low back pain herniated L-5,L-5 S-1

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low back pain herniated L-5,L-5 S-1

Hi,just joined..diagnosed with herniated L-4,5 S-1 disc pain has shifted to left buttocks and all the way down leg all the time..Trying gabapentin 100 mg 3 x day have percocet for extreme pain and 800 motrin...doing physical therapy but has anyone had a cortisone shot for this type of pain...iif so would you recommend...I do not want to keep having this pain!! Sometimes it is excruciating!!! Thanks!!

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What to try next?

Smile hi and welcome to the forum! we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. it sounds like you are having severe sciatica. it is too bad the nerve medication did not help you. there is every possibility a corisone injection might be beneficial. they work well for some people. it is a good step in your conservative treatment to try. you should try every option possible in order to find what is going to give you pain relief. the only question is "what are you willing to do?" good luck and i hope you find pain relief soon! see you around the forum! Jenny Smile

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Try an epidural

Hi, that is how my last episode started.
The epidurals really helped at the beginning. They used methylprednisone. Also, if the gabapentin does not work (made me really paranoid), see if they will give you Lyrica. I cannot walk at all without it.

Also ask about the Flector NSAID patches for your back pain. Don't help with the nerve pain but they do help with the back pain and inflammation.

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I am brand new to this forum. I have had degenerative disk disease for almost 27 years. Have been to 5 doctors and recently in past 90 days have developed massive leg pain. 3 bulging disks as well as stenosis. arthritis and disks putting pressure on spinal nerves but after seeing doctor(actually PA) not wanting to do surgery not sure if disks are leaking. have been referred to neurologist which wants me to have another Mri, bone scan, ordered blood work and is speaking of an IDET. I have been told so many things but noone seems to know how to fix. all of this within past month. wants to do MRI on upper thoracic region to make sure no other bulging disks. scheduled for steroid injection for disks and also going to shoot steroids straight into nerve to see if nerves will decompress. 4 months ago walking 3.5 miles per day, today not able to walk to my driveway without incredible amount of pain in both legs. totally from thighs to toes. not sure what to do. up for any help anyone can give me

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from what i can see

you may require an operation .are you seeing a surgeon ?? drugs alone wont help not with all that amount of damage to your spine ..all i can say is find a good surgeon by recommendation and keep us updated .meanwhile you may want to try a TENS machine and ice /heat packs ,