Can't tilt head to side

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Peter B
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Can't tilt head to side

Just wondering if anyone out there has had this problem, and if they know what causes it.
On Saturday I had a neck ache all day, from the top to the bottom. Stayed on the bed all day.
Awoke the next day very sore on the right side in the shoulder/ neck corner. Very tight and sore muscle spasm, couldn't tilt head to the side more than an inch or so.
Managed to sleep OK, and it is still tight and sore today but easing off gradually.
I have had this happen before and it gets better after a few days.
Can't see anything that may have triggered it.
I have been doing some gentle neck stretches though......
Any ideas?
I have cervical arthritis with the usual spurs and things.

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Hi Peter

It does sound like a bad muscle spasm. Have you talked to your doc about this? Do you have any muscle relaxers? I couldn't begin to tell you what causes them, but I have them a lot. Have you had an x-ray or MRI done?

Seems like I have a lot of questions, but just want to say that I feel for you. Muscle spasms really suck.

Take care and hang in there.

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I agree with Cathie

When this came on your relatively quickly and you have problems moving side to side ( or for others up/down) the culprit is generally muscles. Your range of motion is limited and when you attempt to go beyond that range, you start to feel the sharp pain.
Time should take care of this. Also moist warm heat is very good. While in the shower, with water running on the base of your neck, start slowly moving side to side and then up/down.
See if this is any easier?
There are a specific set of neck exercises to help with the range of motion.
I could not do justice to any of them, I know how to do them, do them all the time, but to explain it without illustrations, I feel I would short change you.
If this problems continues, contact your PCP... Perhaps a week or two in Physical Therapy may be all what is needed.

Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Moderator
I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences.

Peter B
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Neck pain

Have just been for a massage and her finding was that the neck pain came from the scapula.
5 muscles attach to it, and she found tight and knotted muscles on both left and right scapulas.
So the muscles were contracting and going into spasm.
Not the neck after all, which is good news.