CP or IP?

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CP or IP?

Can someone please tell me at what point is chronic pain considered IP? I know that the treatment for IP is somewhat different. I've had constant pain for a year now, in varying degrees and have gotten to the point where I am not able to sleep more than 2-3 hours. I am currently on Lyrica 100 mg 3x daily, Norco 10/325 every 4-6 hours, Flexeril, and Trazadone 100 mg. I've had hypertension for several years but am having difficulty controlling for the last several months, just had to go on levothyroxine, been diagnosed with osteoporosis as well as the DDD, spondy, etc. I've had 3 L5/S1 fusions and am 8 months post op from the most recent one. I've tried talking to my surgeon but I don't feel like he is taking my pain as seriously as I am.

agriman (not verified)
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I'm not sure what "IP" is. Can you or someone else enlighten me?

Have you considered PM doc? Although my surgeon was real good as a surgeon, she was lax when it came to pain management.

Cathy S (not verified)
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IP is intractable pain. I read a little bit about it the other day but now can't find the link to what I was reading.

I'm looking for a PM doc now. Gotta do something.

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Here's the IP Handbook Link

Hi Cathy:

I believe this is the link you are interested in:


Good Luck!


Cathy S (not verified)
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IP Link

Thanks so much for the link! Smile I am printing a couple of copies - one to take to my docs and one for my family. I don't know at what point chronic pain is considered IP but I do think that a lot of the same issues apply. If nothing else, maybe reading that will help my husband understand that the pain is a very real problem and not just something to "get over already". It's hard for me to deal with but it is even harder for him because he has no frame of reference. It's tough and makes our relationship difficult at times. He wants me to be able to do the things I could do when we married and he wants me to still be that exact same person. Unfortunately, having these issues changes you, and not only because of the physical things you can no longer do. It changes your outlook. Before I began having so many back problems, I took it all for granted. Now, every "good" day is so precious.

Pain In Missouri (not verified)
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I wish you all the best, I have no idea when Chronic Pain becomes IP. I don't really know what they consider the difference. Let me know what your printout had to say on the matter and share the info here.....please. Or if you could just condense the thread you went to. I would be very interested to know what it has to say and computer time is limited for me. Thank you so much in advance.
I hope that things work out better for you soon, at home and as far as your pain goes. When the pain never goes away, every day feels like forever and an hour feels like a day. Please keep us posted on how your doing!!!!
Take Care,

cherrykittykat48 (not verified)
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There is a link

Somewhere on here just the other day I read a thread on the difference and I figured out I forsure have IP, I will try and find the thread.

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Lots of Good Info

I don't have intractable pain but that article has a lot of good info packed into it that I can use regardless. Thanks for posting it.