MRI Study of Cervical Spine

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MRI Study of Cervical Spine

I'm 34yrs old male. 172cms high & 82Kgs weight
I had numness on my right hand fingers & I undergone a MRI scan and the observations are
Small posterocentral disc osteophyte protrusion seen at C3-4 disc level with impression on the anterior epidural fat
Diffuse annular bulge seen at C5-6 level left posterior paracentral disc osteophyte protrusion with impression on the dural sac and existing nerve root on the left side with left exixting neural foraminal stenosis proximally
Doral spine: Superior endplate of D10 vertebrae shows schmorl mode
Disc protrusion seen at D3-4, D4-5, D5-6, D6-7, D7-8 AND D8-9 Disc levels
Lumbar spine: Desiccation of L4-5 & L5-S1 disc noted as hypointensity on T2WI with disc protrusions at these level

I didnt have any pain on my back or neck
Can I have some details of what is the problem & where could this further lead to? What could be the severity & can i clear these problems with some exercise?
Thanks Ramu

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count your blessings....not much pain...HURAH...
here's some statistics: 95% of all disk problems get better. with very little symptoms the odds are in your favor. follow dr's orders which will most likely be physical therapy, walking and changing position often when sitting. you're going to be fine.

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Welcome to Spine Health. Unfortunately members of spine health are patients like yourself and are not qualified to give an interpretation of MRI results. The best thing to do is wait for your doc to read and interpret the MRI and then recommend a course of treatment for you.