neck pain with muscle spasms in face, neck and head

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neck pain with muscle spasms in face, neck and head

I have C6 and C7 her discs. Happened five years ago. Originally received steroid injections and they worked however I seemed to be hypersensitive to anything that happened within a four to five day period. Recently, I have have more injections and the window of hypersensitivity has lengthened from four to five days to well over a week. Any driving I do, sneezing, even the heat of a stove has caused my face and neck in front to spasm and tingle as well as have constant ringing in my ears and a feeling of pressure on my chest. I also feel uneasy and anxious. Can't think as clearly. I had toradol shots recently as a result of my fear of steroids. I had a very similar reaction. If I stay completely still for 6-7 days then maybe I will have huge relief otherwise I feel much worse.. I am considering Botox. I wanted to know if this has to do with lack of gland production or if anyone could share some light or has gone through the same thing and finally found success in some med or shot I would be eternally grateful.

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Hi Dave and Welcome

I take a nerve pain med for my neck pain Lyrica and Cymbalta. Have you had an EMG/nerve test done by a Neurologist yet? My Family Dr. ordered that for me when I had nerve issues as well as seeing a Orthopedic Surgeon and Neurosurgeon. My C6-C7 herniated disc cause elbow pain but have never had injections since the meds seem to help. I hope you get a complete physical with blood work and see your Family Dr. for referrals. Take care. Charry

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