X-ray for back hip and pelvis

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X-ray for back hip and pelvis

Hi to all,

I am going for X-ray weds to see what the problems are with my pelvis
And hips so might find out bout my back problems too hopefully too
Might then be able to get something done about them arter all this time
Don't believe it took long enough to get X-ray I been having back probes
For fifteen years now my hip will see what the result is won't we soon enough.


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Good luck

Good luck...I don't know your story but sounds like you are off to a good start. Pelvic/hip pain can be from you compensating if you are having back issues. Of course an X-ray won't tell you much about your discs, just the distance between your vertabrae but it is a good start.

Hopefully you are on your way to some answers to your pain!