cervical fusion failure

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cervical fusion failure


I had a cervical fusion back in 2001 c4-5 c5-6. I was told a few months ago that the fusion is failing and need's to be re-done. Has any else heard of this kinda problem, My PM dr has said fusion's do fail after 6 to 8 years.

Thanks for any info.

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Hi Ncrazy

Get a 2nd opinion like for any operation. That's too bad you need another fusion. I wish you all the best. Charry

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Heard about this when i had my lumbar fusion

Hi NCrazy,

This may be ancient info...in that i'm talking about what a doc said to me 10 years ago - but it has to do with your question. I had a lumbar fusion 10+ years ago, part of the reason at the time that they wanted to avoid the op was because i was so young (relatively speaking!), and at that time they gave lumbar fusions 10 years... they said if i was older that it'd be worth it to get the 10 years, but were hesitant to do the lumbar fusion at my then age as they felt it likely i'd be facing into further lumbar surgeries. so basically they were warning me that the fusion would wear, deteriorate, or something...touch wood the lumbar fusion has been fine; but now i'm looking at cervical problems. So, to answer your question, I have heard of fusions failing...

Sorry to hear about your own situation! and hope all goes well for you Smile

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Yes fusions can fail ....

My first 3 level was declared a failure at 14 months.

The whole shabang was redone + +


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Let me first say welcome to spine-health. I guess the question I have is were you ever fused? I have seen doctors release patients before they are completely fused. If you never fused completely then yes it would fail. I have also heard of fusions failing like that, as well. What have the doctors proposed to do about it at this point? I would also get a second opinion as well. Good luck and keep us posted and welcome to spine-health.

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Thank all for the info and welcome


I did have a cervical fusion tamtam, I was told it did fuse and when I had a MRI 2 years ago, they found the fusion was failing. At the same time they found I had thyroid cancer, and had the thyroid removed and went thru radiation pill treatments. So far no return of cancer, and yes I have had a 2nd opinion to all who asked. DIAMONDE that was the same thing they told , and being a young 40 lol And that was 9 years ago. Thanks to all who posted a opinion.

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Well if you had fused i wonder why there saying its failing? what else did he tell you about the fusion? I don't understand how someone who is fused can have a failed fusion

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sorry to hear about you needing another surgery,i had my second one in 7/08 on account of an accident, i would say get a second opinion,i know above and below a fusion normally causes problems,but if you were fused,did you fall or something,best of luck to you