cracking in neck

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cracking in neck

i discovered a few weeks ago, multiple disc bulges in my neck. i've seen the specialist, and am now waiting for my pt to start.

the past few days i've had vastly less numbing/nausea/dizziness, which is fabulous. my reason for writing is that over the same amount of time my neck has been cracking.

i'll turn my head slowly, or look up and my neck will crack once or twice. it happens throughout the day and night. not constantly, just a handful of times, but it is not usual for me even before the bulges.

it doesn't hurt, doesn't relieve anything, creates no changes that i'm aware of.

so does it mean anything? i'm not a neck-cracker normally, and am not trying to crack it now, it's just happening. does it mean something is worse? something is healing? nothing at all?

ok, i'm babbling, sorry. i've had a migraine most of today, so am a bit out of it. i thought people here would know if it had anything to do with healing, or worsening.

thanks, in advance. i hope everyone is feeling ok today.

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Try stretching you neck throughout the day and see if your migraines get better. Don't worry and try PT for now. It might just do the trick! Just know that you need to stretch your neck muscles on a regular basis to avoid the symptoms from returning. Good luck! Smile

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I wouldn't worry about the

I wouldn't worry about the neck cracking. Some people crack, some don't, and different parts of the body. It can even change over time.

Take care.

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Like the others said, most times cracking sounds are not a problem, and you even mentioned that you aren't getting any negative (pain for instance) affects when it happens. Many times it is gases being released that are naturally developed in the body and joints, other times it can be as simple as ligaments realigning themselves.

If there is pain, then that is something a doctor would be best to see. I have bone to bone in my neck due to a failed fusion, and I hear (it is a bit different) when it grinds - and it hurts, but otherwise, for years as my husband calls it, I have a "Rice Krispies" neck! (G)


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Rice Krispies ...

I have that 'rice krispies' sound whenever I move my neck and I think that is due to degeneration.

I also get that single (or double) loud crack that can be quite alarming. It sounds like I have just broken my neck!! Not really any pain with it though, so I assume that it isn't a problem.

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I to have strang crunching and cracking in my neck, and I do believe that it is due to my issues. I can roll my shoulders and it sounds aweful.. I asked my Dr. about it and he told me that yes it was due to my problems. However everyone is different. I am currently awaiting a new MRI on Cspine to discuss surgery from C3 to C7.. possiby C8. I am in my 4th year of being diagnosed... my progression seems to be rather rapidly... Hang in there.