lower back pain, burning neck, hand numbness and tingling

lower back pain, burning neck, hand numbness and tingling

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lower back pain, burning neck, hand numbness and tingling

I've been dealing with lower back pain for a while. I cannot sit on the floor and play with my children without my lower neck burning and going numb. I have to sit on a pillow. Also my right shoulder periodically has a deep achy pain which is very severe at times. Lately I have been waking up with numb or tingling hands(both). All of these issues are really starting to scare me.

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Have you seen any doctor regarding this? Also, define a while. That could help determine if/when a doctor should be contacted.

Are you taking any OTC medications? And if so, have they helped?

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Dont laugh at me

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I agree, you should seek help for this. I hear there is a great event in London, on the 24-25 Feb ,called The Back Pain Show, which is dedicated to helping people with back pain. You should seek advice from there, as the UK's top consultants will be present!

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