C1/ C2 fracture

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C1/ C2 fracture

Hey everyone, I just have a question because I am not sure on how to feel with this. I was involved in an auto accident about 4 weeks ago where my C1/C2 was fractured and T1. I have been in the cervical collar since being admitted to the hospital and was told that I would prob be in it for 8-12 weeks. I went for my check up on 8/30 and was told that my spine is not healing straight but that it's curving inward. My NS told me to come back in 10 days because sometimes the case is from wearing the cervical collar for awhile but has anyone had this problem? She had asked me if I had been blacking out or anything and my response was, I have blacked out, I do get lightheaded and I do stumble walking. I swear sometimes that I walk worse than a drunk person without the benefit of being able to drink. I am in constant pain, neck, head, and between my shoulder blades. If anyone could help shine some light on this subject, that would be great. Thank you for your time and I hope you all are doing Wonderful :~)

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good luck with your recovery

Hi Vtechchick,

I noticed you hadn't gotten any responses yet... so I thought I'd post you "something" lol. Sounds like you were a very lucky lady that your injuries were fractures and not something worse. Recovery takes time... mind your neck... and try to find comfortable positions whether your in or out of your collar. I can't offer much other advice than that as my experience is not connected to that kind of traumatic injury.... I hope your recovery goes well and quickly!! The symptoms you've described sound like other symptoms I've read about... but aside from that... hmmmmm Smile I suppose keep a list of your questions so you don't forget them when you're with the docs... and just keep asking questions of them until you're clear on what they are saying/advising. You take care and rest up!!

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