Cold weather causing more pain?

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Cold weather causing more pain?

Is it just me or does cold weather make chronic pain worse? Since winter started I've been aching much more. That's along with the other pain I have such as shooting pains etc. It seems that's been the case since I've been dealing with chronic pain. Now we've got a bitter cold snap and all the places I hurt are aching more. It's driving me crazy. I mean I was cutting sweet potatoes last night and it took twice as long because, I had to keep stopping to go sit down. I don't know if it was the angle I was holding my head or what but, my neck was really hurting as were my T and LS spine. I get so, frustrated when I can't do something such as cut up sweet potatoes. Today I'm going to try sitting with my heating pad and a blanket on me to try to get warm from the inside out if that makes sense. I don't know if it will help but, I have to at least try. Does anyone else experience more pain with cold weather?

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This topic has been covered so many times.
Changes in weather, climate differences, extreme cold and extreme hot along with humidity can cause additional discomforts.

Different people react differently.
Rain and humidity has no effect on my spinal problems, but the change in each season does

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