Lyrica vs Neurontin

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Lyrica vs Neurontin

Tuesday ... 1/27/09 ... Lyrica vs Neurontin

Hello to all folks out there suffering from pain ... in particular ... DPN (Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy).
I am 58 yrs young *s* and have suffered from this over the past 15 years.

I was taking Neurontin (a gradual build up to 3000 mgs daily) and it worked well for me, for a long time ... or I should say, "Making pain & burning. at least tolerable" ... that I could 'function'.
Then, it didn't seem to have the same effect anymore, and after being put on quite a few different drugs (one being Cymbalta, which was VERY bad for me) I was told about, and put on Lyrica by my GP.
Starting at 50, and gradually having to work up to 100 x 3 a day. It was OK for a while but, for quite some time now ... I'm finding, it's hardly doing anything for me at all ... plus, there are side effects (mentioned by some others too) that I NEVER experienced with Neurontin.
I'm planning to talk with my GP and go back to Neurontin.
My Neurologist wouldn't have a problem with this, but I'm not so sure about my GP. My Neurologist has moved out of the area, and I've yet to find another.

I have a VERY severe case of DPN, and was wondering about others & looking for some advice, help, comments etc.

Thank you to all, and please know that ... we are not alone in our pain & that there's understanding out here.

Luv & Hugs to all ... we sure do need it {*s*}


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I have been on both and have found that the neurontin works just as well for me as the Lyrica. My nerve pain is from cervical spine surgery which left me with radiculopothy. The Lyrica was not covered by my new insurance company so I had to switch to neurontin. I take 1200mg a day and right now I can tell that it needs to be increased so will see my pcp this month about it.


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Drea, Lyrica works for me!

hi and welcome to the forum! Wave we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. i am on 300mg of Lyrica daily myself but have had great results as far as pain relief goes. =D> i had a 30 pound weight gain but am slowly taking that off. i have taken the neurontin but had no results at all. Waiting good luck as you search for adequate pain relief! Jenny Smile

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I also have very severe

I also have very severe nerve pain because of a different reason. Lyrica and Neurontin did not help me too much, but I think Lyrica(300 mg's) helped more than Neurontin(3600 mg's). I also had more sides on Neurontin. I took Cymbalta as well and It didnt seem to help and I had sides with it so I stopped taking it. I have been taking Amitriptyline for a couple weeks, not sure if it has helped or not, like Cymbalta it is also an anti-depressant prescribed for nerve pain. You should maybe ask your doc about it. Good luck.

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hi all
i have been on both of these medications and both worked very well on nerve pain .but i put 3 stone on in 5 months and i had to stop taking them because they put me in to urinary retention!

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none of the above

I havebeen on both.
The main difference I saw was about $140 a month.
$10 co-pay compared to not covered by insurance.
Both have side effects and Neurontin makes me stupid.
As in tell me something and 2 out of 3 times I will forget it! Not, forget as in when you remind me I say, "oh, crap I forgot" But rather the deeper more disturbing, "oh, crap really? I don't remember that AT ALL!"
I still take Neurontin at bedtime. I have gone back up to 600 mg recently. It helps me sleep and only seems to hurt my memory somewhat this way. I also notice an increase in lower back and hip pain on it! Not present when I don't take it! How about that!
Just my luck!
I'm going to put up a thread about my SCS trials and tribulations, I hope, soon! I'll probably go ahead and post my current lack of progress so as others will know they are not alone!
Or is it PIECE, as in thats the way we seem to be, in pieces...most of them hurt too...

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Hi and Welcome Drea

I've only been on lyrica 600mg day and amitriptyline for nerve pain. Lyrica caused me a large weight gain and at first felt dizzy and tired. But the side effects have mostly gone away. I've never had Neurontin before. Good luck with the Lyrica if you can get over the side effects. Charry

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Hello Drea, it's been awhile

Hello Drea, it's been awhile since we've been in contact.I am sorry to hear that you are still suffering so much.I have also been back and forth between neurontin and lyrica, I've been on lyrica for the last 5 months and gained 15 lbs.Maybe if you switch back to neurontin it will work again for you? I've had a major setback,when I finished my 6 mo.recovery from 2 level lumbar fusion I herniated my neck pushing a 1/2 full grocery cart. I'm in recovery now for my 3rd cervical fusion.I am hoping for a few good years after this.Did you enjoy your camping season? Mine started out rough but by the end of summer I was able to walk much better.It sure takes a long time to warm up up north doesn't it? But I sure do love it up there. Sending you my best wishes.
Keep Hope,Faith M

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I have experience with both of them too...

I am very sorry you are in so much pain. I can relate to it and know what you are going through.
I have a lot of nerve damages in my legs, feet, colon and bladder due to my spinal surgeries. They are permanent include my dropped foot.
Nerve pain is 24/7. I considered to have pain stimulator surgically inserted but due to my other conditions I am not allowed to do it.

I was on Neurontin for a long time, than my body got adjusted to it and even high doses of it stopped working.
They put me on Lurica and I got allergic reaction; it was very bad so I had to stop taking it. Than PM Dr. put me on Keppra. According to my Dr I can't expect miracles and not to feel pain at all; so whatever Keppra covers ... with rest of it I have to deal every day.

Best of luck to you; I hope you will find some relieve for yourself!

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In my experience lyrica or

In my experience lyrica or neurontin worked ok when my nerve pain was moderate but since it has been very severe neither have worked well for me. I prefer lyrica to neurontin and actually have more sides with neurontin. You may have grown a tolerance to lyrica and that is why it is not working as well, maybe a switch to neurontin will make a difference and you could maybe alternate them every year or so. Another explanation could be your nerve pain worsening for whatever reason.

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Just wanted to jump in with

Just wanted to jump in with the others and say that I too, preferred Lyrica to Neurontin. I've gained some weight with Lyrica but Neurontin made me light headed, sleepy and forgetful. I'll take a few extra pounds on me! Smile Hope that helps. I know it's nothing new to what everyone else has said on here but I just wanted to back what they said up.