loose pedicle screws

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loose pedicle screws

I've had 4 fusions resulting in levels l3-s1 total fusion and still having horrific pain. After harrasing my pain specialists he ordered more imaging and sent me back to surgeon. He found loose pedicle screw and misaligned pedicle screw. I have a real bad popping-grinding sound in lower back(Dr. said it is muscle) and cant get any further answers except that they want to install a spinal stimulator. Does anybody have ANY advice or info?

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second opinion?

Have you had a second opinion? if so the SCS may be the next step. If you have not had a second opinion based on your latest imaging I would get one before doing anything else.
If the opinions are in agreement that nothing will be gained by more surgery or other methods the SCS may work to interupt the pain signals and allow you a more normal life with less pain.

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Second Opinion

If it were me, I would be leary of anyone recommending a spinal cord stim when you have a mechanical problem. SCS are ONLY for people who are not surgical candidates. They are not to be taken lightly. You have a surgical problem, in my opinion. One company's website, www.tamethepain.com, clearly states SCS are ONLY for people who are not surgical candidates. I am not advocating that brand, just giving the site for info.

By the way, after my hardware removed(including loose screw), all of the grinding and popping and knuckle cracking sound has gone. I still have other issues, so will never be pain free(don't expect it tho, that's unrealistic.) But, I don't pop and crack-that hurts and is scarey and other people could even hear it!

You NEED a second surgical opinion. Many docs don't like to clean up other doc's messes, I recommend you go to a doc in another practice, maybe even affilitated with another hospital if your insurance will cover it. I just cannot stress enough how much you need to see a different surgeon.