Lover Back pain feels like a knife stabbing me when I move!

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Lover Back pain feels like a knife stabbing me when I move!

I fell down stairs 2 years ago amd broke my jaw in 3 places and hurt my back. I was on the job so it was workers comp.
They did 2 MRI's and said it was arthritis but I was in physical therapy for 3 weeks and it helped a lot but pain never has gone away. They said that workers comp would not cover the injury even though I didn't have it before.

I still live with pain every day. Have gone to the Doctor 3 times and they always give me anti-inflammitory drugs such as Mobic and Naprosyn which do not do anything. They don't even listen to what I have to say so I quit going and have been toughing it out but the pain is worst. It now feels like a knife stabbing me in the butt and sometimes in the legs. I get in the Hot Tub every day and that helps but other than that I don't have anything that relieves the pain.

I have had bad experiences with the Doctors I don't know what to do but seem to be getting worse. I feel like I am wap-sided in the way I walk and stand.

Does nyone have any advise or know anything they could recommend.


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hi gamma

sorry to hear your pain is bad. if the anti inflammitory drugs arent helping i doubt the arthritis is causing the pain. just because mri shows no damage doesnt mean theres no damage. you fell down the stairs, broke your jaw, youre in pain. you must have some damage. sometimes just the smallest bulge in a disk can cause as much pain as a large herniation. my advice is to see a new spinal surgeon and have him check you out. mri's are good but sometimes they miss a disc problem. there is a disk test that's excellent. its the discogram. maybe another spinal surgeon wtih fresh eyes can find the problem. if the insurance co. set you up with the doc that might be a reason to be suspicious. you may want to protect yourself by getting a WC lawyer
good luck....pete

Brandy SC (not verified)
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So sorry to hear about all that. To me is sounds like a sciatic nerve problem. I have that too, presumably from spondylosis in my lumbar area. I'll get a shooting pain in my butt cheek and going down the back of my leg, mostly my right side. I've actually had issues with it since my second pregnancy, but has gotten worse with my spinal issues. As Pete said you probably have some disc problems causing the pain. If your doctors don't listen then you need to find one who will and they are out there. Just sometimes takes some looking around. Perhaps asking around to people you know will help. You should probably try for another new MRI of your lumbar area.

Also, sometime you need to go easy on the heat as it can make inflammation worse. You should alternate with heat and ice. Maybe buy a back brace at a drug store for now to help support your lower back until you find a doctor who will listen and help you. Good luck.

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i have some ? for you. did you report your injure to your boss. if so in some states you have up to 3 years that you can still fight to make workers comp pay for your drs. you may have to call some lawyers to help you out on this. this way you can fight to find a good dr to help you out with your pain. my advice is to call around to some lawyers and see what they can do to help you out with this case and get you to a good dr that will help you out. i hope you get to feeling better soon. if not pain free at least enough that you can enjoy some sort of life. good luck with everything that you are going through.

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Sounds like what I had when

Sounds like what I had when my injury first occured, you should really get an MRI. I am on WC, and it's because I had a stabbing pain when I bent over. I hope you feel better. It really sucks to live with this!

gamma (not verified)
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When I fell I landed chin

When I fell I landed chin 1st and hit everything on the right side. we were more concerned with the jaw and did have to have bi-lateral arthroplasty which helped some but did not eliminate all problems. Dr said if it get worse we can go back which I told him no.

Because I couldn't walk and had to use wheel chair when I 1st got hurt, they did MRI of lower back and because I had to go to ER because of pain they did MRI of hip then said it was arthritis. The ortho surgeon that was amy Worker's Comp Dr. kept rushing to release me and wouldn't listen. I did go back to work and have worked for the last 2 years with pain. I have not taken any pain meds since shortly after the jaw surgery. I finally went to see another Dr. and filed on my insurance because Worker's Comp says my back is not covered. He put me on Mobic and told me to come back if it didn't work which I went back 3 months later and he told me they would have to send me to a pain specialist without even listening to what I said. I waited for the appointment but was hurting so bad I went to another clinic and that Dr. said it was Sciatica gave me a dose pak & Flexaril. Taking the steroid was the 1st days I had without pain but had to get off.

I have a very high tolerance for pain but really do not want to live the rest of my life with pain.