Cervical 7 level fusion C2 threw T 2 Titanium Rods & 8 pedical Screws

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Cervical 7 level fusion C2 threw T 2 Titanium Rods & 8 pedical Screws

my name is Nanette it has been a very difficult year june of2008 I went through A Cervical 7 level fusion C2 threw T 2 Titanium rods 8 screws i only have left is C-1 DR.did not only do a very Niglagent job but he didnt put my paraspinal muscle back where they were suppost to go I have 3/4 of them on let 1/4 on the right this all was done posterior. went in post hip 3 /12 inches deep for 2 tablespoons of hip bone for fusion Please I have this extremly awefull Fear of being hit from behind when im driving and snapping my Neck @ this level and ending up in a WHEELCHAIR for the rest off my life PLEASE AM BEGGING TO FIND SOMEONE ELSE THAT HAS THIS MANY LEVELS DONE. & HOW ARE THEY DOING?IM STARTING TO WORK THREW ANGER ,BUT NOW I CANT SEEM TO GET PAST THIS FEAR ,IF I WOULD GET HIT FROM BEHIND & SHOULD I WEAR MY NECK BRACE WHEN DRIVING PLEASE IM ONLY 51 YEARS, please anyone if i could learn something from anyone, I would so be thankful for any advise nanette

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Nanette ....

Welcome to our forum,

There is much to be learned here, strength - hope and comfort.

I am just four levels but look at it this way .... We are now Bionic !! Our necks could probably withstand much more than a "healthy" neck. (Not that I want to try).

We are lucky to be able to still drive!! Check with your Dr. first about dirving, when to wear your brace etc.

What was your original injury or disease?? When did you have your surgery?

I too have significant atrophy of muscles on my left side. Not too uncommon with the extent of our surgeries and resulting lack of range of motion.

When I am feeling down about the status of my condition ... I peek around this site http://sci.rutgers.edu/forum/ and I realize how lucky I am.

Bless us all,


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Welcome to spine-health,, as D said there is a lot of information here. I have a 4 level fusion that was done over a 4 month period. I also took a tumble in the shower last December, my OS told me that I could probably fall 20 or so feet and not break my neck where it has been fused. So I don't have many worries about further injury. Hope that all goes well for you.

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neck fusion C-2 threw T-2

a metalneck, Im not really good with confuzers but i will try thank you for your note sounds like you have had a terible time with your cpine. my injury was back in 2002, a 4x6 with metal brace fell on my head,& R shoulder , I put up with alot of pain,for years Did reconstuction,to r shoulder always to scared to even think about cspine surgery,to many risk,I just suffered with the pain my deppresion got worse, i just coulnt take the pain & numbness in both hands I wanted so desperetly want to see a DR I knew & trusted but had to go with DR in My group.long story short,he Not only was very Negligent in so many ways, I wish so much that i could have my old neck & the pain,I have i just cant find anyone who has had this many levels I want to talk with them im having hand tremor in both hands I drop everything i have to get over this fear of snapping my neck it gets so tight my scar feels like it will tear open, I can handle the pain ,i just cant deal with this fear, thank you anyone for listening, nanette