Constant Right Side Low Back/Hip Pain

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Constant Right Side Low Back/Hip Pain

Hi There,

I am a 35 y.o., normal weight, woman who has had right lower back/hip pain in the SI joint area for almost a year now. I do also have a spot on my right upper spine at about T12 that radiates to the front under my ribs but is is a much lesser pain and feels like it is connected to the lower back pain. I have been a healthy active, athletic person my whole life and now can barely walk around the grocery store. I have had an upper back, lowerback, and pelvic mri where they said the results are normal. I have also had a pelvic CT which was normal. I have had intense physical therapy and multiple injections with antiinflammatories and numbing medication in the mid spine and SI joint area. None were succesful. I have also tried multiple by mouth anti-inflammatories that did not help at all. Most recently I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon who had me get an injection into my SI joint under flouroscopy and that increased the pain instead of numbing the area. So he ruled out that it was the SI joint and the Hip Orthopedic Surgeon, in the same practice, ruled out the hip joint because the MRI and X-rays were normal and I have posterior pain. The pain is much worse with movement and becomes excrutiating with walking, carrying my kids etc., it worsens when sitting or standing for long periods and it is also so bad at night that it wakes me up, it is worse when I am laying with my legs straight out or if I am on either side. If I lay on my back with my right leg bent and an ice pack on the area that is the only time the pain seems to get better. I cannot wear heals of any kind without the pain becoming excruciating. I have now had to increase the pain medicine because it was getting to the point I could barely get around the house and I have two small children to take care of. The only other medical history is childbirth X2, gallbladder removal and appendectomy. I did have major complications after the appendectomy which was about a year ago including peritonits, hemmorhage, and abcess development which had to be drained. However, six months after the surgery the abdominal CT scan was normal. Upon exam performing a straight leg raise with resistance is excruciating and so is palpation to the SI joint area, however the pain feels deep inside my body. I am now about to be reffered to yet another physical medicine specialist but I am so tired of being bounced around and just want to get this fixed so I can move on with my life. Has anyone else had these symptoms or treated anyone for this? I am so frustrated and right now will do whatever it takes to fix it, but we have to figure out what exactly thel problem is first.

Thank you for any thoughts or ideas you might have....

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My thought

Sounds like you have worked through ruling everything out that you can.
Have you gone to see a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) or Physiatrist (muscular skeletal doctor)?

My neighbor was having severe Sacrial join issues. They ruled out everything and tried injections and she has a joint issue. Well, she finally went to a team of folks that specializes in muscle-skeleton - it's a team and an investment but after about 4-6 months they have her back working and her pain is manageable.

I went to a physiatrist who has a team of physical therapists, etc. I didn't expect much but after 4 months of trying and eliminating things...they were able to get me to be able to sleep without pain and wake up with very little pain (I couldn't stand up after lying down 10 min without being doubled over for 15 min and in a ton of pain).

It might be worth it. They will take into account your pain, medical history, and do an evaluation. Mine checked my movement (not just back but hips, pelvic, etc.) and helped me gain mobility back. It was a process and even after 4 months, I left them but have continued my exercises the last 6 months and am still holding steady.

Good luck.

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Have you had a flex x-ray?

See recent post on this, an interesting read. May have no relevance. This member kept being told that nothing was obvious.

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I wish I could comment with

I wish I could comment with something helpful but my 15 year old daughter is going through this exact same issue and we feel so helpless! I am hoping to gain some insight here.