L4-L5 Arthritis nerve pain

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L4-L5 Arthritis nerve pain

I have L4-L5 facet joint arthritis. I have done cortizone/epiduarls and nerve burnings. Nothing has worked well or lasted. My question is, whats next? I have been taking yoga for 6 months and it has helped a little. I am a 60 year old male that is a personal trainer and the nerve pain is making me crazy. The doctor really didnt have a answer, said I might have to live with it (aleve etc.).I am looking into a orthopedic surgeon soon for another opinion.

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Hi Dan

Welcome to Spine-Health. You'll find a lot of great articles and videos on this site and the members of the forum are very knowledgeable and supportive.

I'm sorry to hear about your L4/5 facet arthritis. I also have L4/5 problems, facet, stenosis and arthritis, but had to have surgery to open up the areas where the stenosis was bad and fuse the facet joints.

Have you heard the term stenosis when your doctor talks to you? Or hypertrophy with regards to your facet joints? I'm just curious.

I would thing that getting another opinion is a good idea, it almost always is good to have another set of eyes on your MRI or other imaging.

Take care and please keep us posted.