Looking for cervical pillow?

Looking for cervical pillow?

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Looking for cervical pillow?

I'm ooking for a neck pillow to relieve neck pain. Can't decide between these 2.



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I have found after trying

I have found after trying several,that a feather pillow is best for me. I spent a crap load of $ and ended up with regular pillows and a feather on top. Good luck.

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For myself i don't think either of those two would be comfortable. The question of a good pillow is very difficult. Have you tried just using a cervical roll pillow. If you should find something that really works let us know. I have spent countless money on them and to no avail one night one works and the next another works. Good luck though with your search.

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this may sound nuts, but i bought micropedic jumbo pillows from home shopping.com. was watching home shopping one day, and Tony Little, i think thats his name, was pushing his pillows. they have millions of micro beads inside. They are stiched in a way that they brace your neck and back. I just love them. i paid about 100.00 for two of them. I travel with them, my husband loves them too. They are cool to your body, which is so nice against your skin. when you turn over in bed, those little beads inside roll with you, they have a 30 day policy, if you don't like them they can be returned. I honestly love them. I had memory foam for a while, but these are much better. I use one for my head and one for my back. Go to HSN.com and you will find them. I recomend them , they are so nice. Best wishes

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In Search of Perfect Pillow

I have a small microbead cervical pillow. It was a child's pillow, sold in the Avon catalog, with characters. It was my grandaughter's for the car seat and she didn't like it. And it is perfect size for me, but it would be too small for a big guy. It is good for tv watching in the recliner. For sleep I like a very soft down or feather pillow, that I can punch around and put the roll exactly where I need. Also I have a really soft down alternative pillow. This one is the softest of any I have found. I sleep in the recliner with the down behind my back and the down alternative behind my head. In bed, I use a big stack of pillows to mimic the position of the recliner and put those two on top. Hope this helps someone. Marti

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pillow comfort changes

From my personal experience, at each stage your needs will change. The pillow that makes you feel good today will eventually cause painful, numbing/tingling nights. I have changed pillows and pillow configurations more times than I can remember. Just a couple weeks ago I had to change pillows again. I was using a very flat pillow, but now find that something slightly thicker is better.

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which pillow tonight?

I think a lot of us c-spineys end up changing pillows nightly, or even hourly. What works one day won't work the next. I have 6-7 different ones, and I routinely use 2-3 a night. A couple of them at the same time. I think the key is to find something that will give you support in the crook of your neck, yet be able to mold to the rest of your head.

I bought one from the chiropractor (no he has not adjusted my neck since I had surgery). It is raised on the bottom and top, with a dip in the center. It feels good, giving support where needed. I also use a feather pillow with it if I try to lay on my side. Not the new feather pillows you buy in the store, but one that is very soft and not stuffed full.

I don't think you have to do anything expensive. Even the $5 wal-mart pillows work if you can bend and fold them to a comfortable position. Some people have tried water pillows, but they are expensive. Even a towel rolled up works to give support.

Surviving chronic pain one day at a time, praying for a reprieve because living another 40 years like this doesn't sound too fun!

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Couldn't live a day without

Both of those look great, but (i'm sure you know) they are not to be used for sleeping. It's just to stretch, get curve back in your neck + sooth your muscles for a while.

The sleeping pillow that I couldn't live without is my Tempur-Pedic pillow. They take several weeks to get use to though. I would sleep with it then wake up at some point & switch to my other pillow. This would go on for weeks, but I would start sleeping longer on it as each night went by until that was all I used. How big you are & the size/ thickness does vary as far as what you would need. I would go to Brookstone or Relax The Back store and really try them out. I use the queen size one from Relax the Back store. Both stores carry Temur pedic & I find it to be much better than other memory foam ones. But, a friend of mine did order one from Overstock & it is great. It's still the same orange-ish/yellow colored foam & I think it's the best out of the memory foams.

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I feel that, perhaps, they

Smile I feel that, perhaps, they need to be "broken" in. It took me months before I felt comfortable with mine.

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I feel as if I've been searching for pillows all my life....but it's only been the past few years. I used one of those tubular cervical pillows you slip into the pillowcase which supports the neck.

I made the mistake of buying a new feather pillow and even though I bought the same kind as before, the original I was using was broken in. This one seems to be too lofting and my neck pain and tingling is back...so, I will be switching again on and off. What a pain in the neck! I hate this.


I've used all the pillows that are posted on this thread, but to no avail