painful seroma after laminectomy L4-L5 and fusion L5-S1

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painful seroma after laminectomy L4-L5 and fusion L5-S1

Hi everybody I am new to this site. I was wondering if anybody had experienced a seroma at a laminectomy site and what treatment it required? I had a laminectomy L4-L5 and a L5-S1 laminectomy with fusion on 1/28/09. At that time all my pain was on the right side - after surgery all preop pain was gone - had the surgical pain to deal with, but with meds that was tolerable. About 5-6 weeks post op I developed left sided sciatic pain and pain in the left hip. Had a ct which showed a seroma within the laminectomy defect a postsurgical seroma. My surgeon blew me off and refused to give me any other pain meds(I hadn't had but 2 rx since surgery and didn't return until I ran out od meds and realized how bad it hurt without pain meds). My surgeon did'nt know I had gotten a copy of my CT report prior to my visit. He gave a very complex explation of what a seroma was and I was foolish enough to go without looking up the definition of a seroma. I feel like he blew me off, told me it would all be resolved in 4 weeks. I am so frustrated and down. I have had this hugh surgery and all that has happened is my pain has changed sites. I guess I need to get a second opion???????

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Seroma Problem

Almost the same thing is happening to me. See below to see what surgeries I had, and I am also getting ready for a fusion since the disc ruptured again! It's almost 4 months after my last surgery and I have had this massive swelling (seroma) at/around the incision site which is like a pain button. If anything touches it with any pressure it's horrible pain. My Surgeon told me it was normal since I had the 2 surgeries so close together and it would be absorbed by my body. How long that is gonna take is the question I can't get answered. I found out more about the seroma online and everything says if the seroma is causing pain that it should be drained. And if it becomes infected it would be called an abscess. I feel you on the frustration, we get these surgeries to help the pain, and here we are in pain like we never had a surgery in the first place. I actually hurt worse more than ever now and hopefully I'll get my fusion done asap because this is no way to live. Keep me informed!

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exactly the same

Wow...I had exactly the same surgery...exactly the same post-op symptoms and the exact BS treatment from my the only trouble is that I got another doc to drain it and the pain is at its worst Sad They are checking for infection etc...but what do I do, just hope it goes away???

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hi an welcome to spine health

i hope that you will find answers to questions and meet new friends here .i have has a similar operation to you but not the same problems .but i am too familiar with the pain part ,its been 18 months and i am still in pain .go see another doctor and make sure that he.she listens to you its 2009 and and no one should be denied pain killers if they are in genuine pain

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I too had a fusion at L5S1 and developed a seroma the size of a gumball impinging my nerve in the exact same spot as the ruptured disk I had removed. Onlr the pain and numbness are worse than ever. Dr EDITED says I shopuldnt be having any pain and it should be reasorbed by my body.. He wont give a timetable but has released me to go back to work. Of course I got hurt at just seems to me that there is a problem with all of the seroma stuff Im reading about. my dr wont remove it but I have spoke to 3 neurosurgeons who will. they also say draining could produce a hardening of the sak holding the fluid which could make things worse and that the sak is attached to the nerve itself. so I guess the doc get 250k and Im left crippled for life.

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Seroma L5 S1 post fusion & laminectomy

I finally had an mri after my almost 2 year ago surgery. I have had pain since the surgery & was told by the neurosurgeon that it's nerve pain & that it would take 10 years for the nerves to heal since that's how long I waited to have the surgery. Last week, I finally went to a neurologist who ordered the mri (the pain is overwhelming, both legs & feet are involved and an awful feeling of pressure & pain inside of my spine, at times there is palpable swelling). My dr called me & said there is a seroma at the surgical site. There were more medical terms & he wants to see me to explain it all. Until then, can anyone help me understand this? I would appreciate any information that you're comfortable to share. Thank you

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Unfortunately, no one is qualified

to give you any advice when it comes to your condition. Your best option is to wait until your appointment and let him explain the terms, and their meanings based upon his examination and the imaging reports to you.
Anything that anyone here might tell you could be completely the wrong information so it is best to wait until your appointment.
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Painful seroma

Hi there,
I don't know if you'll get this since your post was in 09, but did you ever get the seroma taken care of? I'm dealing with that right now.