question for people who have a spondylistheis or/retrolisthesis

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question for people who have a spondylistheis or/retrolisthesis

Hi guys im just wondering if anybody injured their lumbar back and eventually got mris or xrays taken and spondy or retro was revealed. Later on did you start to have problems with you mid back or neck????

Also if you have spondy or retrolisthesis in the lumbar area does the pain feel like at times if you were to pinch your arm as hard as you can?

around 7mm Retrolisthesis l5-s1 (i feel for those who have grade 2 or 3 thats just crazy)
7mm disk bulge l5-s1
disk bulge l4-l5
facet and disk degeneration at both levels

mid back and severe neck pain 4 months after my injury

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2mm retrolisthesis at L45MM

2mm retrolisthesis at L4
5MM BULGE With moderate mass effect.L4/L5
3mm Bulge With mild mass effect L5/S1
Vacuum disc phenomenon. Mild encroachment on right neural foramen due to facet hypertropathy.

These are the good disks, the ones we hope to whip back into shape post-surgery Smile

eta: Sorry, I must have fallen asleep in the middle of posting! No arm pain, but did you mean that kind of pain in your back? No, I have more of an overall pressure sort of pain in that area when I sit. I do get a pinching/stabbing pain sometimes from my stenosis at L2.

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Grade 2 spondylolisthesis

Hi Emj,

I discovered I had spondylolisthesis after an x-ray was taken when I hadn't responded to several weeks of physiotherapy and then back school.

They said that I had had it for years and were amazed that I had managed to carry 3 pregnancies without getting it diagnosed. I had suffered back pain during the pregnancies but thought that was normal!

I don't think that spine problems in the lumbar spine would cause arm pain. I do have arm and hand pain, but think that is coming from my neck.

I am now having issues in my neck and thoracic spine. I had these problems before my surgery, but they seem to be worse now. Waiting for the results of an MRI scan on my neck.

What did you do to injure your back?

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I have 2 Grade spondylolisthesis so does my 24 year son and my 12 year old daughter they also have pars defects. My son has spina bifida at L4-5 we found out he had all of the problems at 11 he had fx they could not figure why he had the fx, he had been having pain in back sence he was 8 they had done MRI,born scan,xrays everything at it did not show before then they did a x-ray and found the par defects then they did a MRI again and found all the rest of the stuff they put him doing nothing at all for six weeks and let everything heal and then did pt to get his back strong agian and then he started doing BMX race which helped with making his back even stronger,believe in or not I know I just about had a heart attack when he told me what he had done and he does not have the pain he did have and no more fx the dr said he had helped my making his muscles stronger so that is saying something about exercise and making you muscles stronger

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i likely also had slippage

i likely also had slippage for a while, that in hindsight went undiagnosed. i wasn't diagnosed for 6 or more months after i complained about this mysterious new back pain because i did not have x-rays in flexed and extended positions. however, once i had a full examination i did get xrays in flexed and non-flexed positions that detected slippage of the vertebrae. i had a fusion a few months later and believe it or not have not had that sickening pain i was having the past 6 months prior, the fusion fixed that problem!!! i do have something else going on i think independent of the fusion surgery 2 years ago tho. totally, totally bummed it never ends ... Sad

forgot to mention ... no i did not have a pinching pain like you, but a searing sharp pain) like a heated razor blade or piano wire slicing through my back from hip to hip.

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Grade 1

I have spondylolisthesis L5 over S1, mine is slipping forward.

PM doc thinks it's the result of my wild childood getting tossed off horses & practicing acrobatics. He thinks there could be a fine fracture that didn't show up on the MRI.

I have mostly a dull ache near my tailbone, I can feel/hear the disc sliding around. I'm not a candidate for surgery.

The pain shoots all over my lower body & I also have myelopathy, which is related to spondylosis in my T & lumbar.

The traveling pain can be sharp, dull or stinging.