the level it placed more work on the surrounding levels thus causing a herniation. Now my guess is that the level already had some issues and the added stress caused the problem. Now good news is that doesn't mean you need surgery on that level, per say. You can still treat it with the standard protocol of conservative type treatments and see how you do. The fact is once you strengthen yourself back up from this surgery, those issues might become somewhat mute, but only time will tell.

I guess what I am saying is don't let yourself get down in your recovery because this additional issue has cropped up, stay positive and hopefully things will work out without any additional surgery. Of course worst case is they would have do some type of surgery on that level depending the degree of the issues. Keep us posted on what your doc suggest to do?