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well i guess i will start off by saying i am 35 but feel like 80.i have many issues from head to toe and hoping that i will get help,comforting and peace of mind from people on here that are batteling some of the same problems that i am.i have ddd with bulgin disc in cervical.thoracic i have a hemangioma of the spine in the t1 vertebrea that every doc say its know big problem ,but i think it is they have not even ck it out.also t5 t6 compression fractures with burning and numbness.lumbarwith ddd,facet joint disease,bulging disc with pains down front of legs all nerve test came back normal?new problem started about 3 yr ago with vilotale jerking of legs and upper body with sever tighten of the muscles docs asked if i was makin myself do it no answers to that right knee turns completly inwards while leg still straight body is twisting on me have to use a walker now for balance.have severe burning in left shoulder could it be from the tumor pressing on a nerve or what ?please i need some insight on these issues if anyone can help me i will be glad to here from you also already been through physical therapy they said in writing nothing they can do for me when doc could for me to come back and let them know i am in the dark been to rheumatologist sed rate was for lupus,ms didnt have that please help

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Welcome to Spine-Health

Hi angelgirl34--welcome to Spine-Health support forum. You've come to the right place to share and to learn.

The problems you describe are very different than anything I've experienced or even heard of, for the most part, so the best I can do is give you a warm welcome and encourage you to use the Search function to hopefully gather information. We may not share the same problems, but many of us know what it's like to feel twice our age and to be searching for answers that seem elusive. Smile


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  • Multi RFA's, cervical inj, lumbar inj
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