Fracture of L2

Fracture of L2

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Fracture of L2

almost 3 weeks ago i fell off a horse and i fractured L2.i was hospitalised for a week,where i was given several xrays and a ct scan which showed the fracture to be stable. asi result i recieved a brace to wear for the next 5 months at least. the orthopeadic surgeon has also put me on bed rest for 5 weeks i am only 18 and this is driving me nuts!!! when i was at the hospital i was given no info about long term prognosis.

now i am back at home i am very isolated as all my friends are at uni. i am also experiences severe leg and hip pain, i wonder if anyone can help me with this?


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Kayliegh, you are so young

Kayliegh, you are so young to be home and confined to bed. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. Because you are young and healthy you have an advantage over those of us that are older with more problems. One very important thing: Please have patience and do every thing exactly like your Dr. tells you to do, that way you will have a better chance to be out having fun with your friends before you know it. My youngest son is 18 years old and it would nearly be impossible to keep him down so I do understand. He goes to community college, works almost full time and enjoys every chance he gets with friends so I know how hard this must be for you. Hang in there! I hope you have good family and friends to support you and be there for you. Keep busy on line, read, watch movies, cry if you feel like it, then find something to do that will make you smile and laugh!! There is a list of suggestions I read on this site with many ideas that have helped me get through the past 4 months. Take care of yourself!

Yes, leg pain is the worst. I have had problems with L-2 along with L-3,4,5. I think the leg pain is more difficult to tolerate than the back pain. If only I had known my leg pain was back related I might not be here if the pain is new or worse call your Dr. just to let him know about it.I'm not a dr. or nurse and I'm new on this site, there are many others with more advise and experience. I do wish you the best and hope the next few weeks and months go by as quickly as possible for you. Don't let that horse get the best of you! Good luck!