Excruciating pain in morning upon awakening

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Excruciating pain in morning upon awakening

Since just before Christmas have had what is diagnosed as piriformis syndrome along with sciatica. Had sciatica last year (not piriformis) when the pain shot all over my left leg (thigh) eventually numbing my calf. I had it for four weeks and took physio and recovered.

This time the pain is in my left buttock and radiates down into my left thigh and down into my calf and sometimes ankle bone. The pain upon wakening makes me unable to walk and I have to hold on to things to make it to the bathroom. The pain is unreal. It sometimes wakes me up. I have the pain all through the night while lying down. I can feel the pain in my bones in my buttock. The pain in my thigh is a throbbing pain and the pain in my calf is a tingling heavy feeling like a muscle pain.

I have been to physio but stopped awaiting a Cat Scan in a few weeks. I have neuropathy in my feet. My arthritis doctor has diagnosed: RA, osteo and degenerative disc disease.

I am taking Tylenol #3 only in a.m. and sometimes at night. I was on Diladid which did nothing. I take lyrica 300 mg per day along with arthritis meds and Celebrex.

I am joining this forum to appeal to others to answer questions regarding: is this ever going to go away? I exercise everyday (physio gave me exercises) and am trying to walk but it's hard this time of year with ice.

My day goes well once the pain subsides, about an hour to an hour and a half after I first get up. I know I shouldn't be complaining but i can't visit my grandchildren as their house has stairs and I don't want to scare them in the morning with my pain and hobbling around!

So I am glad I found this site and will be reading the posts as time passes and perhaps some will answer my question or at least relay to me that they experience similar symptoms.



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Welcome to the forum. When I

Welcome to the forum. When I started reading your post, I immediately wondered if you have had a MRI done or not. You didn't mention anything about that so that may be where you want to start to see if your doctor can see what may be causing this. Kind of sounds like how mine started out and I had a rupture at T12-L1. After my first surgery, I was fine until 6 years later I re-ruptured the same disc and ruptured the one above it. I had to have a fusion at T12-L1 and after a year, I'm having excruciating back pain to the point where I cannot function and after my Othopedic Surgeon said there wasn't nothing else he could do, I am now going to a pain mangement doctor. He took me off the hydrocodone and put me on Nucynta (100mg) and I have just in the past 2 days worked up to my final daily dosage of 300 mg a day along with 400 mg of Nucynta a day. I still have pain when the meds wear off and am fuzzy headed and can't think clearly or make decisions that matter. I'm just throwing my two cents in and saying, you need to get to doctor that can get you an MRI and can help you. Keep us updated.

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I too, was wondering if you have had an MRI. Your pain seems as if it is somewhat nerve based. I wonder if you have some compression.

When I was recovering from surgery and even sometimes now, I find myself very very stiff and hurting in the morning. I try to take 2 advil & 1 tylenol (advil for anti-inflammatory, tylenol for pain) at night. I also drink a glass of water. Why? Because it forces me to get up and move in the middle of the night. It means I move after 3-4 hours to use the bathroom. Also, if I'm sore, I might take another tylenol...which makes the morning a bit easier.

I wish I had more advice but if it's that bad, I think it might be time to revisit your Orthopedic Spine dr. or neurosurgeon.