Cervical Pain on my left side of neck and under the base of skull

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Cervical Pain on my left side of neck and under the base of skull

Hoping someone has what i have or either could steer me into figuring out what the doctors cannot figure out.

Here's the story.
I have had Cervical Pain in my neck since 08/2010 . I took a computer job in 2008 and by 2010 i had gotten this lovely gift from possibly the way i was sitting at my desk but not sure .
Anyway, in 08/2010 went to the ER because the pain was so bad I could not even keep my eyes open and every little bump in the road to the ER was excruciating. My wife drives a 5 speed car and even with me begging her to change the gears slowly and let the clutch out slowly , the jerking was causing so much pain. Got to the ER and they gave me Toradol and a prescription to Lortab.
09/2010 - I get an appointment with a spine surgeon and take xrays . he looks at them and says he see's nothing wrong and that PT and Ibuprofen would be the best remedy. Ok no problem. I go to PT and each of the 4 times I went the pain was made worse so I quit going.
Fast Forward to :
06/2011- Up until this point I was going to Urgent cares centers all over the city and getting prescriptions to ' Meloxicam, Robaxin, Lortab. This was my monthly diet to keep the pain in control. So up until this time I finally said I had had enough of the pills!!! I got recommendations to go to a PAIN clinic and get some real answers.
07/2011 I get my first round of diagnostic injections or Nerve blocks in my left hand side of my neck between C3-C4, C5-C6. I leave the doctors office and a day later the pain returns to only the entire left side of my neck the right side is no pain.
08/2011 go and finally get recommended for RFA procedure to burn the nerves in that area to provide more long term relief. The pain is manageable finally as I thought to myself but after trying to run and workout at th gym a month later I feel again that one spot was left which was under the base of my skull.
The pain was excruciating but what is so so crazy is that if i turned my head to the right , the pain immediately stopped ? ?!!
I go back to the doctor again that did the RFA and told him that the RFA worked wonderfully on the majority of th epain on my neck but now I still have one place left which was at the base of my skull on the right side . seems to me like C1-C2. The pain is even worse if i have to chew or eat .
The doctor has ordered new xrays and I am going this week for some open mouth xrays to see if we can figure out what this is.
Hope anyone has an answer or can direct me if they have the same issue. Again, turning my head to teh right , stops the pain at the top of my cervical spine under the base of my skull. The RFA worked wonders on the rest of the neck on the left side.

apologize for the poor grammar but im typing this in pain as well Sad